My Love

Chapter 20

Voldemort’s followers broke through the dome and came running into Hogwarts grounds.

This is it, i thought. I took a deep breath to calm my heart, wich was beating ten times faster than it normally would, and started casting stunning spells on deatheaters.

We all fought for what seemed like hours, Fred, George and i staying as close as possible. I was fighting a man, he was very big and powerfull with a bald head and sharp, yellow teeth. It took me about ten minutes to finish him of. After i stunned him, i lookedaround me; i cast an other stunning spell at the deatheater George was fighting and looked around me for Fred. He was nowhere in sight and i started spinning frantically around, searching for him. I was so preoccupied that i didn’t see one of the Drak Lords followers running up to me, pointing her wand at my heart. I saw a flashing green light and closed my eyes but nothing hit me. A thump told me the woman had fallen a few feet away. An other thump told me the person who blocked the curse had fallen. I was about to look down at the body nearest me when a hissing voice sounded in my ears, telling me the war was to be cancelled if Harry met Lord Voldemort in the forest in one hour. The deatheaters reluctantly backed away. I sighed in relief and closed my eyes for a second. I looked down and saw a ginger boy with a small beaty spot under his left ear. Fred. A strangled sound came from the back of my throat as i fell to my knees. The world started spinning and all i could hear were my sobs and my thumping heart.

“You idiot, i hiccuped, you idiot. You just had to come save me didn’t you? You stupid, stupid boy.”

Suddenly, an other ginger boy collapsed next to me.

“FRED! the boy shouted, tears sprung to his eyes. What happened, he said, trying to hold them back.

-He-He jumped infront of me. George, i’m sorry, i’m the one who should have died. He’s gone and it’s all my fault.”

I was fully crying now and George took me in his arms.

“It’s not your fault.”

Tears were streaming down his red face. We cried together until Professor McGonagall found us. She stoped short at the sight before her eyes. I could tell she was holding back her tears as she told us to go to the Great Hall. The woman levitated the body and we trudged slowly back into the school.

The first person we saw was Molly Weasley frantically asking everybody around her if they had seen her boys. I ran over to her and collapsed into her arms.

“Molly! I’m so sorry! It’s all my fault.”

It took her a while to register what i was saying. She looked behind me and saw George lying over his twins body, crying noiselessly.


Authors note:
Sorry! I said this was going to be the last chapter but i couldn’t continu as i was crying to much…
Next chapter will be the last, i promise. *crawls under covers and mourns Fred’s death for the hundedth time* (I have been mourning Fred’s death for about three years now, i just can’t get over it! IT HAS DESTROYED ME!)








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