My Love

Chapter 6

“Where did you go off to? Draco asked as i entered the common room, he didn’t even look up from his potions book.

-I walked back with Fred, his head shot up and i noticed i had made a big mistake: i still had the Gryffindor scarf wound tight around my neck. Draco shot up, ripped the scarf off and threw it on the floor.

What is this? he hissed.

-I-i was cold, so Fred lent me his scarf, i must have forgotten i had it on.

-Yes, apparently you did.”

In Draco style, the boy stormed off.

“I better get this scarf back to it’s owner before Draco kills him” i thought, and exited the common room.

I had no idea where the Gryffindor common room was so i had to ask twice for directions.

I finally got there, half an hour later, but then realised how awkward this was and i didn’t even know the password. I hesistated, then knocked on the painting.

“Ow, the Fat Lady cried.

-Oh stop, you can’t be hurt.

-My feelings can!”

I ignored her and knocked again. A first year i’m guessing answered:

“Um your in the wrong side of the castle, this is the Gryffindor common room, the boy said in a scared voice.

-Ow really? I didn’t know! i exclaimed my voice high with sarcasm. Just go get Fred Weasley”, i said my voice going back to normal, my eyes going serious. The boy slammed the painting in my face as he ran back into the room .


A few minutes later George came out. He leaned against the wall:

“Alright, Iera? he said with a smirk.

-Where’s Fred? i asked.

-Well, he’s having a nervous breakdown because you came knocking at our door out of nowhere.”

I unsuccessfully tried to hide a smile.

“You got a little blush going on there, Iera.

-Oh stop it.”

Suddenly, Fred appeared in the entrance.

“Sorry! I was just…doing some stuff, he said, out of breath.

-Yeah like changing your whole outfit, brushing our teeth combing your-

-Shut up George! You know that isn’t true!

-You know it is, the other Weasley twin answered and skipped back into the common room.

-So, what do you want to talk about?

-Well, um, want to go for a walk?

-Yeah ok, let me go get my cloak.” he answered. He disapeared into the common room and came back out, a minute later with his cloak wrapped around him and stepped out of the entrance.

We went across the grounds, to the lake.

“Have you asked Angelina about Hogsmead? i asked.

-Yeah she said she would love to come.

-Great! It’s going to be so fun!

-Yeah right.

-It will be! I promise.

-If you say so.

-Um, i forgot to give you your scarf back earlier, i said, starting to take it off.

-Keep it on till we go back inside-you’ll get cold otherwise, i wound it back aroud my neck.

-Thank you.

-For what?

-For being nice to a Slytherin.

-And why wouldn’t i be?

-Come on. Everyone hates us. Everyone thinks we’re all just so mean and obnoxious when we aren’t! Really!

-I know…

-No you don’t! Even Draco’s nice! You just can’t see it. He is one of the nicest people i’ve ever met. He’s just mean because everybody treats him badly.

-I belive you.

-I- What?

-I belive you.



-A bit. No, a lot.

-You’re not the only one. I can’t belive i just said that.”


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