My Love

Chapter 13

Christmas came up, i had decided i was going to stay at Hogwarts to be with Fred and my friends.

It was a Hogsmead weekend so i went out, alone, to buy presents for my friends and family. For my mother, i got a diamond necklace (not real diamonds, as if i could afford that), for my father, a gift basket from Honeydukes (he had a sweet tooth, or a few!). Then i got random little pieces for George (a joke book), Harry (a practice snitch), Ron (the biggest jar of sweets i could get at Honeydukes), Hermione (a couple of books that i hoped she didn’t already have), Ginny (a matching necklace and ring), Angelina (a red hairband), Meredith (a picture frame in wich i put a moving photo of us two that was taken on our first day at Hogwarts) and Blaize (a book about Quidditch). I even got something for Draco, wich i sent anonymously (chimes wich i knew he loved but didn’t want to admit it to anyone because it was too “girly”), i just couldn’t let go of the boy even though i hated him. But the hardest gift to get, was for Fred. I wanted his present to be perfect. My parents both had a good place at the Ministry so money wasn’t a problem. I walked around all of the shops, at least twice, but still couldn’t find anything. I ended up running into George and asking for his help.

“And why would i help you, Iera? he joked, and yes, he was still callingme by my last name.

-Because i’m desperate and i want Fred’s present to be perfect and i even got you a present!

-I’ll give you a clue: it has to do with Quidditch, he has a rubbish one but can’t afford a better one, and with that, he walked off.

-A broom! Of course! Why didn’t i think of that?” i muttered to myself.

I ran to the Quidditch shop. I had no idea about brooms and Quidditch so i had to ask an assistant for help.

“I would recommend the Firebolt, if you can afford it.

-How much?

-100 galleons, i hesitated.

-I’ll take it.”

I skipped out of the shop much happier than when i walked in, ten minutes earlier.

As soon as i got back at Hogwarts, i rushed into my room to wrap the gifts i had gotten then went to the owlery to send off my prents, Draco’s, Meredith’s, Hermione’s and Blaize’s presents.



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