My Love

Hey guys! I’ve decided i’m going to start writing Harry Potter fanfic although this isn’t going to be about Harry Potter, it’s going to be about my own made up caracters love life with someone special. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

I’m Mina, Mina Iera, 14 years old, i’ve got shortly cut hair and blue eyes. I’m in my fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I’m in Slytherin – wich is surprising since my whole family, since the 1800’s, has been in Gryffindor. My parents, Dylan and Lilliana Iera, were a bit disapointed but also proud. What my parents were extreamly disapointed about was me being best friends with Draco Malfoy and Blaize Zabini. Their parents and my parents were enemies in school – and still are. But i don’t care, sure they are sometimes cruel but i love them. Although, i’m not fond of Draco’s girlfriend, Pansy, she has always hated me for no reason though she doesn’t show it infront of Draco.

Anyway, that’s my ‘life background’ – here is my story.

I was in Dracos’ room – in Slytherin, girls are aloud into the boys dorms but boys aren’t aloud in the girls dorms – he was telling me about the Triwizard Tournament because i had never heard of it: “Three wizarding schools from over the world get together and have the Triwizard Tournament, he explained. Basically, people put their names on a piece of paper in the Goblet of Fire, one person from each school gets picked out and has to go through three ‘challenges’, they are extremly dangerous and you need to be pretty intelligent to get through them wich is why only the best are picked out, he smirked, if i were of age i bet i would be picked.

-Of course you would, i smiled.

-Draco! Pansy called. I- Ow, Iera, i didn’t know you were here, she scowled but quickly plastered a smile on her sickly sweet face. Draco, sweety, i’m going to get some lunch, are you coming?

-Uh not now Pansy, i’ll catch up with you later.” Draco said, he seemed distracted and was looking anywhere but at Pansy.

Her shoulders slumped and her eyes became dark: “Ok” she said, and stormed off.

“What’s wrong with you? i asked.

– I- Well… I think i’m going to break up with Pansy. She’s just so clingy!”

I looked at him in horror and in relief. Pansy really was a brat.

After a few seconds of silence, i spoke: “Finally!”

I lifted my hands up towards the ceiling and sighed in relief. Draco, in the other hand, glared at me.

“I’m sorry but you know she hates me and i’m not that fond of her. She always insults me when you’re not around! i said, looking at the blond with puppy eyes.

-I hate it when you do that, he laughed and the corners of his grey eyes crinkled up, why didn’t you ever tell me? he said, his eyes becoming serious again.

-Because, suddenly my hands became very interesting, she was – is – your girlfriend!

-Not for long.” he answered blankly.

What he said was true, the next day, a lot of screaming and shouting and crying happened in the common room.

“HOW COULD YOU?  Pansy screamed, her face was blochy and angry tears streamed down her cheeks. I LOVE YOU! she shouted, weakly-she wrapped her arms around her thin body.

-I’m sorry Pansy, but i don’t love you.” Draco answered. He turned and walked away.


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