Still searching

Chapter 2

Harry shakily inserted his house key in the key hole and let himself in, Draco followed. The drunk boy collapsed onto a chair and started untying his shoe laces while Draco turned to close the door when he heard a big thump. Harry had fallen asleep and fallen off the chair. Draco sighed.
“It’s a good thing i owe you my life, Potter, or i would be walking out of that door immediatly.”
He finished getting Harry’s shoes off and swung the boys limp body over his shoulder. He carried the boy upstairs and peered into every room to see wich was Harry’s. He finally found it and dumped the sleeping boy on the bed. He thought about taking Harry’s clothes off-at least his t-shirt, then thought better of it. He hesitated then took the boys belt off incase he was uncomfortable.
“Draco?” Harry mumbled, half asleep. Draco’s head snapped up at the shock of being called by his first name.
“So you do remember me.” he answered trying to keep his voice from shaking.
“Why wouldn’t i?” the boy asked, sleepily.
“So, undressing me are you?” he smirked. Draco figited, uncomfortably.
Harry sat up, still not bothering to oper his eyes and took his shirt off, then he proceeded to slip his jeans and socks off. Draco couldn’t help it; he looked the boy up and down. He had grown since the war, he was almost as tall as Draco, his skin was pale and he had muscles even though he was in such a bad state. The boy in question turned over and finally looked up at him.
“Why are you hear, Draco?”
“Well, obviously you are in not fit state to take care of your-”
“No, i mean, why did you come to a dingy pub? Why did you come sit with me?”
“Because, like you,…i need a friend.”
“That’s for me to know and you to find out.”
Harry looked into Draco’s eyes, smiled, then leaned over the bed and vomited all over the floor. When he was finished, he rolled over on his back and fell asleep again. Draco rolled his eyes.
“God, Potter. I said i came up to you cause you were in no fit state to take care of yourself so i could avoid your stupid question, but it’s true. Looks like i’ll be sleeping over tonight.”
He sighed, magiqued away the putrid vomit and looked at the sleeping boy. His hair was scruffy, as always and had a short beard growing. His skin was extreamly pale against the purple-ish circles under his bloodshot eyes. He pulled the duvet up to the boys chin and went to search for the livingroom.
If he couldn’t turn his own life around, he would at least do it for Potter.

He woke up the next morning on the sofa, his clothes crumpled and his blond hair messy. A delicious smell was coming from the kitchen so he got up and trudged over. A small house elf was making pancakes while Harry sat at the table, leaning over a mug full to the brim with coffee, the circles under his eyes even darker than the night before.
“You could have slept in the guest bedroom.”
“I didn’t know there was a guest bedroom.”
“Well now you do.”
Draco sat down opposite Harry and the house elf pushed a cup of coffee infront of him.
He took a sip and looked at Harry.
“How do you feel?”
“Like shit.”
“Why good?!”
“Because i had to take your shoes off and drag you upstairs cause you were unconcious. Payback.” Harry grinned sheepishly.
“Sorry about that.”
There was a long uncomfortable silence as the elf served the pancakes.
“Thanks Delly.”
“You’re very welcome, master Potter. Is master needing anything else from Delly, sir?” the little elf squeeked.
“No thanks Delly. Why don’t you go see the other house elves at Hogwarts? You haven’t been there for ages.” Harry suggested.
“Oh no, master! Delly is needing to take care for you as you is not feeling well!”
“Go on… It’s an order.”
Delly started figiting and then, with difficulty, screeched, “No! Harry Potter sir needs to be taken care of by Delly!” The elf started pulling at her bat-like ears.
“Ok, Delly! Ok, Delly! You can take care of me.”
“Thankyou, master Harry Potter, sir.”
Draco looked at Harry with wide eyes as the elf disaparated.
“That is one fierce house elf.”
“She means well.”
“I can see that. She refused an order to take care of you.”
After a long pause, Harry broke the silence.
“So, you never got the chance to tell me why you need a friend.”
Draco sighed, he hoped the boy had forgotten he said that.
“Do you really need to know?”
“I don’t need to but i would like to.” Draco sighed again.
“After the war, my family lost everything. My father got sick but we don’t have enough money to get him treated, some muggle illness. Cancer or something like that.”
“That’s terrible.”
“It doesn’t matter, he hates me anyway.”
“What? Why?”
“He disowned me when i told him i was gay.”
Draco smirked at the sight of Harry’s shocked face.
“Yep. Just like you.”
“Wh-What? How did you…?”
“You told me yesterday.” Draco smirked again.
“Anyway, my father forbade my mother to come see me so for a while we met in secret. Then someone tipped my father off so he forbade her to even leave the house. Now, i’m just waiting for him to die so i can see my mother again.”
“Wow. I’m…sorry.”
“Yeah, well…” The boy abruptly stood up and started heading to the door. “I’m going to freshen up.”
Harry stared after the boy in shock.


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