My Love

Chapter 2

I followed Draco up the stairs and to his room where Crabbe and Goyle were zapping 1st grade spells at eachother. Draco sneered. “Scram”, he said and with that, both boys scuttled off.

“You’re nice, i smirked.

-I know, right, he smiled at me.

-So, i started as i flopped down on his bed-my blond hair spread out across the green and silver pillow and Draco sat down next to me, how are you… Feeling?, he and i didn’t talk about feelings much, we usually just messed around with the 1st years and stuff like that.

-Fine, i guess. I didn’t love her anymore anyway, he started fiddling around with his wand. She knew it was a matter of time before i broke up with her.

-You are cruel sometimes, i grinned, showing my straight, white teeth.

-Runs in the family” he smirked.

Unexpectedly, the blond layed his head on my stomach. My breath caught in my chest and my muscles tightened up, then they relaxed again and my breathing rythm returned back to normal. He really was a big softie, you just had to get through the armor.

I started stroking his hair and soon, he fell asleep.

“Draco, i whispered, Draco? I can’t get up if you sleep on me.”

I sighed but continued stoking his hair. He moaned in his sleep and i stiffled a giggle. I was so concentrated  on his soft, shiny hair that i didn’t hear Pansy sneak in.

“DRACO! she screeched. WHAT IN MERLIN’S BEARD DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING, Draco jumped up, startled.

-Sleeping, he finally answered and yawned.

-I… Wh- How? ARGH! she stormed out of the room.

-That went well, he yawned again.

-You can say that again.”

We hung out for the rest of the day with Blaize and Meredith-my closest girl friend- in the common room and before we knew it, it was time for the evening meal. We trudged up the stairs to the Great Hall and settled down. I noticed Pansy had sat down at the very end of the table instead of taking her usual seat between Draco and i, she was glaring at us.

“I don’t think Pansy’s very happy at the moment, i stated sarcastically. Draco leaned forward and looked down the table to where i was looking but quickly straightened up-he actually looked a bit nervous.

-Merlin, i’m going to be living in Hell for the next few weeks.

-Don’t worry, fair maiden, i will protect you, i said and burst out laughing.

-Why thank you, brave warrior.” he laughed with me.

Suddenly, everything went quiet, only a few chatters were heard throughout the Hall. I looked up at the professor’s table and saw that Professor Dumbledore had stood up.

“Quiet down, quiet down, he said lowdly. Tonight, i will be telling you all who the three champions of the Triwizard Tournament are. But for now, dig in.”

Food appeared on platters in the middle of the long table and everyone started loading food on their own plates, exept Pansy, i noticed.

At the end of the meal, the leftover food disapeared and Dumbledore stood up again: “And now for the champions.”

Some men brought up the Goblet and everybody clapped including the professors, the flames grew and the first name flew out.

“The Beauxbaton’s champion is…, he waited for effect and i could feel the tension in the air, Fleur Delacour.”

Fleur got up and followed Dumbledores directions. The second name flew out.

“The Dumstrang champion is… Viktor Krum.” The quiddich player got many more applause than Fleur as he followed the path the girl took.

“And lastly, the Hogwarts champion is… Cedric Diggory!” The boy got even more applause than Krum as the whole school applauded him and not just the 7th years.

Unexpectedly, the flames grew again. Dumbledore caught the piece of paper that flew out and read the name, though no one heard it.

“Harry Potter? HARRY POTTER!”, i noticed him being pushed foward by Hermione Granger. Potter walked past everybody in confusion and people started shouting insults-Draco and i joined in, i didn’t not like Potter, i was ‘neutral’ you could say but Draco didn’t like him so i insulted him along with everyone else even if i did feel a bit bad about it as i had never even spoken to the boy.

After a while, the Hall cleared. Draco and i went back up to the common room, we asked Blaize and Meredith if they wanted to join us but they refused. I had a slight suspicion that they had a thing for eachother.

When we arrived in the common room, Draco stopped in his tracks and i bumped into him.

“What was that for? i laughed, the boy turned around and looked me straight in the eyes.

-Mina, would you like to go to the Yule Ball with me?”


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