My Love

Chapter 19

Three years later.

It was my last year at Hogwarts and everything was terrible. Dumbledore was dead, Harry’s godfather, Sirius, was dead, Dobby was dead. The Dark Lord had come back at the end of the last challenge during the Triwizard Tournament and a Hogwarts student got killed in the process. Both my parents went to the dark side. They urged me to join them but i refused and they disowned me. For my whole life, they fed me lies, telling me to be kind to muggles and muggle borns and now that the Dark Lord was back, they just suddenly changed sides? They were just cowards. I stayed at Hogwarts to help protect others for about a month until i couldn’t bear it anymore and went into hiding with Fred and his family.

I hadn’t heard from Draco since my second to last year at Hogwarts; we had become friends again a few weeks after fighting.

Friends and their families were missing and the Order lost hope. Nobody had heard from Harry, Hermione and Ron either. Until one day, we recieved a message-the trio was alive and ready to fight. The Weasley family and i apparated to Hogsmeade after a lot of arguing-Molly didn’t want Ginny to go. We set the alarms off and took off at a run towards Abeforths small house. He quickly let us in and we all ran to the portrait of his sister which opened up so we could get in as fast as we could. We jogged for what seemed like hours in stony silence. I was the first to reach the other side and stopped for a moment to catch my breath. Fred stopped beside me and took my hand.

“This is it, he whispered.


-I love you Mina, and whatever happens, i want you to stay safe.

-I would put myself in danger over and over again to protect you Fred, you know that, i said with a sad smile.

-I’m serious Mina, i want you to stay safe or i’ll lock you in a room and let you out when it’s all over.”

There was no point in arguing so i just squeezed the boys hand. We pushed the little door open together and emerged into the room of requierment. There they were. Our friends that had been missing for about over three months now. I pulled them all into a big bear hug and told them how much i missed them.

“I was so worried about you!

-We’re here now”, Hermione smiled.

I squeezed my friends in my arms and stepped aside to let the others greet them.

Harry gave a quick speech about how we had to find an object that probably belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw and we all filed out of the hidden room, ready to fight. Fred and George walked either side of me-my boyfriend must have talked to his twin about protecting me or something.

A protection spell was glowing around the school and statues and armors were standing at the entrance of it. Fred, George and i stayed close.


-As i’ll ever be, i answered.


-Same here, Freddie.

-I love you both, Fred said in a low voice.

-Aw, don’t get all slushy on us now Freddie, George said, though there was no humour or sarcasm in his sentence. We’re all gonna get out of this alive, he set his hand on my boyfriends shoulder and squeezed reasuringly.

-I love you too”, i said after a few moments, my voice laced in fear. Fred gripped my hand.


Note from the author:
Firstly, i would like to say that i have updated the last chapter so feel free to go read that (chapter 18).
Secondly, the next chapter will sadly be the last chapter. I hope you have liked this story. I know i have!
Ps.: If you do not like sad endings, you are going to hate me.


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