My Love

Chapter 17

The second challenge was nearly here and Harry still hadn’t figured out how to stay under water for and hour. We met up at the library with Ron and Hermione for a brainstorming session.

“Tell me one more time.”

Harry had recited what the voice had said from in egg about five times now.
I stoped listening and started thinking about the lessons we had; Transfiguration wouldn’t work, Harry wasn’t advanced enough for that, we hadn’t learned any potions that could help. Then i started think about who could help us; not an adult, nobody’s allowed to help the Champions but we had to, or Harry could loose his life! And then i got an idea.

“Harry, i said, summon Dobby!

-Why, he asked.

-Just do it!

-Ok…Dobby? I need you help.

Dobby appeared infront of Harry.

-Harry Potter, sir such a pleasure to see you again, and Master Weasley and Miss Granger, and-, the house elf lowered his voice, Miss.

-Hey, i said soothingly, don’t be scared, i’m not gonna bite.

-Mina’s our friend, Dobby, Hermione said.

-Pleasure to meet you, Dobby bowed down.

-You too Dobby, now i need to ask you something, the house elf looked at me quizically. Do you know of anything that would let Harry stay under water for an hour or more?

-Of couse! There is Gillyweed Miss Mina!

-Great! Could you get some for Harry, Dobby?

-Yes, i could give it to you before the challenge starts tomorrow, the house elf said.

-That would be great Dobby, thanks, Harry said.

-It’s a pleasure to help you, Harry Potter, sir, he smiled up at us and vanished.

-That was a great idea Mina, Ron said.

-It was nothing”, i smiled.

The next day was challenge day. I walked down to the lake with Fred, we were holding hands and my cheeks were red with the cold. Fred had lent me his scarf again-wich i had most of the time anyway.

We settled down and waited for the challenge to start.

“I hope Harry wins! i shouted over the noise.

-Of couse he’s going to win, Fred replied. He’s Harry! He’s the Chosen One!”

I laughed, and leaned my head against his shoulder. Shivers went down my spine when he wrapped his arm around me.


Note from the autor:
Hey guys, i think i am going to start posting every couple of days cause it’s quite hard to come up with a next  part to the story in a day when you ave no inspiration. And i have my exams coming up soon so i have to revise. Thanks for understanding.

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