Help [Update]

So, i’ve found out what i am going to do!

If you don’t know what i’m talking about, you should go see my last blog post.

After talking to my mum about my problem, she came up with an idea: i do my work experience in Beauty Success (that’s a make-up shop) and then when i go to collège (high school?) i’m going to do interior design.

Why i’m really writing this blog post is to kind of teach you a lesson?

If you are scared or worried or sad or confused, talk to someone about it. It mite be difficult but it helps SO much! It really does.

Even if it means talking to your teacher or friends or you parents or siblings. Just letting go of the frustration really really helps.

Belive me, i wouldn’t be writing this if i hadn’t experienced it myself.

All of that to say: talk to someone about how you are feeling at the moment.

Anyway… Hope you have a great evening (or morning or afternoon)!

Love, Grace x


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