My Love

Chapter 9

The next week, i still hadn’t told Draco what had happened between Fred and i. We were actually a couple although no one but George knew about us. My new boyfriend’s twin wasn’t very descreet about it aswell.

Fred and i were constantly sneeking off together, wether it was just to talk or…kiss.
We went down to the lake, to the edge of the Forbidden Forest, we snuck out at night we also snuck inside empty classrooms at break.
We couldn’d get enough of eachother.

I wasn’t planning on telling Draco anytime soon until i over heard something-something terrible, that broke my heart.

I was coming back from a secret meeting with Fred when i heard Draco talking to Blaize about me, it was wrong to listen but i couldn’t help myself so i hid behind a wall.

“Mina can never know about this! Draco hissed.

-Know about what? Blaize asked.

-I’m the one who made that squid attack her, but she wasn’t the one it was supposed to attack. It was just meant the frighten the weasel kid!

-Draco, you nearly killed her! If she ever finds out she’ll never forgive you.

-That’s why we are keeping this to ourselves. Got it?

Got it…”

My legs turned to jelly. Did i hear correctly? I couldn’t have. Draco would never do that! But he did… I held back the tears and ran away. I didn’t care if anyone heard my footsteps.

“Did you hear that?” Draco whispered.

I ran to the Gryffindor common room painting and banged on the Fat Lady.

“Dear, i can tell you are sad but could you please stop banging, you might rip me, the Fat Lady hushed, i let the tears spill, my cheeks were soaking wet in seconds.

-I’m s-s-sorry. I-it’s just…, i couldn’t finish.

-Who would you like to see?

-Fr-Fred… Please…

-I’ll go get him.”

The woman disapeared and in a matter of minutes she came back, Fred opened the door, he looked distressed. I collapsed into his arms.

“Fred! I-it’s horrible! It hurts so much, i cried.

-What does? What’s the matter?!

-Can w-we go somewhere mo-more p-private?

-Of couse, come on.”

He ushered me away.

When we were somewhere more private, i told him everything i heard between Draco and Blaize.

“Where is the bloody bastard? I’ll kill him!

-Please, let me handle this, i hiccuped from all the crying.

-No! He nearly killed you! You could’ve drowned!

-I know, please Fred, let me do this.

-I’m coming with you, i knew he wouldn’t back down.

-Fine, but let me do the talking, i took his hand, come on.”

We walked to the dungeons, i saw Draco around the corner and stopped.

“I don’t think i can do this, i whispered.

-Yes, you can. You’re the strongest person i know, he pulled me into a hug.

-What in Merlin’s beard is this?!

-Draco, i glared at him.

-Why are you looking at me like that? he looked confused.

-I know…, i took a deep breath, i know what  you did, my bottom lip trembled.

-Wh-what do you mean?, he looked nervous now.

-YOU NEARLY KILLED ME YOU…YOU… i collapsed into Fred’s arms and broke down into tears.

-What on earth is going on down here? Professor Snape came strolling down the hall, he took one look at us and said, all of you in my office, now.”

I wiped away my tears and Fred took my hand. I staightened up and followed Snape down the hall to his office, Fred stayed close to me.

“Now, Professor Snape said as we all settled down, Miss Iera, would you care to tell me why you were shouting and crying?

-Well Professor, you know i nearly drowned last week, but no one knew what took my ankle and pulled me into the water? i didn’t wait for a response. Well i do. Draco made a squid do it, although it was supposed to take Fred, not me.

-Is this true, Mister Malfoy?

-No, sir!

-Very well, you may leave.

-What?! i was stunned.

-You. May. Leave.

-This is ridiculus!” i screeched.

I glared at Draco and ran out of the room.


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