My Love

Chapter 3

I looked at Draco, shocked.

“As friends!” he added.

“Um yeah sure” i said with a smile.

What was this fluttery feeling in my stomach?

Nothing more was said about that topic. For the rest of the night we ‘gossiped’ about the fact that Potter is one of the Champions in the Triwizard Tournament when he is underage. We ended up falling asleep on the Slytherin colored sofa.

When i woke up the next morning, Draco’s left arm was draped around my shoulders while his right arm fell to the floor. I was on my front, half on top of Draco, half on the sofa and our legs were intertwined.

I didn’t want to wake the blond so i just stayed there and i must admit, it was nice, comforting to be like that with him. I looked up at his face. That’s when i saw the big pussy boils all over his face and neck, on his forhead was written: “You broke my heart, i broke your beauty.”. I couldn’t contain myself. I started laughing – not the little giggle that you can quickly cover up, that big, loud laugh where everyone turns to look at you. Draco woke with a start and fell to the floor.

“Why? Why would you do that to me? he said rubbing his elbow.

-Look in the mirror, i sputtered, between breaths. Draco turned to the common room mirror and just about fainted.

-WHO DID THIS TO ME! he shouted, he even scared me a bit. He then turned to look at me and suddenly all the anger melted away. His shoulders started shaking in laughter.

-What? i said. Why are you laughing?

-How about you look in the mirror, his eyes crinkled up.

-Wow. Just wow.”

On my forhead was written: “You stole my man, i stole your hair.”

Indeed all of my hair was gone, all that was left was shiny flesh. I run upstairs to my room. Thankfully, everyone was asleep as it was a Saturday. I grabbed a hat and shoved it on my head.

“To the hospital wing it is for us then, i state.

-No, exclaimed Draco, everybody will see me!

-Stay like that for the rest of you life for all i care, i laughed, i want my hair back.

-You can hide your boldness though! I can’t hide this monstocity, he said in a panick.

-You’re going to have to run then”, i smirked.

After an hour of being in the hospital wing, Draco and i walked out looking good as new.

“Glad that’s over, Draco said.

-I know, that was a nightmare, i sighed.



We walked up to the Great Hall when someone behind me grabbed my arm and spun me around. I cried out in surprise.

It was one of the Weasley twins – i could never tell wich one was wich.

“Uh, hey…i lifted my eyebrows.

-Fred, he finished for me.

-Yeah sorry i can never tell you two appart, i said with an apolagetic smile.

-Doesn’t mat-

-What do you want Weasel? Mina and i were talking”, Draco snaped.

Fred ignored Draco and continued talking: “So, Mina, i was wondering if you would like to go to the Ball with me? he said it in complete confidence as if he weren’t scared to ask me at all.

-Well, you see- the thing is…

-She’s going with me, Draco glared at Fred as he steared me away. I looked back at the Weasley boy and shrugged.


-That weasel, bloody idiot. Stupid- Slug-

-Hey Draco! Calm down, i stopped him and looked him in the eyes. Just pretend nothing happened OK?”

I was about to say something else when i felt someone staring at me. I turned to see Pansy Parkinson glaring at us once more.

“I don’t think Pansy was very happy about me falling asleep on you, i said then realised how that sounded and blushed deeply.

-Merlin’s beard, let’s skip breakfast and get out of here!”

We turned and walked away.


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