Spring Is Coming!


That season that isn’t to hot or cold.

That season where all the flowers grow.

I love spring.

I love going out to see friends without my makeup streaming cause i’m so hot!!!!!!.jpg

Here are a cool few outfits that you could try:

-Black/white tank top with ripped denim shorts and sandles. Add a long noticeable necklace.

-For a night out (or a day out if you want) a long flowery dress with a pair of sandles/high heels.

-Short dungerys with a white tee + high converse and a long necklace and bracelets.

And now here are a few makeup styles that could go with the outfits above you could try (all styles come with the basic stuff: maskara, foundation etc):

-Sparkly beige eye shadow with a slick of lip gloss.

-Pink eye shadow with a slick of eyeliner and a nice peachy lipstick.

-No eye shadow or anything fancy just a bit of maskara and lip balm and you’re ready to rumble!

Well that’s me done for the day, hope you all have a nice spring!

Love, Grace x


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