Happy happy Easter!!

Or shall i say.. Chocolate day?!

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There’s not much to say about Easter but i just want to say i hope you all have a great day and eat lots & lots of chocolate and most of all HAVE FUN!

Happy Day!

Love, Grace x


Spa Day Routine

I love having a good spa day (at home because i live in the middle of nowhere).blog

Here is my spa day routine:

  • First i get all the products i am going to use ready. I head up to the bath and run the tap (duhh) I either put some bubbles in or i put a lush bathbomb in.. Or both and then i get in (wooooow really?).
  • While i soak in “Ze Wonderful Bath” i like to either read, listen to music or watch a TV program like The Vampire Diaries or Doctor Who.
  • That’s when i start using my products. First i use my Zoella body gel (smells AMAZEBALLS!) then i use the Zoella body scub (totally got a Zoella addiction).
  • I continue watching stuff on my laptop for about an hour then i empty the bath and have a quick shower to wash my hair and get all of the oiliness (is that a word?) off my skin.
  • I get out and dry myself, put my hair up in a messy bun and moisterise (geuss what? It’s a Zoella moisturiser!) and then i get my PJ’s on.
  • I go back to my room, put a face mask on and watch more telly (what a suprise!)
  • After i take my face mask off i do my nails (and guess whaaaaaat… I watch more telly!)

There. That’s it. That’s my spa day routine!

I really hope you enjoyed it and i’ll see you soon!

Love, Grace x

How To Get Ready For A Sleepover


Everybody loves them (well a lot do).

Here are a few tips on how to get ready:

  1. Get face-masks and makeup and nail varnish ready for a girly evening.
  2. Get loads of pillows and covers so you’re nice and warm if it’s a cold night.
  3. Tidy and duster your room so it’s nice and clean.
  4. A onesie!!! Soooo nice and snug!
  5. Make sur you have enough space for a good nights sleep (unless you’re planning to stay up all night)
  6. Create a forte!
  7. Fairy lights.!!!!!!!!
  8. Snacks, snacks are your bestfriend. Here are a few good snacks for a sleepover:
  • Strawberrys diped in melted chocolate yuuuuum!
  • Crisps
  • Popcorn
  • Pizza
  • Buiscits

Those are my tips for a good sleepover!

I’m having a sleepover today so i hope you have a brill day and i’ll see you in a couple of days!

Love,Gracie x






Spring Is Coming!


That season that isn’t to hot or cold.

That season where all the flowers grow.

I love spring.

I love going out to see friends without my makeup streaming cause i’m so hot!!!!!!.jpg

Here are a cool few outfits that you could try:

-Black/white tank top with ripped denim shorts and sandles. Add a long noticeable necklace.

-For a night out (or a day out if you want) a long flowery dress with a pair of sandles/high heels.

-Short dungerys with a white tee + high converse and a long necklace and bracelets.

And now here are a few makeup styles that could go with the outfits above you could try (all styles come with the basic stuff: maskara, foundation etc):

-Sparkly beige eye shadow with a slick of lip gloss.

-Pink eye shadow with a slick of eyeliner and a nice peachy lipstick.

-No eye shadow or anything fancy just a bit of maskara and lip balm and you’re ready to rumble!

Well that’s me done for the day, hope you all have a nice spring!

Love, Grace x

Getting through school


Every teenagers worst nightmare. But don’t worry! I have some usefall tips and tricks!

  1. Always bring a snack with you (even if it’s sweets) so you never get hungry. I get quite hungry when i’m in class so a nice bit of chocolate keeps me up and going. But BEWARE! If you’re not allowed snacks in school *whispers* eat them when the teachers back is turned… I’m joking, if you want to do that, well go ahead i can’t stop you! 🙂
  2. Try to concentrate and get into the work (not literally). If you do that and get interested in what you are doing the time will flyyyyy.
  3. When lunchtime comes just think ‘WOW 4 hours have already passed!’ (i have 4 hours before lunch but if you have more or less use that)
  4. Make the most of recess because i can tell you from my own experiences… I feel horrible when i get back into class; it’s like: WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
  5. Enjoy yourself.

Those were my quick and easy tricks. !!!!

And remember, you are soooo lucky! Because i live in France, i have 7-8 hours a day and next year i’m gonna have TEN (YES 10!) hours a day!!

So enjoy your school life.

Well, i’m off to watch a bit of Doctor Who. 🙂

Hope you have a great evening and i will see you tomorrow!

Love, Grace x


Rainy Day

I love rainy days.

I just love snugling up in a nice, warm, furry blanket and watching films and drinking hot chocolate.

Most of the time i stay up in my room, in bed, with a nice onesie on or maybe a jumper and cosy pyjama bottoms and i watch films or videos on Youtube.

My favourite films to watch on a rainy day:

-Harry Potter (all of them)


-The Maze Runner

-Joe & Caspar Hit The Road

-Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

-Now You See Me

-Troy (i’ve watched that film once (yesterday) and it’s already in my top 10 favourite films)

-The Vampire Diaries (i know it’s a TV series but i LOVE it!)

-Scooby Doo (yes i still like Scooby Doo)

-Barbie (yes i also like Barbie)

My favourite Youtubers to watch on a rainy day:

-The Sacconejolys




-Tanya Burr



-Marcus Butler

-Niki and Gabi

-Stampylongnose, yes i like Minecraft videos, GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT? 🙂!!

And here is a yummy  recipe for hot chocolate:

You will need:

-a mug

-cooking chocolate (preferably dark or normal)




All you need to do is pop some chocolate into your mug (or melt it, put it in a mold, let it set in the fridge then put it in mug), pour milk in, put it in the microwave for around two minutes, stir until there is no more chocolate and pop your marshmallows in. There. Done. SO easy!

Now enjoy your hot chocolate while watching films/youtube videos.

That’s what i do on rainy days. What about you?

Love, Grace x


A lot of people don’t like reading.

I can’t understand them. I mean sure some people might think i’m crazy cause i don’t like jogging. But it’s understandable..Right? You get hot and sweaty and out of breath, you get a head ake, you feel dizzy and then BOOM! You faint.

Ok, maybe you don’t faint but you do get a major head ake!

Anyway, jogging isn’t the subject. Reading is.

I don’t know about you but i find reading so calming and relaxing (wait, calming and relaxing is the same thing isn’t it?). You can just get lost in the story and forget the bad things going on in your life.  So whenever i feel bad, i read and for a few hours i can just forget what’s happening. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.png

I am a very positive person, always looking for the bright side. My cup’s always half full, never half empty (well, most of the time). But like every other person on this planet i get the bad days. And because i’m in my teens, there are quite a few bad days.

Anyway, all of that just to say i love reading. Here are a few of my favourite books (admit it when i wrote “here are a few of my favourite books” you sang the christmas song):

-The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

-The Divergent series by Veronica Roth

-Girl Online & Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella

-Goosebumps (don’t really know who that’s from, R.L Stine i’m guessing?)

-The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

-Beautiful Broken Things by Sarah Barnard

-Pretty much all of Cathy Cassidy’s books

-The 100 series by Kass Morgan

-Fairest Of All by Serena Valentino

-Username: Evie by Joe Sugg aka Thatcherjoe

I have a load of other favourite books but i couldn’t recite them all or it would take me all day to write this!

Why don’t you tell me all of your favourite books in the comments below?

Have a great day!

Love, Grace x