Plans for the futur

I have big plans.

When i’m older, i either want to be a teacher (english teacher or primary school teacher in France) or a Youtuber. I love trying and using beauty products, it’s so fun ans i want to share what i know with people. But i can’t go all around the world and show people what i know because

a) I’m fourteen so i don’t have enough money and i can’t go around the world alone

b) I have an illness (nothing serious don’t worry), i have a skin condition so it’s really hard to put foundation on since my skin is so dry. And when i say dry i mean, really dry. It’s so dry that i can peel it off. 😦

So that’s a bit of a problem but i love everything els. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, that’s what i want to be when i’m older. I know it won’t be easy that’s for sure, but i’m going to try real hard. It’s all planned out.

Solution a): Teacher

If i’m sure i want to be a teacher i’ll go into lycée (College?) and do litterature (i sure hope that exists in England so you know what it is). I’ll do my studies and all, have a family and hopefully become a teacher.

Solution b):

If i’m sure i want to be a youtuber/beauty specialist i’ll go into lycée and do technologic (that isn’t technology, there’s loads of stuff you can do in technologic: art, beauty you CAN do technology if you want to!) and do beauty. I’ll then probably go off and do some more studies (maybe have a gap year to travel around Europe) and start Youtube videos. If they’re successful, i’ll continue and have a normal job at the same time. If i’m not there’s always solution a)!

Why don’t you tell me your dreams in the comments below?

Have a good day!

Love, Grace x


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