My Love

Chapter 14

On the 25th of December, i woke at 6am, i couldn’t get back to sleep so i opened my presents. I wasn’t bothering anyone as all of the fourth year girls had gone home.

From Hermione,i got a book-what a surprise-about…Boys. That was disturbing… I got a big pile of Chocolate Frogs from Ron, a charm bracelet from Harry, and a few random things from George, Ginny, Blaize and Meredith. I noticed Fred hadn’t gotten me anything. I shrugged the bad feeling off; maybe Fred wanted to give me his present in person. I put on my dressing gown and slippers and skipped over to the Gryffindor common room. I knew everyone would be awake by now.

“Merry Christmas Fat Lady!

-Merry Christmas dear!

-Love your outfit, she had a red velvet dress on with white rims and a Christmas hat.

-Why thank you! I’ll fetch Fred.

-Thanks, she came back a few minutes later and Fred opened the door, bleary eyed. You weren’t awake yet? i asked, shocked.

-No, he rubbed his eyes with his fists.

-Who are you?

-Fred Weasley.

-Duh. Come on open up your presents! i set mine appart, open this one last, i said with a cheeky smile.


He mostly got joke books and fake wands and stuff, wich were the obvious things to get him as he and George were the jokers of the school. He opend his last present and turned to me. He raised an eyebrow as i handed my present to him-i had put it in a box so he wouldn’t be able to tell what it was. He carefully took off the wrapping paper and opened the box. He looked up at me in shock:

“Please tell me this is a fake, or a joke, or something, he said, his eyes wide.

-Do you not like it? i started getting worried-of course George would do something like that. Fred took the broom out of it’s box.

-Mina, you shouldn’t have, he smiled at me, this must have cost you so much.

-I don’t care about money as long as you’re happy, i kissed the boy lightly on the lips.

-I got you this, he took out a parcel from behind his back, but it’s nothing compared to what you got me, he looked embarassed.

-It’s the thought that counts.”

I opened the wrapping paper wich was actually a couple of sheets of the Daily Prophet. Inside was a book. I opened it up and gasped. It was wonderful, the book was filled with pictures of me and my friends and family (i had no idea how he got all of them); there was one that was taken on a day that my parents decided to take me to a muggle place called London, one of me, Ron and Harry goofing around in the library while Hermione glared at us, there was even one of Draco and i, at the edge of the lake, laughing. But my favorite one was of me and Fred, dancing at the Yule ball.

Note from the author/
Hey! I just wanted to say that i edited Chapter 12, so you might want to go back and read it. 


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