My Love

Chapter 7

Fred and i continued talking by the lake, when suddenly, something wrapped around my ankle. I tried to look down to see what it was but all i saw was a tentacle.

“What the-AH!”

The thing started pulling me towards the water. I fell as i got dragged along. My feet touched the water. It was freezing cold.

“Fred!” i screamed.

My knees were in the water.

My waist.

My shoulders.

My head. The only things out of the cold liquid were my hands, i tried to grab hold of something, but something grabbed me: a hand. It pulled.

“Mina! Hold on!” a voice shouted. Fred.

The boy pulled some more but he couldn’t get me out. My limbs were going numb. I couldn’t move or breathe. Was i going to die? At a place as safe as Hogwarts? But no, the beast loosened it’s grip, for just a second, and Fred pulled as hard as he could. He got me out. He saved my life. He pulled me to shore and wrapped his arms around me.

“God Mina you’re freezing.”

He took his cloak off and wrapped it around me but it didn’t stop me from shaking from head to toe.

“Shhh. Let’s get you to the hospital wing.” He picked me up and started walking. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned my head against his shoulder.

Back at the hospital wing, Madame Pomfrey gave me some horrible, gloopy medicine to help me sleep, and that’s what i did. I slept for the rest of the afternoon. When i finally woke up, two people were opposite eachother, eather side of my bed: Fred and Draco. As soon as i opened my eyes, the questions started.

“Are you ok?

-What happened?

-How do you feel?


My head started spinning and i closed my eyes in pain; my whole body was hurting.

“Boys! Out, immediatly! said Madame Promfrey.

-But we have to find out how she feels!

-I want to know if she’s alright!


The boys trudged out unwillingly.

“How do you feel dear? the nurse asked.

-I don’t really know, my body hurts-a lot.

-Perfectly normal after what you went through, are you still cold?

-Not really. I’m a bit hot actually, Madame Pomfrey felt my head.

-Yes, it seems you do have a bit of a fever. Well, you’ll stay here for the night, you’ll feel better tomorrow.

-Ok.” I yawned and went back to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to a lot of people, a lot of gingers. Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Harry were by my bed.

“Mina! How are you feeling? Fred asked, he took my hand.

-Alright i guess… I feel kind of wierd.

-Fred told us what happened! You are lucky our Freddie here was there to save the day, George half shouted in exitement.

-I know, i weakly squeezed the other twins hand.


-MISTER WEASLEY! Please leave this room immediately! Madame Pomfrey shouted. George started skipping out of the room, he was still singing his silly nursery rime.


-I don’t even think those are the words, i shouted weakly.

-I don’t care! his head poked around the door. You two are in luuuuurve.

-Shut up, i said laughing.

-Everybody else, out. Miss Iera needs to rest.

-Can they stay for a bit? i looked at her with puppy eyes.

-Just for a little bit.” she said and walked away.


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