My Love

Chapter 8

My new friends stayed for an hour or so but eventually, all but one, had to leave to go to class. Fred stayed behind, he said he would take somebodies notes.

“Thank you. Really. I wouldn’t be alive without you.

-It’s nothing, really, Fred replied as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

-It is! If you hadn’t saved me, i would be lying in a coffin.

-To much information, the boy laughed. Mina?


-Can i do something? You’re probably gonna hate after but-”

The boy leaned in and his lips touched mine. The kiss was soft and warm, very enjoyable. I kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his neck. I broke our embrasse but kept my face only a few inches from his:

“I don’t hate you.”

And i resumed the kiss.

On saturday, Draco, Fred, Angelina and i went to Hogsmead. We went to the Three Broomsticks first and had Butterbeer, Angelina and i were getting along really well but Draco and Fred were sitting in stony silence. I still hadn’t told Draco what had happened between Fred and i.

“Come on! Loosen up, we’re here to have fun! i said.

-How could i possibly hve fun when i’m surrounded by Gryffindors? Draco spat, i glared at him.

-Whatever. I’m going to look at dresses for the Yule Ball, i looked at Angelina, you coming?

-Gladly”, she replied, the girl looked relived.

We went to Gladrags Wizardwear and started looking forour perfect dress.

-What color would suit me best? i asked.

-Hm, i think a dark, ocean blue to go with your eyes. What about me? she spun around.

-Red, definetly.”

We both walked off in different directions. I took all of the blue dresses i could find and went to the changing rooms. I tried on dress after dress but coudn’t find the right one.

“Hey Mina? Could you come out for a sec?”

I popped my head around the corner and my eyes widened. Angelina looked beautiful with a long, elegant, silk, red dress on, there was only one strap on the right side and was made to look like roses. She also had a pair of red velvet strappy high heels on.

“Wow! You look beautiful! i squeeked in exitement.

-Thanks, she blushed, what about you? How’s it going in there?

-I just can’t seem to find the right one!

-How about you put them all back on again but come out and show me so i can help you?

-Yeah, ok.”

Angelina went back into her dressing room to change back into her normal clothes and i put the first dress i tried on back on again.

We went through dress after dress but still, i couldn’t find the right one. Then, i tried the last dress on. It was perfect. It was long, elegant and made out of silk like Angelina’s, but there was a split on the right side up my leg, there was no straps and there was a faint pattern of flowers along the sides, i slipped on some sparkly, silver heels.

“What’s taking you so long in there? Angelina called. I stepped out.

-I think i found the one.

-Oh you sure did.”

I looked at myself in the mirror again, i loved it. At that point, Draco and Fred walked in.

“Don’t look at me! i screeched. You’re not aloud to, you have to wait till the big night!

-Ok, ok!” they both turned around.

I quickly went to get changed. I came out, with the dress in my hand.

“I’m taking this one.”




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