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I have decided I am going drop Blue Hair and Freckles. I have writers block and I’ve had it for quite a few weeks now. It doesn’t help that I have exams coming up (only two weeks left of school!). I have been, and still am, studying and working hard.
All of the posts will be deleted BUT I have saved them on my computer so, if I ever want to start on it again, I will have all that I have previously written.
I hope you, my dear readers, understand.
On a better note, I will be posting more now, well, not now, in two weeks.

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Chapter 40 (AKA LAST CHAPTER!)

Three years later

Dear Minerva,

Draco and I wont be coming back to teach next year. I hope you find a new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher and Potions teacher easily… You see, it is our three year anniversary today and we’ve decided we are going to do something quite time consuming! Draco and I have kept it a secret for a couple of months now, but we will tell you all about it when we next visit Hogwarts.

Yours sincerely,

Two months later

It was the first day back for students and teachers when Harry and Draco visited their beloved school. They stepped out of the carriage which was still pulled by Thestrals and walked up the castle steps.
“Quick!” Said Harry as he looked through the window. “The Sorting has already started!”
They hurried to the Great Hall and entered by a side passage. They sat down at the only two empty chairs except for McGonagall’s chair. Many of the students started murmuring when they saw the two men. The Headmistress turned to see what all of the fuss was about and gasped. She looked like she was going to stop the Sorting to say hello to Harry and Draco but thought better of it. She went until the very end, pronounced the shortest speech Harry had ever heard and hurried back to her seat.
“Harry! Draco! You-you…?”
“This is our little girl Diamond.” Said Harry, holding the small bundle in his arms up so the professor could see her face. “We adopted her at the beginning of the holidays.”
“Oh my! Isn’t she a little angel! Could I-?”
“Of course.” Harry passed Minerva the bundle and smiled. “Her full name is Diamond Rivera Evans Potter.”
“What a wonderful name.”
“Rivera was my idea.” Said Draco proudly.
“Saint Potter.” Said Harry to McGonagall with mischief in his eyes. “With his good naming skills and perfect blond hair.” He proceeded to ruffling said blond hair while Draco tried to swat him away.
“Hello Uncle Harry! Hello Uncle Draco! and hello little Diamond.” Said Cassandra. She was followed by Lancey and Nooly.
“Hello!” They both said happily.
“How are you girls?” Said Harry, taking back the baby.
“We’re all good. Does Diamond still cry a lot?”
“Hardly. She’s a little diamond now.” Draco smiled.
“Can you bring her over to my table so I can show her to my friends?” Said Cassandra.
“Of course.” Harry got up and followed the three girls bouncing over to the Slytherin table.
Cassandra had told him over the holidays that they were planning to reinstate the weekly Quiddith nights which Harry was happy about. Cassandra had many friends now, although Nooly and Lancey were still her top two bestfriends, and was happier than ever.
Harry, also, had never been happier. He was living a great life with his husband and daughter. Hermione and Ron also had their own wedding and son shortly after Harry and Draco’s wedding. Everything in life was finally perfect for Harry. He was finally happy.

Author’s note:
Well, this is it. The last chapter. I know this story has been a bit all over the place, there are probably things that don’t add up ect. but oh well. I had so much fun writing it and I hope you had as much fun reading it! New story will be out soon: Blue Hair and Freckles.


Still searching

Chapter 39

It was Harry’s bachelor party. Draco had had his the night before as they had the same friends now. Harry was sat in a chair, chained down, with a male lap dancer over him.
“Come on guys! You know I’m not into this sort of thing! Come one! Stop torturing me! At least answer me!”
“Sorry.” Said Blaise with a big smile. “Bosses orders.”
“Who’s your boss then?”
“Why Draco of course!”
“Why would he do this?!”
“He knows you LOVE this sort of thing!”
“BLAISE!” Shouted Harry over the music that was getting higher every minute.

“Well hello Hermione. To what do I owe this pleasure?”
“YOU’VE GOT TO SEE THIS!” She shouted over the music. The two were on Facetime, Draco was having a nice soak in the bath to calm his nerves. Hermione turned the phone around the show Harry squirming under a stripper.
“Bring me over to him a second.” Draco called. When Harry saw Draco he reddened even more than he was already.
“Aw, Love. I thought you would enjoy it!” Answered the blond with a smirk.
“DRACO!” The phone cut off. Draco chuckled to himself and laid his head back.

This was it. It was the day. The day of the wedding. The place was beautifully decorated. Harry had insisted on having a traditional muggle wedding. The churches garden was littered with white roses and petals. White net swung from the trees. Rows and rows of white chairs were placed before the little podium at the end of the ile where Draco was waiting nervously with the priest. Draco wore a fine black suit with a red and silver bow tie. Beside him stood Blaise and Moon. On the other side of the ile was Ron and Hermione. The traditional wedding music started playing and Cassandra, Nooly and Lancey walked out of the church, they threw even more white rose petals before them. Harry walked out soon after, accompanied by Mr Weasley, Harry’s last father figure. Harry wore the same suit as Draco, in white and with a red and gold bow tie. He got to the podium and stood facing his futur husband. The ceremony started.

“Draco Malfoy, you may kiss Harry James Potter.” The two kissed and everybody applauded.
They partied for a while and many people came up to congratulate them, then it was time for the dance. Draco had been teaching Harry how to slow dance. It was very tedious. Draco learnt the first day he had started teaching the raven-haired boy, that Harry was very clumsy when it came to dancing; he would step on Draco’s and his own feet, he would trip and do the wrong steps or forget them completely. When they walked to the center of the dance floor, they were both very nervous but they danced perfectly. Soon enough, couples were joining them. Cassandra danced with Bill for a while, standing on his feet so he could guide her, but Fleur soon cut in so the young girl left to spin in circles with her friends. Everybody had a wonderful time.
In the evening, while the sun was setting, Harry and Draco left for their honeymoon. They had a great two weeks in Bora Bora and when they got back, they were both wonderfully tanned. Harry had never seen Draco when he wasn’t pale before. They were a very happy, newly-wed couple.

Author’s note:
NEXT CHAPTER IS THE LAST CHAPTER! I would have put it in in this chapter but I thought ‘Why not do a whole FORTY chapters?” Now I know that might not seem a lot… But it is for me! That’s why this chapter is shorter than usual… Anywayyyy, see you next chapter!

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Chapter 38

“Blaise! I need your help.” Whispered Draco.
“What is it?” Grumbled Blaise.
“I need your help!” The blond repeated.
Blaise looked at the clock beside him. “It’s three in the morning!”
“Please? It’s important!”
“Fine. Fine. I’m getting up.” The two boys snuck out into the back garden. “What are we doing out here?”
“I’m going to propose to Harry and I need your help decorating! I want fairy lights and fireworks and flowers! I want it to be perfect!”
“Wow. Congratulations!”
“Thanks. Now help me! George should be coming soon with some personalized fireworks.” At that moment, the Weasley boy apparated in the garden beside them.
“Morning.” He winked at them. His arms held a dozen colorful fireworks. “Where do you want these set up?”
“At the end of the garden, back there.” Draco pointed beside some bushes.
“Yes boss.” George walked off to set up the fireworks.
“What do you want me to do?” Asked Blaise.
“Could you get Moon? I need girl advise for the flowers. Hermione and her Weasel boyfriend should be coming. She could help Moon while Weasel, you and I put up the tent and the fairy lights.” Draco turned to the house and pointed his wand at it. “Accio fairy lights!” The lights zoomed out of a kitchen draw and the blond caught them. “Come on, help me get started.” They started putting the little lights all around the garden. They were heart shaped; some glowed red and others glowed white.
When Hermione and Ron finally arrived, Moon and Hermione picked out flowers while Ron grudgingly helped put up the rest of the fairy lights and the white, open tent.
They finished a couple of hours and went to get changed. All the men wore dress robes and the girls got changed into beautiful long dresses. Draco picked up Harry’s dress robes and went to wake him up.
Harry shot up and grabbed his wand. “What is it?!” He asked in alarm.
“Wow! Calm down! It’s just me!” Draco took Harry’s hand after putting the robes in his lap. “Put these on. Call me when your ready.”
“Just do it.” He smiled and walked out of the room.
Harry came out of the room, confused. Draco took his hand again. “Close your eyes.” Harry hesitated but did it anyway. The blond slowly led him out to the lit up garden. He deposited Harry in the middle of the tent and got on one knee. He glanced around him. The garden was beautiful. The fairy lights glowed and set a warm aura around them. They were in the trees, around tables and fences and bushes; they were anywhere and everywhere. There were floating, single flowers in the air. Hermione had used the charm that was used for the candles in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. People were hidden behind trees and bushes, waiting to jump out to surprise Harry.
“Can I open my eyes?” Asked Harry.
Draco took a deep breath and took Harrys hand. “Yes.”
Harry slowly opened his eyes and gaped in surprise. He gasped. “Draco?”
“Harry, we’ve know each other for a long time, we haven’t always got along, but now, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my bestfriend and my lover, you advise me and help me, you take care of me and love me. I want to return all of  that to you. Will you marry me?”
Harry stared at the blond for a moment before his eyes teared up. “Yes!” He said and ginned madly. Draco was sure he had the same stupid smile on his face as he slid the ring on Harry’s finger.
“SURPRISE!” All of Harry’s friends jumped out. The Weasleys along with Fleur and Cassandra, Hermione, Blaise and Moon, Professors McGonagall and Quipett, Dennis Creevy, who took a photo, Seamus, Dean, Neville and many others. He stared around him then up, when the fireworks went off. ‘YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!‘ They spelled out as others flew up into the air around the writing.
“You did all of this? Harry asked Draco.
“I had to make it perfect.” Was all Draco said, a smile on his face.

They had a short party as it was morning and at eleven o’clock, they went to Diagon Alley for breakfast.
“This is the best day I’ve ever had and it’s only just started.” Said Harry.
“I know, me too.” Said Draco.
For the rest of the day, everybody stayed at Godric’s Hollow. They played games and drank wine, except for Cassandra who had fizzy water and juice.
“Congratulations, Professor!”
“Thank you Cassandra. And please, don’t call me Professor, school is over. It’s just Harry.”
“No!” Ron clapped Harry on the back. “It’s Uncle Harry! He’s like a brother to me.” He winked at Cassandra.
“I think you’ve had a bit too much Ron.” Harry laughed.
“Naaaah. Never.”
“You’re setting a terrible example for Cassandra.”
“Cassandra. Only drink when you are of age.” Said Ron. He sauntered off to Hermione.
“Shall I really call you Uncle Harry?”
“Yes, if you want.”
“Okay!” Cassandra smiled brightly and went off to find Bill and Fleur.

Author’s note:
Next chapter will be the wedding! *SQUEALS*

Still searching

Chapter 37

It was the holidays. School was finally over. Draco was finally going to ask Harry to marry him. He took the Floo to the Leaky Cauldron and decided to walk to the jewellery from there. The blond stopped at a small park and sat down on a bench. He laid his head in his hands. He couldn’t do this. He was too nervous. Harry was going to say no. He was going to say he has never loved Draco.
“Are you alright dearie? You look quite a mess.” An old lady smiled at him from across the bench.
“I’m quite fine, thanks.” replied Draco.
“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want a sweet looking boy to be sad.”
Draco observed the woman before replying. She had greying hair and a wrinkled face. She was wearing a pink woolen jacket that matched a long, pink dress.
“I’m going to ask my boyfriend to marry me.” He said grimly.
“Oh how wonderful! Why are you so sad about it, dear? Oh I must apologise. I am quite nosy aren’t I? I’ll be going now.”
“Oh no! Don’t-don’t worry. I’m not sad about it. I’m nervous.”
“Oh don’t be nervous. If he loves you. He’ll say yes. If he doesn’t, he’ll say no. If he sais no, he’s not worth it.”
“I guess so. I must get going, I’m going to pick up the ring. Thank you for your advise.”
“No worries dearie.”
Draco smiled and walked away, feeling somewhat, more confident. He walked into the small shop and collected the ring. He looked at it closely.
“It’s perfect.” He breathed. He turned it around in his fingers. On the inside, the date of when Draco and Harry first started dating was incrusted. On the outside, there was an extremely detailed dragon’s face incrusted on it. Draco paid with the muggle money he had picked up when he and Hermione had come to order the ring. The ring was placed in a blood-red velvet box with a small diamond sewn in the middle of the lid. It really was perfect.

When he got back to Hogwarts, Harry was packing. He looked tired. Draco crept up on him and snaked his pale arms around his lover’s neck and kissed his jawline.
“Hi.” He whispered. Harry turned around and hugged Draco around the waist. He laid his head on the blonds shoulder and whispered ‘Hi’ back. The two boys stayed like that for a while.
“Let me finish the packing.” Said Draco. He led Harry over to the bed and sat him down. He then started bustling around, packing certain things in certain bags. Harry just watched him while wondering how he got so lucky. He sighed.
They had a last dinner with the teachers before departing. McGonagall and Arnold accompanied them to the gate to see them off. Draco pulled the Headmistress to the side while Harry was speaking to his mentor.
“Don’t make any big sounds or Harry will hear what I am about to tell you.” The Headmistress looked at him, confused. “I’m going to propose to him.” He said nervously. McGonagall’s eyes went wide as UFOs and clapped a hand to her mouth. Before she could say anything, Harry called Draco over.
“You ready to go?” He asked.
“Always.” Draco smiled knowingly at his former professor and took Harry’s hand in his free one that wasn’t holding bags. They disapparated.

When they arrived home, Blaise was in the living room with Moon.
“You’re still here are you?” Said Draco.
“Yep. How was work.” Blaise winked.
“I’m going to bed.” Said Draco, exasperated. “Coming, Love?” He turned to Harry.
“Yeah. Good to see you again Blaise, Moon. See you in the morning.”
“Night night lover boys.” Chanted Blaise. Moon just smiled at them.

Author’s note:
So, this is just a short chapter that needed to happen before the proposal and wedding… Hope you enjoyed.


Still searching

Chapter 36

It was nearing July and Harry wasn’t getting any better. He would often lock himself in his office and work for hours. He was bottling up his feelings and it wasn’t healthy. Draco decided he was going to do something extraordinary, he didn’t know what yet, but he would figure it out. He spent weeks thinking about it. It wouldn’t take away Harry’s problems, he couldn’t bring back all of Harry’s loved ones who were, now, sadly gone, but it would keep his mind off of it a bit.
One day, during his lesson with the fifth years, he knew what he was going to do. He would have to speak with Hermione first… Maybe it could work. And he and Harry were eventually going to do this…The earlier the better right? He hadn’t realized he had stopped in the middle of a sentence until a student hesitantly cleared her throat.
“Oh! Right! Where was I?”
That evening, while Harry was working, again, Draco wrote a note to Hermione.


You probably don’t know, but Harry isn’t too good at the moment, he’s shutting me, and everyone around him, out. These deaths are really hitting him hard now, he’s bottled his feelings up for so long and he’s bursting. I have an idea that might help him, but I don’t know if he would like it at the moment. He once said this was what he wanted but with him being a Veela, his emotions are heightened, so, he’s angrier, sadder, he very easily gets annoyed and offended. I don’t want to ruin things between us so I would like you to give me your opinion on this. Meet me at the the Hogs Head on June 1st at 11 o’clock. It is a Hogsmeade weekend so there will probably be teachers and students who could overhear us if we go to the Three Broomsticks. It kills me to say this but… I’m looking forward to seeing you…You filthy mudblood (I don’t mean it but it’s to redeem myself, I have an appearance to keep up and an ego. I would prefer not to damage it. Kind of not really love, no, like you though. Wow this is awkward.) See you on June 1st if you can come. Send your response back with my owl.

Kind of like you,

“This will have to do.” Draco sighed as he slipped the parchment in an envelope and sealed it. He called down his Eagle Owl from his perch and sent him off.

Draco waited for the 1st of June in apprehension and excitement. When that day finally came, the blond got there twenty minutes early; little did he know, so had Hermione. She was, sadly, accompanied by Ron.
“Hermione. Weasley.” Draco nodded at them as he took a seat. “I thought I asked to meet with you only, Hermione.” He looked pointedly at the bushy-heard girl.
“Sorry. He found the letter and insisted on coming.”
“I want in on the plan!”
“Of course you do, Weasley.” Draco and Ron glared at each other until the girl next to them cleared her throat.
“So, what’s your idea?” She asked.
“Don’t go crazy.”
“We wont.”
“You probably will, because this is big.”
“It can’t be that big.” Said Ron.
“It is.”
“Can’t be.”
“You will probably spit out your Butterbeer.”
“Course I won’t.”
“I’m going to propose to him.”
Ron spat out the mouth full of Butterbeer he had just taken. Draco cast a shield around himself so it wouldn’t get all over him as he was sitting directly opposite the ginger.
“Told you so.” He smirked.
“Ron!” Hissed Hermione. “Shush! This is a private conversation. We don’t want anybody listening in!”
“I am so bloody sorry but he-” The ginger jabbed a finger at Draco, “-just said he is going to propose to my bestfriend!”
“I don’t see why I wouldn’t be allowed to. Do you own Harry?”
“Well no but-”
“Are you going to propose to him?”
“No! But-”
“You see my point. Now, Hermione?”
“I-I think-” Hermione dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief. “I think that’s lovely, Draco.” The girl got up and hugged the blond tight. “Harry will be so happy.”
Draco smiled and patted her back. “You’ll have to help me pick out a ring.”
Ron was looking a bit green by now. “I think I’m gonna miss out. Got…Work. Y’know? Bye then…” He walked out with what looked like a permanently shocked face.
“He’ll get over it.” Said Hermione, still dabbing at her teary eyes. “I’m so happy for you both.” She gave the boy a watery smile.
“Hold your unicorns. He hasn’t said ‘yes’ yet. I haven’t even asked it.”
“Speaking of that, when are you going to ask him?”
“During the holidays, I think.”
“You better hurry, you’ve got less than a month left.”
“I know, I know… Come help me find the perfect ring before you leave?” Asked Draco hopefully.
The two apparated to muggle London. They had a fine lunch then, went ring shopping.
“Harry wont want anything to… Extravagant. Go for a more simple ring, maybe gold with the date of when you first started going out together or something like that incrusted on the inside. I think he would like that.”
“That’s so boring though! What about the same thing but with something incrusted on the outside too. Like a dragon?”
“He would love that!”
Draco ordered that and they went for a cup of tea. For the first time, the blond felt a flutter of excitement in his stomach.

When Draco got home that evening, he was sad to see Harry was still working. He knocked on the boys office door.
“Hey, Love? It’s getting late… Are you coming down for dinner?”
“I’ll get an elf to bring some up.”
“Okay, Love… I love you…” Draco got no response.
Draco couldn’t concentrate all evening. Harry hadn’t said he loved Draco back. The blond couldn’t propose now! What if Harry had gotten bored of him? What if Harry didn’t love Draco anymore?

It was way past midnight when Harry stepped out of his office. He was surprised to see Draco, covers wrapped around him up to his neck, staring blankly at the wall.
“Are you bored of me?” Asked the blond suddenly.
“What? no!”
“Have I done something wrong?”
“Do you – do you not love me anymore?” Draco had tears in his eyes just thinking about that.
“Of course I love you! Draco, why are you asking these ridiculous questions?”
“Are they ridiculous though?”
“You’ve been blocking me out Harry. I feel like… Like…” He trailed off. Harry sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Draco into a hug.
“Of course I love you Dray. Don’t ever think I don’t cause I do and always will. I love you and I will never ever stop loving you. You are my everything.” Harry slipped into bed and caressed Draco hair until the blond fell asleep. He continued even after that until he-himself-fell asleep, fully clothed.

Author’s note:
So, this story is coming to an end. AHHHHHHHH! I’m going to miss writing this but don’t worry! I already have two other fanfic ideas! One of the ideas (the fanfic I’m going to be writing first) is a Fantastic Beasts/Harry Potter fanfic. It will probably be quite short now that I think about it… The other fanfic idea is life after the Battle of Hogwarts again but it will have a little (aka big) twist in it. This story will probably be finished in two to three chapters… *cries in a corner*
Enjoy it while it lasts!


Still searching

Chapter 35

With his big, powerful wings, Harry was much faster than Arnold. He flew until he was, somewhat, calmed down and landed. He stood in front of a musty old house; the door was open a crack and he walked in.

Arnold flapped his wings as fast as he could. He had lost sight of Harry and was starting to panic. Why hadn’t he flown off while it was day? He would have been so much easier to find if it was light out. He decided to land, there was no use in flying aimlessly for hours if Harry was going in the complete opposite direction of him. He landed beside an abandoned house. It’s windows were cracked and ivy snaked up the sides of it. Arnold hesitantly walked up the stairs to the door but his foot fell through one of the steps. He quickly got out and walked inside, putting pressure on the floor before actually stepping on it so he wouldn’t fall through again. Blood trickled down he leg but he ignored it. He would go to Madam Pomfrey as soon as he found Harry. The hallways were a horrible shade of brown, spattered with smudges of blood. The man shivered as he tried to not imagine what had happened here. He walked to the end of the hallway, wand in had and stepped inside what seemed to be a living room. Harry was kneeling in the middle of a large, dried up, pool of blood.
“Harry?” Said Arnold tentatively.
“This is my blood.”
“What?” The man asked in alarm.
“They tortured me here.” He said. “The Death Eaters.”
“Merlin! Harry – I’m-”
“Don’t say you’re sorry. It’s done. There’s nothing we can do about it.” The boy stood and went to stand at Arnolds side. He grabbed his hand and apparated back to Hogwarts, in the Headmistresses office. The woman jumped in fright and both, her and Arnold, stared at Harry incredulously.
“What?” He said.
“Harry.” Said Arnold, still shocked. “You just apparated in Hogwarts. That’s an impossible thing to do.
“Oh yeah…” Harry frowned. “How did I do it then?”
“Maybe it’s got something to do with your powers.” Muttered Arnold, more to himself than to Harry. “Try it again.” He ordered after a moments thought. Harry apparated behind McGonagall’s desk.
“That’s weird. It feels like there’s a force trying to stop me but I can over power it.” Said Harry.
“That would be the wards.” Said McGonagall.
“Well, I don’t think there’s anything we can do to find out how you can apparate inside Hogwarts, Harry. We’ll just have to let it be.” Said Arnold.
“Okay. Well… Can I go? I’m kind of tired and Draco’ll be wondering where I am.”
“Of course. Goodnight Harry.” Said McGonagall. Harry walked out. “He never ceases to amaze me.”
“Hm.” Was Arnolds response.

“Where have you been?” Asked Draco as soon as Harry stepped into their room.
“I’ll explain tomorrow. I’m so-” Harry yawned. “So tired.” He started to undress. Draco did the same and they laid in bed together. Harry yawned again before saying “Tell me about your evening with your mother.”
“It was-” The blond sighed happily. “Great. We just talked for hours. She said she tried to sneak out more than once to come see me but father had close friends of his keeping an eye on her so she couldn’t leave.”
“What did you talk about?”
“Well I told her about my teaching job, how I was finally in a happy place in y life… I told her about us.”
“How did she take it?” Asked Harry worriedly.
“She was shocked at first, but she’s happy I’m happy. She also told me to tell you if you break my heart she’s going to rip yours out.” The two chuckled.
“That isn’t going to happen any time soon.”
“Then what?”
“She said she is going to sell the Manor and was going to try to get a smaller house. She doesn’t want to live alone in the Manor; it’s too big. And anyway, there are too many bad memories there.”
“Where is she going to go?”
“Somewhere closer to here. Maybe a place a bit outside of Hogsmeade.”
“That’ll be nice.”
“Yeah…” Said Draco dreamily. “Now, tell me where you were?”
“A Slytherin nearly killed Nooly Sharmia.”
“Wait! What?”
“Jack Folmy started a duel, even though Nooly had no idea what was happening, she got pushed off the side of the Astronomy tower; Cassandra and Lancey were trying to pull her back up and Folmy and his mate Hutswol scrammed. I flew up and got to her in time. I took more points off of Slytherin than Hufflepuff and Gryffindor and Folmy said it wasn’t fair. I got annoyed because he was basically saying I can’t do my job properly. I went outside and flew off. I – I ended up where the Death Eaters tortured me. My pool of blood was still there. And I could’ve sworn there was finger or something like that near by. Arnold had followed me so I apparated us back to Hogwarts. That’s when we learnt I can apparate inside Hogwarts. And now, here we are.” Said Harry. Draco squeezed his hand tightly.
“Don’t. I just want to sleep now.” Harry nuzzled his face in the side of Draco’s neck and breathed in his boyfriends smell. He sighed happily when Draco laced his arms around him. Harry fell asleep easily enough after what had happened but Draco lay awake long after Harry’s breathing slowed. The raven-haired boy’s head was in the crook of his shoulder and was cutting off Draco blood circulation. He didn’t care. He churned over what Harry had admitted to him in his head. Harry could apparate inside Hogwarts? How strong was Harry, really? He was worried about Harry. Draco knew he put on a good face but he also knew Harry was slowly crumbling inside. How could he stop that?
“I’ll think of something, Love.” The blond whispered even though he knew Harry couldn’t hear him.

Author’s note:
Shoutout to
meganlovesharleyquinn for the idea of Harry saving either Nooly, Cassandra or Lancey with his newly found powers! Go check out her page, she has a story called A Girl In The Shadows!