My Love

Chapter 5

“I’m sorry, i muttered, i don’t know what’s come over me. One second, i was fine, the next, i’m crying my eyes out. I don’t even know why!

-Don’t be sorry, although, it was kind of childish, he smirked.

-Mean, a smile spread across my face.

-Made you smile though.

-I guess you did. Anyway, i wiped the drying tears off my face, Transfiguration starts in five minutes. We better go.”

We swung our bags over our shoulders and ran out.

The next day, there weren’t any lessons as it was the day of the first challenge. The champions had to get past a different dragon each to get to a golden egg. When Draco, Blaize, Meredith and i got to the arena half an hour early, it was all ready packed. We squished into a small space near the back. I turned around to see who we were infront of and spotted Fred, George, Ron, Hermione and Ginny. I had finally spotted the difference between Fred and George: Fred had a beauty spot just underneath his left ear.

“Hey Fred, guys”, i said with a little wave. George, Ron, Hermione and Ginny burst out laughing while Fred blushed furiously. I turned around in confusion.

“Why do you talk to them? Draco asked, his brows furrowed.

-Because Draco they’re nice and nice people deserve to be treated nicely. Unlike you, i said with a smirk and hugged him. I still love you though, i then gave him the most slobbery kiss possible on the cheek.

-You are discusting.”

That’s what i like about Draco and my friendship: he won’t even let his childhood friends touch him but when i give him a big, wet, kiss, he doesn’t say anything.

Suddenly, a loud boom sounded-the cannon. Cedric Diggory came out out the tents opening. And hour and a half later, it was Harry’s turn. I cheered along with the Weasley’s and Hermione. The boy stumbled out and hid behind a boulder as the Horntail spat fire. He then pointed his wand in a random direction and shouted a spell that i didn’t hear. A few seconds later his Firebolt zoomed past, he jumped on it and flew around the dragon. The beast broke the chains holding it down and went after Harry, they both disapeared from view. A few minutes later Harry zoomed back into the arena, his broom slitely burnt with no view of the dragon, he landed and grabbed the Golden Egg.

When it was all over, i started to walk back to the castle with Draco but surprisingly, finished my way with Fred. I pulled my cloak tightly around my shivering body.

“Are you cold? Fred asked.

-A bit, i answered.

-Here, he unwound his scarf from his neck and handed it to me.

-Ow no don’t worry”i said.

He ignored my response and wound it around my neck. I blushed and looked down at my feet.


-No problem.

-So, have you found someone to go to the Yule Ball with? i looked up at him, he really was handsome with his brown eyes and long defined nose.

-Yeah, i’m going with Angelina, he answered although he didn’t seem happy about it.

-Isn’t she that girl on the Quidditch team?


-Well she’s pretty.

-Not everything’s about beauty.

-Good, i answered with a laugh, if it was i wouldn’t get far in this world.

-Yes you would! he said, a little too loud, everybody around us turned to look at what was going on.

-Um thanks, i blushed a deep red. Hey! Do you want to come to Hogsmead with me and Draco? You could bring Angelina an we could try on dresses for the Yule ball together! I mean, not you and Draco, Angelina and i obviously.

-Ow, um ok, i’ll ask her..

-Great! Tell my your answer later”, i gave him a big smile and walked off. I forgot i still had his scarf around my neck.

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