My Love

Chapter 18

Fred and i started walking back up to the school with George, Harry, Hermione and Ron; Draco was following us although i didn’t know until he came running up to me.

“Mina! Can we talk for a second, the blond glared at Fred my other friends, in private.

-Don’t be mean Draco, i turned to my friends, i’ll catch up to you in a sec, i said.

-You sure, Fred asked.


-Hurry up then.

-I will don’t worry, i pecked him on the cheek- i turned to Draco as everybody walked away, chatting and messing around, so what do you want to talk about?

-Mina… I-i’ll just show you.”

He leaned in, he was to fast-i didn’t have the time to pull away. The blond kissed me roughly but passionately. I pulled away.

“Draco! What do you think you’re doing! I have a boyfriend!

-I don’t see why you like him so much! He’s poor, he’s a blood traitor, he’s got a terrible family and isn’t half as good looking as me, he became red in the face-he was angry, very angry.

-How could you say that you horrible human being! So what if he doesn’t have as much money as you! If he’s a blood traitor, then i am too and his family is lovely! And i don’t care if-

I didn’t have time to finish my sentence, Fred ran up to us, roughly grabbed Draco’s cloak in his fist and punched him right in the jaw. I didn’t know what to to, i just stood there, staring, shocked.

“You bloody rat, don’t you ever touch Mina again and don’t you ever talk about my family like that again!” He went in for an other punch-in the stomach this time- as i finally came back to my senses and got between the two boys. He punched me and i dropped to my knees, clutching my stomach. Suddenly, i couldn’t breathe, he had knocked the wind out of me. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing. In, out, in, out. Hermione came running up to us followed by George, Harry and Ron.

“Mina, she puffed, come on, we’re going to the hospital wing! Fred you idiot! What were you thinking?”

My boyfriend looked like he had just killed someone, the light that was usually in his eyes wasn’t there anymore. He still had Draco’s cloak tight in his fist but his arms were limp.

“Mina…”, he finally croaked.

Hermione dragged me up to the hospital wing. Once i had some medicine and the nurse was gone, i burst into tears. Hermione didn’t say anything, she just hugged me until my eyes were dry. Tear stains on my face, i lied down and slept like i had never slept before.

I woke up the next morning, not remembering what had happened. I rubbed my eyes and turned to the side as i yawned. Fred was next to me-what was he doing in the Slytherin common room? Wait-i wasn’t in the common room. I gasped as the momories of yesterday came back to me.

“Mina, i am so sorry”, Fred muttered. He had dark circles under his eyes-he hadn’t slept.

“Don’t…Don’t worry about it. I just want to forget what happened.”

Fred sighed in relief and took hold of my hand. We stayed like that for a few moments until Madam Promfrey said i could leave.

Draco came up to us in the hallway while we were walking to the Gryffindor common room.


-Don’t talk to me”, i was surprised at my voice, it had never come out so cold and emotionless.

I walked past the boy.


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