My Love

Chapter 15

On a sunny, but cold morning in January, i got a parcel at breakfast. Inside was a peace of parchment with “I’m sorry” witten on it and a box of expensive chocolates. I slipped the note in my cloak pocket and passed around the gooey goodnesses. I didn’t want Draco’s apology chocolates, if he wanted me to forgive him, he would have to do something extravagant.

The next morning, i recieved flowers and an other “I’m sorry” note. I gave the flowers to Hermione.

I kept getting more presents and notes for the next week until i decided i had to stop all this madness. The next time i saw him, in the Slytherin common room, i stoped him: “Draco, you have to stop this nonsense. You’re making me mad!

-I’m so-, i cut him off.

-Don’t say it!

-I apologize. I just really want things to go back to normal.

-Oh and you want me to become friends with Pansy, i suppose, i snapped. It’s not gonna happen.

-Please give me one more chance, i’ll ditch Pansy.

-I believed in you, Draco, when no one did, not even your parents, and you just threw it all back in my face. It’s hurts, like mad. But it would hurt even more if i just pretended nothing happened. I have a boyfriend now, he flinched as i said the word, and friends, and i love them. I’m not going to let them go each time you come crawling back. I’m sorry.”

I had to leave, fast. Tears sprang to my eyes. It really did hurt. I ran off to my room, jumped on my bed and pulled the curtains tight, then, i cast a muffliato charm so nobody would hear me crying. Tears streamed down my face for what seemed like hours, until finally, they stopped. I peeked out of the curtains to look at the old grandfather clock in the corner of the room and realised it was half way through dinner. I jumped off the bed and walked slowly, all the way to the Great Hall. I slumped down in my, now, usual seat between Fred and George.

“Hey, where were you? Fred looked at me. Have you been crying? my friends all turned to look at me, concern in they eyes-exept Ron who was too busy with his food to hear anything around him, i ignored them.

-I’m fine, i started loading food on my plate. I’ve been…Sleeping.

-Sleeping? Do you really think i’m that stupid?


-Someone’s in a bad mood, George stated, i glared at him-now wasn’t the best time for sarcasm.

-I had a little chat with Draco if you really want to know, Fred staightened up and glared at the Slytherin boy.

-What did he do? he asked, not taking his eyes off Draco.

-Nothing i just went to tell him to stop sending me presents-

-But i liked the presents, George complained, i ignored him and continued.

-And i let the anger take control of me, and then, i just felt empty. I’m not sure i can go on like this for much longer. He used to be my bestfriend, i used to tell him everything, i looked down at my plate and pushed it away.

-I’m not fond of the thought of you being around Draco but i’ll accept any decision you make, was all Fred said.

-The thing is, i want to talk to him so bad, but i really don’t want to at the same time.

-Well i’m here for you.

-I know, i burried my head in his shoulder, i know.”



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