My Love

Chapter 21
The next hour was chaos, people brought in family and friends dead or injured bodys. I couldn’t ever hear myself think. I couldn’t take the noise anymore so i headed outside. Neville came rushing up to me: “They’re coming, get everyone out here!” he said urgently. I ran back inside and amplified my voice with the sonorus charm: “Everybody get out! They’re coming. Quick!” I ran back out again and stood next to Neville. There was at least a couple of hundred deatheaters with Voldemort infront of them and behind him, was Hagrid. He was holding a body in his arms and was crying at the sight of it. Harry. I had completely forgotten he was to go to the Forbbiden Forest. My sadness turned into anger and hatred. That was the last straw-i ran before anybody could hold me back and and hit anyone infront of me with a stunning spell. Sunddenly, i was pushed back with an invisible force, into George’s arms, who had come running after me. Ginny tried to run to Harry but also got pushed back.

“Stupid girls. Harry Potter is dead!” Voldemort laughed. “Now, you put your faith in me. Harry Potter is dead, he repeated, turning to look at his followers who laughed at his words. Now, either you come to the dark side, or die, the snake like man turned around to look at the defeated teens, teachers and parents.
-Draco, the boys father hissed.
-Draco, his mother repeated, come.”

I swivelled around to look at the blond in shock, who was looking at me helplessly. Where had he been? He turned and walked reluctantly to the Dark Lord who gave him a quick, awkward hug.

I stepped forward.

“You and your followers killed my boyfriend today, the man i wanted to marry, i whispered, trying to not let the tears run down my cheeks. If i join you, could you bring him back?”

Deep down, i knew that was impossible. But i was so heart broken and desperate.

“Well of course, what is your name, young girl?
-Mina Iera.
-Well i’m sure you, your bofriend, he said with a discusted look, and child will love it here.
-Um, my what?
-I can feel it’s power. It’s stong, he said with an evil grin.”

I stayed planted to the ground shocked for what seemed like hours which were actually seconds, then i looked back at my friends and mouthed sorry. I turned back and saw my parents urging me to come stand next to them but went and stood next to Draco.
The next person to step forward was Neville, he picked up the sorting hat as he walked towards Voldemort.

“Well, i was hoping for better, the man and his followers laughed. What is your name, boy?
-Neville Longbottom.
-Well, i suppose we can find a place for you-, he was cut off as Neville started speaking again.
-I would like to say something. It doesn’t matter that Harry’s dead. He’s still with us-in here, he pointed to his chest, sure, we’ve lost lots of people today-friends, family… They didn’t die in vain. AND WE’RE GONNA WIN!” The boy took the Sword of Gryffindor out of the Sorting Hat and pointed it at Voldemort. Harry, who was supposed to be dead, rolled out of Hagrids arms and hit the floor. Draco took my hand and ran forward.

“POTTER!” he shouted and threw his wand to the now alive boy. He caught it and sent a spell flying at Voldemort.

Once again, it was chaos. I sprinted towards the woman who killed Fred and sent the killing curse flying at her. It hit her in the chest and she fell down, dead. I didn’t really know what was happening from then on, all i did was cast spells at anyone who got in my way-exept for the people on the good side obviously-until someone shouted: “Retreat! The Dark Lord is dead! Get out of here!” All of the deatheaters ran off exept, i noticed, Lucius, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy.
After getting over the shock, i slowly walked over to George who was standing with his family exept one.

“I don’t know wether to laugh, cry, or curl up in a ball and sleep forever, i stated.
-It’s over, he said wrapping his arms around me.
-And so is Fred’s life…I killed the woman who took him from us.
-I loved him so, so much. I still do, and i always will.
-I know, me too.”

We had a small burrial for Fred. Only friends and family were aloud there. I stood up front with the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione. I was between George and Harry who was next to Ron and Hermione. I gripped Georges hand to comfort him and myself. Everybody threw a flower on his coffin and mud magically covered it. I burried my head in Georges shoulder and cried.


Five years later

“Mummy, why don’t i have a daddy?” Delilah asked sleepily. She was all tucked up in bed, ready for a good nights sleep.

I was shocked at her question, she had never brought her father up before.

“Would you like to hear a story?
-Oh, yes! the girl shouted.
-Shhh. Well, five years ago, when you were just a little seed in my belly, there was a very bad wizard. He was very powerful and the whole wizarding world was scared of him, even his followers. One day, he decided he was going to have a big battle in my school. I was distracted and a bad woman tried to kill me but your daddy jumped infront of me. Uncle Harry defeated the bad man and now, daddy’s in Heaven, looking down on us.
-Your dad was a brave man, said a low voice, i turned and saw Draco and George standing in the doorway. I wish i hadn’t been so mean to him, Draco said, looking at the ground.
-My brother, the bravest of them all.”

The end.

Note from the author:
This is it. The very last chapter. I hope you all enjoyed it! I loved writing it! See you in the next fanfic (or an actual story with my own carachters etc.. You never know!)


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