Still searching

Chapter 18

After five days of searching, Draco and Neville still hadn’t found a trail. The had recieved an owl the day before from Mconagall, saying that family and friends were searching for Harry. They had multiple auror’s searching too.
They had been walking none-stop for twelve hours.
“Shall we stop for the night?” Asked Neville. Draco looked up at the sky, it looked like it was about ten p.m. He nodded and shrugged his backpack off, then sat down. Neville stared at him for a couple of seconds before getting a bomfire going. While Neville made food and layed down blankets and pillows, Draco stared at his feet, wondering when he was going to find his lover – if he ever found him at all.
After a fast and silent meal, the two boys layed down to sleep. Turning his back to Neville, Draco immedeately started crying. He tried to be silent and he knew the other boy could hear him but didn’t say anything.
In the middle of the night, Draco jerked awake. He didn’t know why, but he knew something was wrong. He shook Neville awake and put a finger to his lips. That’s when he heard the hushed voices.
“Are you sure it’s this way, Avory?” Asked one of them.
“Of course Rook, you idiot.”
Draco quietly put his things away in his bag, as did Neville and followed the voices that were now moving away.
They stayed low as they followed Avory and Rook. They walked for about twenty minutes when they got to a little, old, ruined shack.
“Come on, gotta give ‘im some water or he won’t survive until the others get ‘ere.” Said Avory.
“Can’t wait for this… Torture party.” Draco could hear the grin in Rook’s voice. He was going to pounce on him but Neville gripped his arm to hold him down.
“I’m going to kill them all.”
The two Death Eaters walked into the shack. When Draco and Neville tries to follow, they got blocked at the doorframe. The door wouldn’t open. Draco tried all of the unlocking charms he could think of with no luck. “Shit.”
They tried different types of spells for about ten minutes. They heard a crack behind them. The first Death Eater was here.
“Come on.” Whispered Neville. “We’ll follow him in. There are only three of them if there are only the other two, we could take them.” They ducked behind a tree and his their bags under some bushes. They waited for the man to walk through the door and rushed up there before it could close again. They creeped in a quietly closed the door behind them. Thankfully the floorboards didn’t creak. They foolowed the voices down the corridor into a big room, where a frail body was shivering on the ground, face down. The person was covered in cuts and bruises. There was a deep gash on his bare back and his ankles were twisted in a way Draco was sure wasn’t natural.
“Harry!” He gasped. He was about to barge into the room when several cracks were heard outside. “Shit, shit, shit!” The two hid by the staircase while a dozen people came in. They all greeted their friends and laughed at the sight of Harry’s body on the ground.
“Let the toture party begin!” Called Avory. Not one person didn’t start torturing Harry. A chilling scream pierced the room. The Death Eaters laughed and Draco came out of his hiding place. He zapped the killing curse to as many people as he could while their backs were turned, Neville helped in and together, they knocked out most of them. The other couple stopped torturing and turned around, stunned. A spell got thrown at Draco’s chest but he dodged. He quickly killed the one who tried to kill him while Neville took care of the other. He rushed over to his lover and crouched over him.

Harry heard sounds all around him but he kept his eyes tight shut. The pain had lessened, but it didn’t go away completely. There was silence for a couple of seconds when somebody crouched over him. “Harry.” The voice seemed soft enough, maybe it was a trick though, to get him to open his eyes so they could blind him. He kept them tightly shut. A hand touched his shoulder and he winced in pain, the hand left him. “Harry.” The voice whispered now. Stong arms strted to lift him up and he shrieked in pain, his eyes still closed. He got put back down again and the person draped his arms around him. Harry flinched away. What were the Death Eaters doing? Was this some kind of trick? A face loomed closer to his and he whimpered. After five days of being tortured, he wasn’t ashamed to show he was afraid.
“Draco, what are we going to do?”
Did Harry hear correctly? Did someone just say Draco? He didn’t know of any Death Eaters named Draco. He tentatively opened an eye. He was right! Draco and Neville stood before him, watching him with worried expressions. He half gasped, half whimperd in relief. “Draco.” He tried to call out but his voice was only a whisper and the two others had turned their backs on him to discuss something. He tried again. “Draco…” And again. “Draco.” His voice was a tiny bit louder now and his boyfriend spun around. It was a good thing he had good hearing, thought Harry.
“What is it?” Asked Neville.
Draco rushed up to Harry and crouched down. He wiped the flowing tears off his boyfriends face. “It’s okay, i’m here.” He whispered comfortingly. Harry didn’t answer, just cried harder. “Can you get up?” Harry would’ve tried if he could feel his limbs. He shook his head slightly. “Well i can’t pick you up… Maybe we could try apparating?” He asked Neville.
“We could but… I don’t know if Harry would survive it.”
“We’ve got to get him back though!”
“Maybe wait a few hours. Lets feed him and water him, maybe try and clean up some of wounds and then try?”
“Okay…Okay. Can you get some food and water out then?”
Neville turned to the largest backpack and unloaded packeted food and a couple of bottles of water. Draco gently tipped little drops of water in Harry’s parched, parted lips, all while trying to keep his head up so he wouldn’t choke, then did the same thing with food. After that, he cleaned up as many wounds as he could and gave the boy some medicine to ease the pain. Neville got blankets and pillows out and layed them on the floor next to him. He levitated Harry’s body into the blankes and covered him up. Draco slipped inside next to him and gently draped his arms around the thin boy. “It’s all going to be alright.” He whispered into the boy’s ear. Harry noded sleepily and a couple of seconds later, he fell asleep.

Draco waited for Harry to wake up to apparate him back to the castle. Neville went first with the bags to tell the Headmistress. He gently lifted Harry up, even though the boy groaned in agony nd they apparated back to Hogwarts. They landed in the hospital wing and Harry collapsed. A lot of blood was pouring out of his leg.
“Oh no. Madam Pomfrey!” He shouted. “Quick!” The old lady rushed out of her office and stared at Harry who was twitching on the ground with the blond crouching beside him, stoking his hair and gripping his hand. He looked up at the woman. “We couldn’t stay there any longer.” He said desperately. “We apparated out but he got splinched. Please help!” He pleaded. MadamPomfrey levitated Harry’s body and layed it on the closest hospital bed. She ripped open his jeans where the blood was coming out and took out a bottle of something from the cupboard.
“Now dear, this is going to sting okay?” She said softly after cleaning the cut. Draco gripped Harry’s hand tighter. The boy screamed in agony when the liquid touched his skin but the wound started closing up. When Madam Pomfrey stopped pouring the yellow-ish liquid on him, he sighed in relief and passed out.
“I’ll clean up the other wounds now. Could you turn him over?” The woman asked Draco. He did and Harry winced in his sleep. “Oh my.” Pomfrey gasped. “What did they do to him?” She eyed the massive gash on his back.
“Can you just make him better? Please.” Draco’s eyes had filled with tears again.
“Of course. Now leave, i’ll call you back when i’m done.”
“Mr Malfoy. Please.”
He sighed and walked off, outside the hall. Seconds later, the whole staff rushed up to him.
“How is he?” Asked McGonagall.
“Bad. Very bad.” Reliped the boy, wiping his tears away. The Headmistress layed a hand on Draco’s shoulder and walked into the room. The staff patiently waited outside with Draco.
A couple of minutes later, three little girl came running up to him.
“Sir! Sir! Is Professor Potter okay?” Asked Cassandra once she had reached him. “My mum and dad went out looking for him!”
“He’s…Going to be okay.” I hope, he thought.
“Can we wait with you, Professor? We made him Get Well Soon cards.” Nooly and Lancey showed him three letters proudly.
“That’s lovely.” He said. “And yes, of course you can wait with me.”


Still searching

Chapter 17

“Why are they all leaving?” Muttered Neville.
“I don’t know.” Answered Draco. “I’m going to see if I can find Harry.”
Neville nodded in acknowledgement, still confused. Draco went back into the castle and headed the way Harry ran off. “Harry?” He called. “Harry!” He went down corridor after corridor, looking for his lover. “Harry!” He called again. “Where are you?”
“Professor?” Came a trembling voice.
“Hello?” Draco walked around an other corner and found three little girls huddled up together. “Cassandra, Lancey and Nooly, right?”
“Yes sir.” Said the little brunette. She had her arms wrapped around her legs and was shaking from head to foot. Draco walked closer.
“Can one of you tell me what happend?” He asked as he crouched down next to them.
“We don’t know sir.” Wailed the little girl with purple hair. She reminded him of Tonks, Harry’s friend and auror. She was dead now though.
“Nooly?” The purple haired girl nodded. “Nooly, what do you mean you can’t remember.”
“Sir, we were running down the hallway and Professor Potter came up behind us then we collapsed but we didn’t even know it! We just woke up on the floor.”
Draco looked over the three girls. Cassandra, he guessed, who had shuffled over to lean against the wall, rolled up in a ball and cried. “Can you get up girls?” He asked the two others. They nodded and shakily got to their feet. He gently picked up Cassandra an cradled her like a baby. “Come on then.” He took Nooly’s hand as she was tripping over herself and Lancey led the way. She seemed confident, that girl. Would probably be a good auror when she was older, thought Draco. He started walking when his foot trod on something. That something shattered under his foot. He took it off and peered down. Harry’s glasses. He stooped down to pick them up. “Reparo.” Tears prickled his eyes. As they walked back up to the Great Hall, Draco tried to blink back the tears which were slowly crawling down his cheeks. What had happended to Harry? Where was he? Them bloody Death Eaters! He was going to kill them all, one by one. They were going to pay.

Harry woke up on a cold, hard, damp floor. What happened? He couldn’t remember. Two big, blurry feet in leather boots walked up to him, menacingly. Where were Harry’s glasses? He groaned and tried to lean up but an excruciating pain went through his body. He screemed until his lungs went raw. When the pain didn’t stop, he just lay on the floor twitching, trying to block it all out.
“Like that, do ya?” Came Avory’s voice. Harry remembered it from the battle. He looked up to the Death Eaters face and tears blurred his eyes. He didn’t want to be here. He didn’t choose to be the Chosen One. He just wanted to be a normal boy – or normal wizard anyway. The wizard barked a cruel laugh. “Is baby Potter crying? Someone get him a tissu.” He laughed again. Harry layed his cheek on the floor and tried to curl up in a ball, like he would do when he was younger and having nightmares about his parents death at night, but he winced in pain.
“Give ‘im some more, Rook.” More pain. It was never ending. After ten minutes, Harry passed out.

The Headmistress came rushing up to Draco and the girls, looking relieved. “Ah Malfoy.” She looked around. “Where is Potter?” She looked at Draco’s tear rimmed eyes and her stomach dropped. “Oh no…” She muttered.
Draco put Cassandra down after making sure she could stand and looked up at his old Professor. “I’m going after him.” His voice cracked. The Headmistress layed her hand on Draco’s shoulder, she looked at the boy infront of her sadly. He suddenly looked like he was eleven again. Scared, nervous and determined. “I wouldn’t expect any less of you, Draco.”
“I’m leaving now. I’ll just go pack a few supplies.” He walked away without waiting for an answer.
When he got into his still Gryffindor room (he hadn’t changed it back yet) he slammed the door and screemed. Why did it hurt so much, loosing Harry? He had hated him for over six years. Why did it hurt so much now? He slid down the door and put his head in his hands. Why did this have to happen? Just when Harry was getting happy again, as well? He got back up after a few minutes and wiped away the tears that were drying on his face. He got a bag and stuffed spare clothes in there, he summoned a house elf and ordered packeted food. The house elf came back with a couple of weeks worth of food. The elf had just disapeard when there was a knock at the door. He made sure his eyes weren’t red anymore in the mirror and opened the door. It was Neville. He walked away from the door and carried on putting more supplies in his bag. He wouldn’t have enough space… He used the spell Hermione used on all of her bags so the bottom would go extra deep. He put blankets and pillows in there, spell books and potions books while Neville stepped in, a small backpack on his shoulders. “I’m coming with you.” He said. Draco looked at the other for a moment then said “No you’re not. You’ve got lessons to teach, a life to live. I could be gone for weeks, or months even.”
“I’m still coming with you. Harry saved us all, the least I could do, is help save him.”
Draco huffed. “Whatever. Just don’t get in my way.”
Draco went over his mental list to make sure he had everything he need and set off, down the stairs to the entrance of the castle. McGonagall walked up to him and his companion. “Good luck boys.” She said with a sad smile.
“Thanks.” Mutter they both muttered.
“Come home safely.”
“We will Professor.” Said Neville as Draco started out the door. Neville caught up with him. “Where to first?”
“The Death Eaters went towords the Forest. Let’s try there first.”
“We’re coming Harry.” Muttered Neville as Draco wiped away an other tear.

Still searching

Chapter 16

Harry was busy grading papers when Cassandra knocked on the doorframe.
“Hello Cassandra.”
“Hello Sir.” Cassandra tentatively walked into the room.
“Looking foward to your first lesson?”
“I’m a little bit nervous Sir…”
“Don’t be. It’ll be fine. No friends coming with you?”
“Um, no…”
“Oh. Sit down, do you want some tea while I just finish these?”
“No thankyou Sir.”
“What about a cupcake? Fresh from the kitchens!”
Cassandra smiled cheekily. “Maybe one, Professor.”
Harry pushed the plate of cakes forward. Cassandra picked up a small chocolate one.
“So Cassandra, how have you been liking Hogwarts so far.”
Harry frowned.
“Are you sure?”
“Well…” She burst into tears. “It’s just, everbody thinks I’m wierd and nobody wants to be friends with me.” She wailed. Harry stood and walked around the desk. He sat on the chair next to the girl’s and patted her arm.
“Don’t cry! Shall I tell you a secret?”
Cassandra didn’t answer but looked up at him with wide, tear-rimmed eyes.
“When I was little, I didn’t have any friends. I was bullied because of my cousin and nobody stood up for me. Then, I came here and I found my two bestfriends Hermione and… Ron.” Harry had forgotten about his row with Ron with all the work he was doing. “I’m sure you’ll find friends soon.”
“No I won’t! Everyone hates me!”
“I’m sure that’s not true.”
“Yes it is!”
Suddenly, Harry had an idea. “Cassandra, meet me on the Quidditch pitch in ten minutes.” He rushed out of the classroom.

Ten minutes later, Harry walked onto the pitch with a dozen young girls walking beside him. He had made sure none of them knew eachother. Cassandra was already waiting for Harry, nervously hovering from foot to foot.
“Right,” Said Harry. “Let’s get started shall we?”
“Sir?” Asked Cassandra in a terrified pitch.
Harry walked to the side with the girl. “Sir, why are there loads of people here?”
“I thought you could make some friends. None of the girls know eachother so they’re in exactly the same place as you.”
“Professor, I’m not sure I can do this.” She said on the verge of tears.
“Cassandra, you can. And if you don’t… A weeks detention.”
The girl watched the teacher walk back to the other girls in shock. She slowly walked over and Harry went to get broomsticks out of the shed.
“Hi!” Said a little brunette. “I’m Lancy. What’s your name?”
“I’m Cassandra.” Said the girl in a small voice.
“Are you excited? I am!”
“I’m a little nervous…”
“Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll be fine.  Are you in Hufflepuff? I am.”
“No, I’m in Slytherin…”
“Oh…” Lancy backed away and tears flooded Cassandra’s eyes. Seconds later Lancy came back. “Cassandra! This is Nooly, I’ve just met her! Hey, why are you crying? Don’t cry!”
“I’m sorry… It’s just… Everybody hates me because I’m in Slytherin and I thought you didn’t want to be friends because you walked away when I told you and you were being so nice.”
“Don’t you have friend in your house?”
“No, they all think I’m wierd.” Cassandra sniffed.
“I’ll be your friend then!”
“Really?” The girl looked up hopefully.
“I’ll be your friend to… If you want…” Said Nooly shyly.
“We can be a trio of friends!” Lancy beamed.
“I’d like that.” Cassandra smiled.
For the whole lesson, the three girls giggled and squealed. At the begining, when Harry was trying to teach them how to make the broom fly up into their hands, Nooly got knocked over by her broom (just like Ron had in his and Harry’s first year) and they all collapsed about, giggling.
At the end of the lesson, the three girls waved at Harry as they walked away. Cassandra grinned at him and Harry winked back.

Harry walked back up to the castle after putting the brooms away feeling much happier. Thanks to him, a young, shy girl had found friends. He had helped people his whole life but nothing felt better than this. He walked into the Hall with a small smile plastered on his face. He got there just in time to see the three girls running around a corner.
“What’s got you all happy?” Draco had crept up behind him.
“Oh nothing.”
“Come on, tell me!”
“I just helped Cassandra, Bill and Fleur’s little girl, make friends. She was bullied, like me…” Draco wrapped an arm around his shoulder. Harry tensed.
“That’s over now.” Said Draco softly.
“Draco. My scar hurts.”
Draco gripped Harry’s shoulders. The dark haired boy had wide, terrified eyes.
“Harry, what are you talking about?” He said, trying to stay calm.
“Draco, they’re coming. The remaining Death Eaters. They’re coming to kill me. They’re coming for revenge! I can feel it. Draco you have to help me please.” Harry looked Draco in the eyes. He was terrified, on the verge of tears. Draco took Harry’s trembling body and marched forward.
“Let’s go see the Headmaster.”

“Professor! Get everyone in the Great Hall!” Said Harry in a rush. “They’re coming for me! Quick!”
“Potter, what are you talking about?” Asked Minerva, calmly.
“The remaining Death Eaters. My scar is hurting again!” Said Harry. “Professor, I’m scared. I don’t want to go through this again.” He clutched Draco’s hand.
Neville came over to the two boys. Harry hadn’t noticed him as he had been in the corner, looking out of the window.
“Are you sure, Harry?”
“Yes. My scar hasn’t hurt since Vlodemort died.”
“I’ll gather up the teachers, you two gather up the students with Longbottom.”
Harry, Draco and Neville rushed down to the Great Hall.
“Are you sure about this Harry?”
“Then I’m with you. I’ll fight by your side, just like at the final Battle.”
“Thanks Neville.” Harry cast the Sonorus charm on himself. “All students must go immediately to the Great Hall. The castle is in danger. Please go to the Great Hall.” Screems filled the air as people rushed to the place instucted. Neville went to stand guard outside and Draco went to get students from their dormitory’s. A few minutes later, he came back.
“Did you get Cassandra, Lancey and Nooly?”
“What? No.”
“What do you mean no?”
“Well, no I didn’t see them.”
“Blast!” Harry ran off in the direction he saw them go. Draco tried to follow but a hand grasped his collar.
“We need al teachers outside.” Said McGonagal.
“But Harry-”
“Harry has defeated the Dark Lord. He can handle himself. Now come on.”
Harry ran down hallways shouting the three girls names. He must have ran for a good ten minutes before he found them.
“Thank-” He stopped dead in his tracks. Four Death Eaters were holding the girls while they wimpered. “No!” Harry made a grab for his wand but it got expelliarmused out of his hand. “Please don’t hurt them.” He had trouble breathing.
“We won’t hurt them, if you come with us.” Said an unfarmiliar man.
“Fine, just let them go. Please.”
“Come forward.” He did. When they had Harry firmly in their grasp, they obliviated the girls and knocked Harry out.

“A Girl In The Shadows”

I Believe in Greatness

Chapter 1

“I know I saw him and that he saw me. But he doesn’t know me.”
It was all I could think of was Jake. My name is Lilian Anderson and this is my story. He was the captain of the varsity Basketball team and he was popular, there was another thing, he had a girlfriend but I still had a crush on him and there was no way I would let that stop me. I was on my way home today when he pulled up and asked if I needed a ride I said no thank you because I was only two blocks from my house and it was a great day for a walk. He said he lived on my block but I doubted that because he was never at his house after school but my conscience took over again I finally said sure so he took…

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Still searching

Chapter 15

“Come on! Off to bed. And if i see anyone out, you will get points off your houses!” Said Draco, smiling. He had to admit, he had probably had the best night of his life. He had felt like he was twelve all over again. He and Harry swung their brooms over their shoulders and held hands. They slowly walked back up to the school. At the doors, Harry stopped.
“I don’t want to go back to sleep yet.” He said. “Do you want to have a midnight walk around the castle?”
“Yeah, ok.” Harry went back to the room and dug out his invisibility robe out of his chest. He had wardrobes but he still hadn’t unpacked.
He and Draco put it on and started walking down the corridor. They walked up and down different corridors, not to look at anything specifically, just enjoying eachothers company and being happy to be home. They were going down the 7th floor corridor when they saw a ghost. A very familiar looking ghost.
“FRED!” Shouted Harry. He untangled himself from the cloke and ran up to the dead Weasley. “I-Wha-I don’t…”
“Hi Harry!”
Draco stepped up behind Harry, the cloke slung over his arm.
“What? Why?”
“Oh.” Harry took the blond’s hand. “He’s my boyfriend.”
“You tell me about you being a ghost and not telling me and i’ll tell you all about this.”

The three stepped into an empty classroom and sat down.
“So,” said Harry. “Why hasn’t anybody told me you are a ghost?”
“I asked McGonagal not to tell anybody but George.”
“What? Why?!”
“Harry, i love my friends and family, but i can’t have them coming over here everyday. It’s not fair for them or the school. I miss them. A lot. But… You know…”
“I understand..”
“Anyway! I hang out with Peeves now.”
“Why am i not surprised.” Harry laughed. Fred’s transparent face turned serious.
“So, how come you are going out with you worst ennemi?”
Harry sighed. “It’s a long story.”
Fred rested his feet on the desk. “I have forever.”
“Long story short; i was depressed, Draco helped me, i collapsed, Draco saved me, we fell inlove.”
“Well…I’m sorry and happy to hear that.”
Harry and Fred talked for a little while until Draco started nodding off, head rested on his boyfriends shoulder.
“I better get him to bed.” Whispered Harry.
“Yeah… Harry? I’m happy for you.”
Harry smiled. “See you tomorrow Fred. I was great seeing you again.”
“You too mate, you too.”
Back at their room, Harry gently layed Draco down on the bed and layed down next to him. He wrapped his arms around his stomach and glued himself against the blond. Harry kissed the back of his neck and went to sleep.

The next morning, Harry got up early and went down for breakfast. Most of the students that he had played Quidditch with the night before were there and he nodded at them. They looked like they were going to faceplant in their scrambled eggs but they all smiled up at him. When he had sat down, Professor McGonagal turned to him.
“Well, Mr Potter. It seems quite a few of the students have taken a liking to you and Mr Malfoy.”
“Really?” Asked Harry, feining surprise as he piled sausages and scrambled eggs on his plate.
“Oh, Harry. Don’t sound so surprised. Us teachers know what they do every friday night. We’re not that oblivious. There is always an adult there to supervise them, even if they don’t know it. Arnold saw you and Draco last night.”
Harry looked at his old teacher, no longer pretending to be surprised.
“It’s probably a good thing that you play with the students, us other professors will be able to get some sleep.” McGonagal chuckled.
“But professor, why don’t you stop it? I seem to remember there being a strict rule about students not being allowed out after dark?”
“Yes, well, it’s just after the war. The students here should have a bit of fun. And it makes the houses rivalries less tense, you could say.”
“But Potter. I ask you not to tell the students we know, this way we still have minimum control over them.”
“Yes Potter?”
“Should I start calling you Minerva now?”
“Definetly not, Potter.”
“Okay.” Now it was Harry’s turn to chuckle.
As it was Saturday, Harry went to visit Neville and Hagrid. As usual, Hagrid offered him rock cakes and he politely refused, saying he was full up from breakfast. Neville showed him all his plants and Harry listened to him explaining what they do. After a couple of hours, Harry bid farewell and started walking up to his study, ready to get his next lessons ready when he bumped into Cassandra.
“Cassandra! Are you feeling better?”
“Yes, Professor. Um, are you?” She asked shyly.
“I’m fine Cassandra. No need to worry about me.”
“I saw you play Quidditch last night. You were really good.”
“Thankyou, why weren’t you playing?”
“I don’t know how to play. Well, i do but i can’t fly…” She looked down at her feet, ashamed.
The girl reminded him of Neville. Not in the blowing up cauldrons way, but the shy, low self esteem way.
“How about i give you some secret lessons? You can bring some friends along if you want.”
“Really?” She asked, doubtfull.
“Of course.”
“Thankyou sir!”
Cassandra ran off, to find her friends Harry presumed. He walked the opposite direction to his room.

When he got there, he sighed. Draco had turned the whole room Slytherin colors. He swished his wand and turned the room Gryffindor colors. Ha. He went into his study and started working on his lessons.

Still searching

Chapter 14

“Hello everyone. I’m your new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.” The whole class started whispering. “Please quiet down. Today, we are going to defeat a Boggart.” Yes Harry was doing the same lesson his favorite DADA teacher had done five years ago. He gulped. He couldn’t think about that. Remeus was dead and that was that. “Right, put your books away. That’s it. Wands out. Now repeat after me: Riddikulus.”
“Good, now form a line, one behind the other. Stop talking over there!” He looked at the shy looking girl who was at the front of the line. Most of the boys were staring at her, trying to get at her. She must be a Veela. “Hello. What’s your name?”
“Cassandra Weasley.”
“Oh! Cassandra! I haven’t seen you since you were a little girl.” He whispered so the rest of the class wouldn’t hear; they were all talking anyway. “I’m your dad’s little brother’s friend. You know, Uncle Ron?”
“Yes.” The little girl whispered. She seemed extreamly nervous.
“So Cassandra,” said Harry. He raised his voice so the whole class would hear. “What’s your biggest fear?”
“Um, I don’t know…” Harry could tell she was lying.
“Well, why don’t you go to the back and think about it while the others have a turn?” The girl sighed in relief and rushed to the back of the line. “Now, when the Boggart turns into what you fear most, i want you to shout the incantation ‘Riddikulus’ and imagine that thing turn into something funny. What really defeats a Boggart is laughter. Ready?” Harry let the creature out. A boy named Charles Taylor went first. His Boggart was a mountain troll.
“Riddikulus!” He cried, a top hat and bow appeared on the beast and he started tap-dancing.
“Brilliant! Next.” Person after person defeated the Boggart and finally, Cassandra’s turn came. Suddenly, Bill and Fleur were lying on the floor, twitching with blood pouring out of their chests. Cassandra shreaked and started crying and whimpering, her hands covering he face. Her classmates gasped and some turned away. Harry jumped infront of the Boggart and his nightmare became real life. He suddenly had trouble breathing, he couldn’t think of anything funny. Voldemort was there, he was killing his friends. No. NO! He dropped to his knees, tears filled his eyes. Somebody leaped infront of him and the Boggart got sent back into Harry’s desk.
“Class dismissed. You, stay here. Have some tea.” Warm arms wrapped around him and hauled him up. He looked up. Draco was looking at him, creases of worry on his face. Compose yourself! Thought Harry. One of your students, your bestfriends niece, is crying! Pull yourself together! He wiped away the tears and walked towards Cassandra who sat shriveled in a chair.
“Hey, Cassandra. Are you ok?” He asked. He had trouble getting his words out, he wanted to curl up in a ball on the floor and cry.
“I’m f-fine.” She hiccuped.
“No you’re not. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you face that Boggart.”
“You have the same fear as me.” Harry looked at the young girl, shocked.
“I guess you’re right.” Draco came up behind him and gave Cassandra and him herbal tea.
“I should go professor, i’ll be late for Herbology.”
“Is that with Professor Longbottom?”
“Yes professor.”
“Could you tell him i’ll come visit soon?”
“Yes sir.”
“Thankyou. Go on then.”
When the girl had left, Harry turned to Draco. “How come you were here?” He asked.
“Free period.” He shrugged. “Thought i’d come see how you’re getting on.”
“Well, as you can see, i’m getting on perfectly fine.” Responded Harry sarcastically.
“It was just cause of the Boggart. It would have been different if you hadn’t used that thing for your first lesson.”
“Yes, well, it’s too late to change things now.”
Draco kissed the tip of Harry’s nose and rested his hand on his cheek. “I better go, i have my first lesson soon.”
“Okay. I’ll see you at lunch?”
“See you at lunch.”
Harry continued lessons as usual for the rest of the day. The day passed surprisingly quickly. He trudged back to his room with Draco after dinner and fell straight asleep.
Of course, he got woken up in the middle of the night with an other nightmare. Draco’s arms were wrapped around him when he woke up.
“Sh.” He hushed. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”
Harry felt angry at himself. Why couldn’t he stop his stupid nightmares?
“Hey,” whispered Draco. “Do you want to go out for a midnight walk?” Harry could tell Draco was smiling. “We’re teachers now, we’re aloud.”
“Yeah, let’s go out for a bit.”
They wrapped up warm as it was getting colder out and headed towards the Quidditch pitch.
“What the…?” Muttered Harry. The pitch was lit up and about a hundred students were flying around having a game of Quidditch. Of course, ther was one keeper on each team but there wasn’t the usual three chasers, two beaters, and one seeker. Harry noticed they had different colored t-shirts on over their pyjamas to show which team they were on. Harry grinned. He knew he was supposed to go straight up there and tell them off and send them all back to bed with a hundred points off their houses each, but he couldn’t. He knew he would have done something like that if he had thought of it when he was a student.
“Come on.” He whispered to Draco.
“What are we doing? Shouldn’t we-”
“We’re going to watch.” He took the blond’s hand and pulled him up one of the towers and sat down. They sat there for over an hour, holding hands, huddled close to keep warm, just watching the kids having fun and nobody noticed them until around midnight.
“EVERYONE STOP!” Someone half shouted half whispered. All turned towards the two teachers.
“Don’t mind us.” Harry grinned. “Carry on.” Nobody moved, they just hovered on their brooms, staring at the teachers. “On second thought.. Got space for two more?” He laughed at the students expressions. “Come on.” I only just got out of school a year ago. I won’t tell on you.” He summoned his and Draco’s brooms and climbed on. “Who’s ready for a real game of Quidditch?”

Still searching

Chapter 13

A couple of days later, Harry and Draco were woken up by an owl clawing at the window.
“You go get it.” Muttered Harry, still half asleep.
“You’re such a lazy-ass Potter.”
“I know. But please?” Draco sighed but got up. Harry was so cute when he was asleep and his hair was messier than usual with his kissable lips slightly parted. He climbed out of bed and opened the window. The tawny owl swooped in and landed gracefully on the little desk in the corner of the room.
“It’s from McGonagal.” Harry’s eyes flew open.
“Give it! Give it!” He said as if he were a little boy opening birthday presents. Draco passed Harry the letter and settled back into bed.
“Wait. One of them’s for you.” Said a confused Harry. Draco feined suprise and took the letter Harry was handing to him. On the envelope was his name and adress in the usual swirly green writing. He gently opened it and read through it.

Mr. Malfoy

Professor Slughorn has decided he will be retiring at the end of this year. I would be glad to have you as our new potions teacher as you were so good at that specific lesson when you were at school.
I must say, I am glad Mr. Potter has somebody looking out for him as he has been through so much. Please come to Hogwarts on August 28 to meet your new co-workers and prepare your lessons in advance. I look forward to seeing you and Mr. Potter again.

Minerva McGonagal,
Headmistress of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Draco grinned. Harry looked at Draco with a new sparkle to his eyes that Draco had never seen before.
“I got the job. There was nobody wanted to be DADA teacher after all that’s happened so McGonagal has been teaching the class. I start at the begining of next school year.” Draco hugged his boyfriend.
“Me too.” He whispered into Harry’s ear. The boy pulled away, confused.
“What do you mean?”
“Well i wanted to be close to you so i asked to be potions teacher.”
“Really? And you got the job?”
“It’s going to be great!”
“Yes, it is.”

On the twenty-eighth of August, Harry and Draco sat at the Leaky Cauldron with Hermione and Blaise. Ginny had work at the Ministry and Ron, well, Ron wasn’t invited.
“Oh Harry, I’m going to miss you so much!” Cried Hermione.
“Thanks.” Muttered Draco.
“I’ll miss you too Draco. Who will bother me with stupid remarks when you’re gone?!”
“I’ll send owls everyday.”
“Great.” Hermione laughed. “Really, I am going to miss you two.”
“We’ll miss you too Hermione.” Said Harry and he squeezed Draco’s hand. “Well, we better get going. Draco and i have to go get a couple of things from Diagon Alley before we leave. I still have to get myself a new wand! I’ve been using that snatchers wand cause i haven’t been… Well enough to go get a new one, and Draco has to get some potion supplies.”
Harry and Draco took turns hugging their friends and left through the brick wall.
“Shall we meet back here in half an hour?” Asked Draco.
“Sounds good to me.” The boys kissed and parted. Harry noticed people ogleing at them and suddenly felt very concious. He pushed the feeling away and headed to Ollivander’s old shop. The new wand maker was nice but he just wasn’t like the old wand maker. Ollivander was weird and ‘curious’ as he would say. He had retired after the war, claiming he was too old and weak to work now.
He pushed the door open and walked into the shop. A middle aged man, who was probably in his mid-fourtys was behind the counter.
“Ah, Mr. Potter, i am Elric Rohan, Diagon Alley’s new wand maker. What can i do for you?”
“I need a new wand.”
“Of course, of course.”
Elric mesured Harry and started getting diffrent wands off of the shelves wich were much tidier than Ollivander’s old ones. Harry tried wand after wand but couldn’t find the right one. What if his old wand was the only wand that was good for him? He panicked at the thought but continued trying. He tried the last one and felt a warmth spread through his hand and body.
“This is the one.” He muttered more to himself than to Elric.
“Ah, yes. Twelve and a quater inches. Holly wood. Phoenix feather core. Slightly bendy. This is a very good and powerful wand for a very good and powerful wizard.”
“Thankyou. How much is it?”
“Free of charge.”
“What? No-”
“Mr. Potter. You deserve it. Now go.”
“Are you-”
“Ok well… Thanks. Bye.”
“Goodbye Harry Potter.”
Harry went to Flourish and Blott’s, Madam Malkins for some new robes and to Quality Quidditch and finally returned to his and Draco’s meeting spot. The blond was already there with several bags and… A cage?
“What’s this?”
“A kneazle! I got her for you.”
“Really? You shouldn’t have.”
“I wanted to. What are you going to call her?”
Harry looked at the grey and black kneazle.
“That’s an…Odd name.”
“I know. I just kind of invented it I guess.”
Draco opened the cage door and the cat jumped straight into Harry’s arms.
“I think she likes you.” Draco laughed.  “Right. Shall we go?”
“Yeah.” The two boys held hands and apparated to Hogsmeade and walked up to Hogwarts.
“God I missed this place.” Said Harry.
“Me too.”
The doors swung open at their arrival. Professor McGonagal ran out and wrapped the two boys in her arms. The two glanced at eachother and awkwardly patted their old professor’s back.
“Welcome back! Oh you’ve grown since I last saw you!” Was she getting teary? “Come in, come in!” The woman ushered them inside where all of the professors, old and new, were waiting.
“Um, professor?”
“This is Professor Arnold Quipett the new Arithmancy teacher. You know Felius and Horace. This is…” The headmistress presented everybody to Harry and Draco who nodded awkwardly to their new co-workers. When she had finished, she showed them to their offices and rooms.
“Professor, we’ll be sharing rooms.” Said Harry. “I mean, if we are allowed.” He continued in a rush when he noticed his old professors narrowed eyes.
“We can arrange that. If you could step out for a moment.” She flicked her wand and stepped into the new room which contained a king sized bed, a large fireplace, two armchairs which were gathered around a coffee table and two wardrobes.
“I suppose this is enough?”
“It’s great. Thanks professor.” The woman turned to walk away but turned back again.
“I’m glad to see you again boys.” She said softly.
“You too professor.” The professor walked away. “This is going to be a weird and wonderful year.” Said Harry when the headmistress was out of earshot.
“It is isn’t it?”
“There will always be weird things that happen at Hogwarts.”