My Love

Chapter 4

The next day, Blaize, Meredith, Crabbe, Goyle, Draco and i were hanging out in the grounds near the half-giant’s hut. The hippogriff from last year was gone wich was a shame as it really was beautiful.

“So, Draco started, is everyone going to Hogsmead next weekend?

-Of couse, i exclaimed, i have to get my dress for the Yule Ball!

-Meredith and i have plans, sorry, said Blaize non-chalently.

-Oooooo going on a date? i laughed.

-Shut up, Mina, Meredith hissed, blushing.

-Ok, ok sorry, i said, smiling.

-Do you want me to accompany you Mina? Draco cut in-for some reason, he wasn’t looking me in the eyes.

-Yeah ok.

-Ooooooo look who else is going on a date!

-Now it’s your turn to shut up, Meredith. Hang on! You admit it! You are going on a date!”, i laughed again.

On Monday mornings my first class was potions which was good. I really liked potions, and Professor Snape on his ‘good’ days. As i was one of Draco’s best friends he was ok with me. But this Monday morning, he was in a bad mood. Draco and i were talking about the Hogsmead outing when Snape called us:

“Miss Iera? Mister Malfoy? Am i interrupting you?” he asked.

We shook our heads.

“Miss Iera, please change places, there is a seat next to Potter.”

I looked at my friend in despair and started gathering my things.

Potter looked at me in curiosity as i sat down next to him.

“Can i help you? i asked.

-No, sorry, he answered and looked down at his Potions book.

-Don’t worry about it. So, how did you get your name in the Goblet? i whispered, i couldn’t help myself. Sorry for asking, i’m sure loads of people have already asked but i’m just curious.

-You see, the thing is-i didn’t put my name in the Goblet, he rested his head in his palms and i could tell he was telling the truth.

-Wow, was all i could say.

-You know, for someone who’s friends with Malfoy, you’re quite nice.

-We’re not just friends, we’re best friends, i answered, but thanks.

-No problem.”

We sat the rest of the class in silence. Near the end, he broke the silence:

“Is it true you’re going to the Yule Ball with Malfoy?

-Hmhm, i nodded.

-My friend wanted to go with you, he sure was disapointed.

-Fred Weasly? i asked.


-I would’ve said yes if i weren’t going with Draco.

-Good to know you don’t hate ‘blood traitors‘, his last words were lased in sarcasm.

-I’m the first of my family to be in Slytherin since the 1800’s, the others were in Gryffindor, was all i said.


-I know right.”

Just as i finished my last word the bell rung.

“Ok, well…Bye”, i said and walked over to Draco.

“My father will hear about this! Snape can’t seperate us! And he put you next to that mutt Potter!

-I really don’t see why you don’t like him, he seems alright.

-He declined my friendship!

-Poor baby, not everyone in the WHOLE world is going to like you! i laughed.

-I don’t care, i don’t like him and that’s that, he stormed off.

-Draco wait! I didn’t mean anything by it! Please wait! Fine go, see if i care, i stopped in the middle of the hallway and my shoulders slumped, i looked down at the floor when someone touched my arm.

-Sorry, i didn’t mean to get mad at you.

-This is the first time we’ve ever had a fight, since we met. In four years”, my bottom lip trembled, i didn’t know why i was so emotional! It wasn’t as if we were never going speak ever again!

“Hey don’t cry”, he walked me back to the dungeons, his arm wrapped around me, and up to his room, he then took me in his arms and i finally let the tears shed. Also, i had never seen this soft side of Draco, it was nice to see him caring instead of bullying.

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