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Hey guys! Sorry i haven’t written in a long time-i’ve been busy with exams and i just got back from England yesterday (i live in France). I hope you all liked My Love! I loved writing that fanfic so much although i did cry at the end..Haha. Anyway, just came to say new story will be coming out soon… I just have to find what i am going to be writing about. I think it’s going to be a Drarry fanfic (Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter if you don’t know what Drarry is). I just have to find the story line, i’ve read so many Drarry fanfics and they’re all so good and original! I’m just trying to find something diffrent from the ones i have read.

Anyway, see you soon! Hopefully with an other story!


My Love

Chapter 21
The next hour was chaos, people brought in family and friends dead or injured bodys. I couldn’t ever hear myself think. I couldn’t take the noise anymore so i headed outside. Neville came rushing up to me: “They’re coming, get everyone out here!” he said urgently. I ran back inside and amplified my voice with the sonorus charm: “Everybody get out! They’re coming. Quick!” I ran back out again and stood next to Neville. There was at least a couple of hundred deatheaters with Voldemort infront of them and behind him, was Hagrid. He was holding a body in his arms and was crying at the sight of it. Harry. I had completely forgotten he was to go to the Forbbiden Forest. My sadness turned into anger and hatred. That was the last straw-i ran before anybody could hold me back and and hit anyone infront of me with a stunning spell. Sunddenly, i was pushed back with an invisible force, into George’s arms, who had come running after me. Ginny tried to run to Harry but also got pushed back.

“Stupid girls. Harry Potter is dead!” Voldemort laughed. “Now, you put your faith in me. Harry Potter is dead, he repeated, turning to look at his followers who laughed at his words. Now, either you come to the dark side, or die, the snake like man turned around to look at the defeated teens, teachers and parents.
-Draco, the boys father hissed.
-Draco, his mother repeated, come.”

I swivelled around to look at the blond in shock, who was looking at me helplessly. Where had he been? He turned and walked reluctantly to the Dark Lord who gave him a quick, awkward hug.

I stepped forward.

“You and your followers killed my boyfriend today, the man i wanted to marry, i whispered, trying to not let the tears run down my cheeks. If i join you, could you bring him back?”

Deep down, i knew that was impossible. But i was so heart broken and desperate.

“Well of course, what is your name, young girl?
-Mina Iera.
-Well i’m sure you, your bofriend, he said with a discusted look, and child will love it here.
-Um, my what?
-I can feel it’s power. It’s stong, he said with an evil grin.”

I stayed planted to the ground shocked for what seemed like hours which were actually seconds, then i looked back at my friends and mouthed sorry. I turned back and saw my parents urging me to come stand next to them but went and stood next to Draco.
The next person to step forward was Neville, he picked up the sorting hat as he walked towards Voldemort.

“Well, i was hoping for better, the man and his followers laughed. What is your name, boy?
-Neville Longbottom.
-Well, i suppose we can find a place for you-, he was cut off as Neville started speaking again.
-I would like to say something. It doesn’t matter that Harry’s dead. He’s still with us-in here, he pointed to his chest, sure, we’ve lost lots of people today-friends, family… They didn’t die in vain. AND WE’RE GONNA WIN!” The boy took the Sword of Gryffindor out of the Sorting Hat and pointed it at Voldemort. Harry, who was supposed to be dead, rolled out of Hagrids arms and hit the floor. Draco took my hand and ran forward.

“POTTER!” he shouted and threw his wand to the now alive boy. He caught it and sent a spell flying at Voldemort.

Once again, it was chaos. I sprinted towards the woman who killed Fred and sent the killing curse flying at her. It hit her in the chest and she fell down, dead. I didn’t really know what was happening from then on, all i did was cast spells at anyone who got in my way-exept for the people on the good side obviously-until someone shouted: “Retreat! The Dark Lord is dead! Get out of here!” All of the deatheaters ran off exept, i noticed, Lucius, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy.
After getting over the shock, i slowly walked over to George who was standing with his family exept one.

“I don’t know wether to laugh, cry, or curl up in a ball and sleep forever, i stated.
-It’s over, he said wrapping his arms around me.
-And so is Fred’s life…I killed the woman who took him from us.
-I loved him so, so much. I still do, and i always will.
-I know, me too.”

We had a small burrial for Fred. Only friends and family were aloud there. I stood up front with the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione. I was between George and Harry who was next to Ron and Hermione. I gripped Georges hand to comfort him and myself. Everybody threw a flower on his coffin and mud magically covered it. I burried my head in Georges shoulder and cried.


Five years later

“Mummy, why don’t i have a daddy?” Delilah asked sleepily. She was all tucked up in bed, ready for a good nights sleep.

I was shocked at her question, she had never brought her father up before.

“Would you like to hear a story?
-Oh, yes! the girl shouted.
-Shhh. Well, five years ago, when you were just a little seed in my belly, there was a very bad wizard. He was very powerful and the whole wizarding world was scared of him, even his followers. One day, he decided he was going to have a big battle in my school. I was distracted and a bad woman tried to kill me but your daddy jumped infront of me. Uncle Harry defeated the bad man and now, daddy’s in Heaven, looking down on us.
-Your dad was a brave man, said a low voice, i turned and saw Draco and George standing in the doorway. I wish i hadn’t been so mean to him, Draco said, looking at the ground.
-My brother, the bravest of them all.”

The end.

Note from the author:
This is it. The very last chapter. I hope you all enjoyed it! I loved writing it! See you in the next fanfic (or an actual story with my own carachters etc.. You never know!)

My Love

Chapter 20

Voldemort’s followers broke through the dome and came running into Hogwarts grounds.

This is it, i thought. I took a deep breath to calm my heart, wich was beating ten times faster than it normally would, and started casting stunning spells on deatheaters.

We all fought for what seemed like hours, Fred, George and i staying as close as possible. I was fighting a man, he was very big and powerfull with a bald head and sharp, yellow teeth. It took me about ten minutes to finish him of. After i stunned him, i lookedaround me; i cast an other stunning spell at the deatheater George was fighting and looked around me for Fred. He was nowhere in sight and i started spinning frantically around, searching for him. I was so preoccupied that i didn’t see one of the Drak Lords followers running up to me, pointing her wand at my heart. I saw a flashing green light and closed my eyes but nothing hit me. A thump told me the woman had fallen a few feet away. An other thump told me the person who blocked the curse had fallen. I was about to look down at the body nearest me when a hissing voice sounded in my ears, telling me the war was to be cancelled if Harry met Lord Voldemort in the forest in one hour. The deatheaters reluctantly backed away. I sighed in relief and closed my eyes for a second. I looked down and saw a ginger boy with a small beaty spot under his left ear. Fred. A strangled sound came from the back of my throat as i fell to my knees. The world started spinning and all i could hear were my sobs and my thumping heart.

“You idiot, i hiccuped, you idiot. You just had to come save me didn’t you? You stupid, stupid boy.”

Suddenly, an other ginger boy collapsed next to me.

“FRED! the boy shouted, tears sprung to his eyes. What happened, he said, trying to hold them back.

-He-He jumped infront of me. George, i’m sorry, i’m the one who should have died. He’s gone and it’s all my fault.”

I was fully crying now and George took me in his arms.

“It’s not your fault.”

Tears were streaming down his red face. We cried together until Professor McGonagall found us. She stoped short at the sight before her eyes. I could tell she was holding back her tears as she told us to go to the Great Hall. The woman levitated the body and we trudged slowly back into the school.

The first person we saw was Molly Weasley frantically asking everybody around her if they had seen her boys. I ran over to her and collapsed into her arms.

“Molly! I’m so sorry! It’s all my fault.”

It took her a while to register what i was saying. She looked behind me and saw George lying over his twins body, crying noiselessly.


Authors note:
Sorry! I said this was going to be the last chapter but i couldn’t continu as i was crying to much…
Next chapter will be the last, i promise. *crawls under covers and mourns Fred’s death for the hundedth time* (I have been mourning Fred’s death for about three years now, i just can’t get over it! IT HAS DESTROYED ME!)







My Love

Chapter 19

Three years later.

It was my last year at Hogwarts and everything was terrible. Dumbledore was dead, Harry’s godfather, Sirius, was dead, Dobby was dead. The Dark Lord had come back at the end of the last challenge during the Triwizard Tournament and a Hogwarts student got killed in the process. Both my parents went to the dark side. They urged me to join them but i refused and they disowned me. For my whole life, they fed me lies, telling me to be kind to muggles and muggle borns and now that the Dark Lord was back, they just suddenly changed sides? They were just cowards. I stayed at Hogwarts to help protect others for about a month until i couldn’t bear it anymore and went into hiding with Fred and his family.

I hadn’t heard from Draco since my second to last year at Hogwarts; we had become friends again a few weeks after fighting.

Friends and their families were missing and the Order lost hope. Nobody had heard from Harry, Hermione and Ron either. Until one day, we recieved a message-the trio was alive and ready to fight. The Weasley family and i apparated to Hogsmeade after a lot of arguing-Molly didn’t want Ginny to go. We set the alarms off and took off at a run towards Abeforths small house. He quickly let us in and we all ran to the portrait of his sister which opened up so we could get in as fast as we could. We jogged for what seemed like hours in stony silence. I was the first to reach the other side and stopped for a moment to catch my breath. Fred stopped beside me and took my hand.

“This is it, he whispered.


-I love you Mina, and whatever happens, i want you to stay safe.

-I would put myself in danger over and over again to protect you Fred, you know that, i said with a sad smile.

-I’m serious Mina, i want you to stay safe or i’ll lock you in a room and let you out when it’s all over.”

There was no point in arguing so i just squeezed the boys hand. We pushed the little door open together and emerged into the room of requierment. There they were. Our friends that had been missing for about over three months now. I pulled them all into a big bear hug and told them how much i missed them.

“I was so worried about you!

-We’re here now”, Hermione smiled.

I squeezed my friends in my arms and stepped aside to let the others greet them.

Harry gave a quick speech about how we had to find an object that probably belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw and we all filed out of the hidden room, ready to fight. Fred and George walked either side of me-my boyfriend must have talked to his twin about protecting me or something.

A protection spell was glowing around the school and statues and armors were standing at the entrance of it. Fred, George and i stayed close.


-As i’ll ever be, i answered.


-Same here, Freddie.

-I love you both, Fred said in a low voice.

-Aw, don’t get all slushy on us now Freddie, George said, though there was no humour or sarcasm in his sentence. We’re all gonna get out of this alive, he set his hand on my boyfriends shoulder and squeezed reasuringly.

-I love you too”, i said after a few moments, my voice laced in fear. Fred gripped my hand.


Note from the author:
Firstly, i would like to say that i have updated the last chapter so feel free to go read that (chapter 18).
Secondly, the next chapter will sadly be the last chapter. I hope you have liked this story. I know i have!
Ps.: If you do not like sad endings, you are going to hate me.