My Love

Chapter 18

Fred and i started walking back up to the school with George, Harry, Hermione and Ron; Draco was following us although i didn’t know until he came running up to me.

“Mina! Can we talk for a second, the blond glared at Fred my other friends, in private.

-Don’t be mean Draco, i turned to my friends, i’ll catch up to you in a sec, i said.

-You sure, Fred asked.


-Hurry up then.

-I will don’t worry, i pecked him on the cheek- i turned to Draco as everybody walked away, chatting and messing around, so what do you want to talk about?

-Mina… I-i’ll just show you.”

He leaned in, he was to fast-i didn’t have the time to pull away. The blond kissed me roughly but passionately. I pulled away.

“Draco! What do you think you’re doing! I have a boyfriend!

-I don’t see why you like him so much! He’s poor, he’s a blood traitor, he’s got a terrible family and isn’t half as good looking as me, he became red in the face-he was angry, very angry.

-How could you say that you horrible human being! So what if he doesn’t have as much money as you! If he’s a blood traitor, then i am too and his family is lovely! And i don’t care if-

I didn’t have time to finish my sentence, Fred ran up to us, roughly grabbed Draco’s cloak in his fist and punched him right in the jaw. I didn’t know what to to, i just stood there, staring, shocked.

“You bloody rat, don’t you ever touch Mina again and don’t you ever talk about my family like that again!” He went in for an other punch-in the stomach this time- as i finally came back to my senses and got between the two boys. He punched me and i dropped to my knees, clutching my stomach. Suddenly, i couldn’t breathe, he had knocked the wind out of me. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing. In, out, in, out. Hermione came running up to us followed by George, Harry and Ron.

“Mina, she puffed, come on, we’re going to the hospital wing! Fred you idiot! What were you thinking?”

My boyfriend looked like he had just killed someone, the light that was usually in his eyes wasn’t there anymore. He still had Draco’s cloak tight in his fist but his arms were limp.

“Mina…”, he finally croaked.

Hermione dragged me up to the hospital wing. Once i had some medicine and the nurse was gone, i burst into tears. Hermione didn’t say anything, she just hugged me until my eyes were dry. Tear stains on my face, i lied down and slept like i had never slept before.

I woke up the next morning, not remembering what had happened. I rubbed my eyes and turned to the side as i yawned. Fred was next to me-what was he doing in the Slytherin common room? Wait-i wasn’t in the common room. I gasped as the momories of yesterday came back to me.

“Mina, i am so sorry”, Fred muttered. He had dark circles under his eyes-he hadn’t slept.

“Don’t…Don’t worry about it. I just want to forget what happened.”

Fred sighed in relief and took hold of my hand. We stayed like that for a few moments until Madam Promfrey said i could leave.

Draco came up to us in the hallway while we were walking to the Gryffindor common room.


-Don’t talk to me”, i was surprised at my voice, it had never come out so cold and emotionless.

I walked past the boy.


My Love

Chapter 17

The second challenge was nearly here and Harry still hadn’t figured out how to stay under water for and hour. We met up at the library with Ron and Hermione for a brainstorming session.

“Tell me one more time.”

Harry had recited what the voice had said from in egg about five times now.
I stoped listening and started thinking about the lessons we had; Transfiguration wouldn’t work, Harry wasn’t advanced enough for that, we hadn’t learned any potions that could help. Then i started think about who could help us; not an adult, nobody’s allowed to help the Champions but we had to, or Harry could loose his life! And then i got an idea.

“Harry, i said, summon Dobby!

-Why, he asked.

-Just do it!

-Ok…Dobby? I need you help.

Dobby appeared infront of Harry.

-Harry Potter, sir such a pleasure to see you again, and Master Weasley and Miss Granger, and-, the house elf lowered his voice, Miss.

-Hey, i said soothingly, don’t be scared, i’m not gonna bite.

-Mina’s our friend, Dobby, Hermione said.

-Pleasure to meet you, Dobby bowed down.

-You too Dobby, now i need to ask you something, the house elf looked at me quizically. Do you know of anything that would let Harry stay under water for an hour or more?

-Of couse! There is Gillyweed Miss Mina!

-Great! Could you get some for Harry, Dobby?

-Yes, i could give it to you before the challenge starts tomorrow, the house elf said.

-That would be great Dobby, thanks, Harry said.

-It’s a pleasure to help you, Harry Potter, sir, he smiled up at us and vanished.

-That was a great idea Mina, Ron said.

-It was nothing”, i smiled.

The next day was challenge day. I walked down to the lake with Fred, we were holding hands and my cheeks were red with the cold. Fred had lent me his scarf again-wich i had most of the time anyway.

We settled down and waited for the challenge to start.

“I hope Harry wins! i shouted over the noise.

-Of couse he’s going to win, Fred replied. He’s Harry! He’s the Chosen One!”

I laughed, and leaned my head against his shoulder. Shivers went down my spine when he wrapped his arm around me.


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Hey guys, i think i am going to start posting every couple of days cause it’s quite hard to come up with a next  part to the story in a day when you ave no inspiration. And i have my exams coming up soon so i have to revise. Thanks for understanding.

My Love

Chapter 16

I went the next couple of weeks minding my own buisness but in the end i could bare it anymore. At one o’clock in the morning, i snuck into the boys dorms. I jumped onto Draco’s bed and hugged him tight. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry” i whispered over and over again, crying. Draco sleepily wrapped him arms around my shoulders trying to calm me. After a few minutes i calmed down and we went downstairs to not bother the other boys who were sleeping.

“What changed your mind? he asked once we had settled down.

-Draco, you were-are-my best friend.”

We said nothing more.

At breakfast, i walked in with a slight jump in my step.

“Why are you so happy? Fred asked, he kissed me on the cheek.

-Me and Draco are talking again, i said.

-Oh. I don’t know wether to be happy or worried.

-Why worried?

-Because he has a crush on you of course, George cut in.

-He hasn’t! Don’t be stupid. We’re friends, nothing more.

-We’ll see.”

The day went as it usually did until Draco stoped me between classes.

“Draco, we’re going to be late, i complained. I don’t want to get detention!

-You won’t. Just listen, please?

-You have thirty seconds.

-Well…Um, i-i think i love you, he blurted out.

-You-you what?!

-I love you.

-Draco! You know i-you know… I love Fred!

-I know… I’m sorry”, the blond walked off.

I rushed to the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall that evening.

“You were right! i said breathlessly. He does love me! my friends all looked  at me in shock.

-Nah. He don’t have feelings that git, Ron said, i glared at him.

-He does.

-He’s a human being, Ron. All humans have feelings even if you don’t see them, Hermione stated.

-He’s not human then, the ginger boy said.

-He does, my voice was getting higher.

-All right calm down.”

Ron continued stuffing his face.

My Love

Chapter 15

On a sunny, but cold morning in January, i got a parcel at breakfast. Inside was a peace of parchment with “I’m sorry” witten on it and a box of expensive chocolates. I slipped the note in my cloak pocket and passed around the gooey goodnesses. I didn’t want Draco’s apology chocolates, if he wanted me to forgive him, he would have to do something extravagant.

The next morning, i recieved flowers and an other “I’m sorry” note. I gave the flowers to Hermione.

I kept getting more presents and notes for the next week until i decided i had to stop all this madness. The next time i saw him, in the Slytherin common room, i stoped him: “Draco, you have to stop this nonsense. You’re making me mad!

-I’m so-, i cut him off.

-Don’t say it!

-I apologize. I just really want things to go back to normal.

-Oh and you want me to become friends with Pansy, i suppose, i snapped. It’s not gonna happen.

-Please give me one more chance, i’ll ditch Pansy.

-I believed in you, Draco, when no one did, not even your parents, and you just threw it all back in my face. It’s hurts, like mad. But it would hurt even more if i just pretended nothing happened. I have a boyfriend now, he flinched as i said the word, and friends, and i love them. I’m not going to let them go each time you come crawling back. I’m sorry.”

I had to leave, fast. Tears sprang to my eyes. It really did hurt. I ran off to my room, jumped on my bed and pulled the curtains tight, then, i cast a muffliato charm so nobody would hear me crying. Tears streamed down my face for what seemed like hours, until finally, they stopped. I peeked out of the curtains to look at the old grandfather clock in the corner of the room and realised it was half way through dinner. I jumped off the bed and walked slowly, all the way to the Great Hall. I slumped down in my, now, usual seat between Fred and George.

“Hey, where were you? Fred looked at me. Have you been crying? my friends all turned to look at me, concern in they eyes-exept Ron who was too busy with his food to hear anything around him, i ignored them.

-I’m fine, i started loading food on my plate. I’ve been…Sleeping.

-Sleeping? Do you really think i’m that stupid?


-Someone’s in a bad mood, George stated, i glared at him-now wasn’t the best time for sarcasm.

-I had a little chat with Draco if you really want to know, Fred staightened up and glared at the Slytherin boy.

-What did he do? he asked, not taking his eyes off Draco.

-Nothing i just went to tell him to stop sending me presents-

-But i liked the presents, George complained, i ignored him and continued.

-And i let the anger take control of me, and then, i just felt empty. I’m not sure i can go on like this for much longer. He used to be my bestfriend, i used to tell him everything, i looked down at my plate and pushed it away.

-I’m not fond of the thought of you being around Draco but i’ll accept any decision you make, was all Fred said.

-The thing is, i want to talk to him so bad, but i really don’t want to at the same time.

-Well i’m here for you.

-I know, i burried my head in his shoulder, i know.”



My Love

Chapter 14

On the 25th of December, i woke at 6am, i couldn’t get back to sleep so i opened my presents. I wasn’t bothering anyone as all of the fourth year girls had gone home.

From Hermione,i got a book-what a surprise-about…Boys. That was disturbing… I got a big pile of Chocolate Frogs from Ron, a charm bracelet from Harry, and a few random things from George, Ginny, Blaize and Meredith. I noticed Fred hadn’t gotten me anything. I shrugged the bad feeling off; maybe Fred wanted to give me his present in person. I put on my dressing gown and slippers and skipped over to the Gryffindor common room. I knew everyone would be awake by now.

“Merry Christmas Fat Lady!

-Merry Christmas dear!

-Love your outfit, she had a red velvet dress on with white rims and a Christmas hat.

-Why thank you! I’ll fetch Fred.

-Thanks, she came back a few minutes later and Fred opened the door, bleary eyed. You weren’t awake yet? i asked, shocked.

-No, he rubbed his eyes with his fists.

-Who are you?

-Fred Weasley.

-Duh. Come on open up your presents! i set mine appart, open this one last, i said with a cheeky smile.


He mostly got joke books and fake wands and stuff, wich were the obvious things to get him as he and George were the jokers of the school. He opend his last present and turned to me. He raised an eyebrow as i handed my present to him-i had put it in a box so he wouldn’t be able to tell what it was. He carefully took off the wrapping paper and opened the box. He looked up at me in shock:

“Please tell me this is a fake, or a joke, or something, he said, his eyes wide.

-Do you not like it? i started getting worried-of course George would do something like that. Fred took the broom out of it’s box.

-Mina, you shouldn’t have, he smiled at me, this must have cost you so much.

-I don’t care about money as long as you’re happy, i kissed the boy lightly on the lips.

-I got you this, he took out a parcel from behind his back, but it’s nothing compared to what you got me, he looked embarassed.

-It’s the thought that counts.”

I opened the wrapping paper wich was actually a couple of sheets of the Daily Prophet. Inside was a book. I opened it up and gasped. It was wonderful, the book was filled with pictures of me and my friends and family (i had no idea how he got all of them); there was one that was taken on a day that my parents decided to take me to a muggle place called London, one of me, Ron and Harry goofing around in the library while Hermione glared at us, there was even one of Draco and i, at the edge of the lake, laughing. But my favorite one was of me and Fred, dancing at the Yule ball.

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My Love

Chapter 13

Christmas came up, i had decided i was going to stay at Hogwarts to be with Fred and my friends.

It was a Hogsmead weekend so i went out, alone, to buy presents for my friends and family. For my mother, i got a diamond necklace (not real diamonds, as if i could afford that), for my father, a gift basket from Honeydukes (he had a sweet tooth, or a few!). Then i got random little pieces for George (a joke book), Harry (a practice snitch), Ron (the biggest jar of sweets i could get at Honeydukes), Hermione (a couple of books that i hoped she didn’t already have), Ginny (a matching necklace and ring), Angelina (a red hairband), Meredith (a picture frame in wich i put a moving photo of us two that was taken on our first day at Hogwarts) and Blaize (a book about Quidditch). I even got something for Draco, wich i sent anonymously (chimes wich i knew he loved but didn’t want to admit it to anyone because it was too “girly”), i just couldn’t let go of the boy even though i hated him. But the hardest gift to get, was for Fred. I wanted his present to be perfect. My parents both had a good place at the Ministry so money wasn’t a problem. I walked around all of the shops, at least twice, but still couldn’t find anything. I ended up running into George and asking for his help.

“And why would i help you, Iera? he joked, and yes, he was still callingme by my last name.

-Because i’m desperate and i want Fred’s present to be perfect and i even got you a present!

-I’ll give you a clue: it has to do with Quidditch, he has a rubbish one but can’t afford a better one, and with that, he walked off.

-A broom! Of course! Why didn’t i think of that?” i muttered to myself.

I ran to the Quidditch shop. I had no idea about brooms and Quidditch so i had to ask an assistant for help.

“I would recommend the Firebolt, if you can afford it.

-How much?

-100 galleons, i hesitated.

-I’ll take it.”

I skipped out of the shop much happier than when i walked in, ten minutes earlier.

As soon as i got back at Hogwarts, i rushed into my room to wrap the gifts i had gotten then went to the owlery to send off my prents, Draco’s, Meredith’s, Hermione’s and Blaize’s presents.


My Love

Chapter 12

Fred came back a bit later with a big smile on his face.

“He said yes!

-What? Are you serious? i asked, shocked.

-Would i lie about something like this?

-Yes! i laughed.

-Ok, i would. But i’m not lying!

-That’s great!

-I know! Fred hugged me.

-I’m gonna go shower, i’ll see you at dinner, i’m smiled cheekily.

-Yes you will.”

At dinner, i hesitated. No Slytherin had ever sat at the Gryffindor table. Fred took my hand: “Come on, it’ll be ok. Like i said, everybody likes you!”

I hesitated again, then took a seat between Fred and George. The Gryffindors all greeted me with smiles and waves: “Hey Mina!”

I returned their smiles. Most of the Slytherins were glaring at me or insulting me. Only Draco looked at me in shock and sorrow.


The Yule ball came up and since i wasn’t talking to Draco, i went with Fred, obviously, Angelina had decided she wanted to go with her crush anyway. I got dressed and did my hair-i even put some makeup on. I met up with Fred.

“Wow! Mina! You’re… You look beautiful, Fred said in amazement, i blushed.

-Is it that surprising? i laughed.

-No! You’re always beautiful! But tonight you’re extreamly beautiful.

-You don’t look to bad yourself, at least you don’t have frills, i glance at Ron who had ancient dress robes on and laughed.

-Yeah, he said and laughed along with me. Shall we go in?

-We shall.”

For the rest of the evening, we danced and talked and laughed. It was a wonderful night.