Still searching

Chapter 4

Harry woke up th next morning, extreamly confused. He tried to move and winced in pain as his head and left knee burned with pain. What had happend? Collapsing, he rememebered collapsing… Of course! Draco had given him a sleeping potion and apparently, i was a strong one. Little bastard. After silently insulting Draco with every curse he could muster, he realized something hot was on him. Not the duvet, a duvet would never make him this warm. He looked down. Daco was fast asleep on him, snoring slightly, his head resting on his crossed arms on Harry’s chest. Harry’s breath caught in his chest; nothing like this had ever happened to him. He felt awkward and beeds of sweat started forming on his forehead.

Draco woke up, his back akeing horribly. After a few seconds, he slowly oppened his eyes and realized where he was. He jerked up, eyes darting all over the place. He was friends with Harry but not ready to start sleeping on him. God, if he had woken up with him he would have died of humility.
“Uhm-I…H-how are you?” He stuttered while Harry blushed furiously.
“Uhm, well, i’m-good.” The boy answered, trying not to make eye contact.
“Well, good. You, erm, look-good.” Did he really just say that? After he woke up on him? He groaned internally. “RIGHT! Well, i am going to get ready!”
Draco rushed away to the security of the guest bedroom. He had a long shower, wondering what, in Merlin’s name, was he going to say?!

Harry stayed in bed for a few minutes after the blond had left, wondering what on earth had just happened. He slowly got up, showered and dressed and then, a horrible thought struck him. When he woke up, he was in his boxers. Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no. It was going to be even more awkward now. He relunctantly trudged downstairs for breakfast, although he didn’t eat anything. Draco joined him a few minutes later. There was an awkward silence but they were saved by Ron and Hermione who bustled in.
“Ever heard of knocking?” Draco asked coldly.
The couple glared at him but didn’t say anything.
“Harry! We didn’t know where you went after you left. We searched for you for hours but it didn’t occure tu us you would be home!” Hermione said as fast as she could.
“It doesn’t matter Hermione. I collapsed as soon as we got back.” Harry glanced at Draco.
What did he do to you?” Ron hissed, glaring at Draco.
“He didn’t do anything Ron. Well he did but Draco was just trying to-” He was cut off by his friend who was slowly becoming red in the face.
“Since when did Malfoy become Draco?” The ginger boy choked, shuddering slightly at the name.
“Since i became a better friend to him than you! AND we were ‘ennemies’ for more than six years!” Draco replied coldly.
Harry closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. Only Hermione noticed. When the boy opened his eyes again, Hermione got his attention and nodded towards the door. They gently slipped away while Draco and Ron were having a screaming match.
they started walking and Hermione looked at Harry worriedly.
“Are you okay, Harry?” she asked.
“Fine, fine.” They boy answered distractedly, he was trying to ignore the migraine ringing in his head.
“Take my hand.”
Harry didn’t ask questions. He obeyed and they disapparated. They landed in a muggle village. Where were they?
“This is my home town.” Said Hermione, answering Harry’s question.
“It’s nice.” Was all Harry said.
They walked until they arrived at a coffee shop. Harry ordered green tea and Hermone got a latte. They sat down in a quiet corner.
“I want you to talk to me, Harry. We haven’t had a proper talk in ages and i’ve been worried sick about you. Please talk to me.” The girl looked at Harry sadly. Harry sighed, and everything came tumbling out. Just as it had with Draco.
“I’ve been depressed for months, Harry began. I didn’t know it was depression at first. I only knew when i started wishing to…Die.”
“Oh Harry! You could have talk to us about it! We could have helped!” Hermione cried.
“No you couldn’t, i was so deep, no one could have helped me. It got worse. I started getting nightmares. I won’t go into details but it was the same every night: you, Ron, Sirius, Remus, Fred… Everyone of my friends and family being killed by Voldermort. Every single night. I stopped sleeping. I just drunk a dozen cups of coffee everyday, wich made me delirious, so i drunk whiskey, vodka… all the alcohol i could get my hands on. Let me tell you; beer and coffee don’t go well together. The only time i slept well, was last night, when Draco gave me a Dreamless Sleep and sleeping potion. That’s why i collapsed. It was an extreamly stong sleeping potion. And then, like an idiot, i got drunk, and went to a strip club. A gay strip club. Let’s just say, that night, i-i… I found out i was gay.”
“Why do you looked ashamed of that?” Hermone took her friends hand, who squeezed her gratefully.
“I don’t know. I just feel like-like everything in my life has changed, been messed up. I just want to feel like at least one thing hasn’t changed. It’s completely new to me; i don’t know what to do about it…”
“Oh no.”
“What ‘oh no’?” Harry asked worriedly.
“Um, well i’m going to tell you something but you can’t freak out and don’t interupt me.”
“Hermione? What is it?”
“Well, you see, Ron recieved a letter last week. From Ginny. She said she was going to visit Bill in Egypt for a bit, and then… She’s coming bck here. To stay. And… She said she wanted to- to start over-with you.” The girl stuttered. Harry wrenched his hand out of Hermione’s in anger and panick.
“WHAT? She can’t just leave, leave me stranded, depressed for months and then come back thinking nothing has changed!”
“I know, i know, Harry. She told me not to tell you, she wanted to be a surprise but with you…Not being interested in the female gender anymore, i just thought you could prepare yourself.”
“For what?”
“Well, for telling her of course! You are going to tell her aren’t you?”
“Well it hadn’t really occured to me!”
“Well i and Ron will support you in every decision you make, but remember, Ginny and Ron are family. Don’t make him choose sides.”
“Oh yes because i am the type of person who makes people choose sides.”
“I know you’re not Harry, but you could do it without noticing.”
“Alright, i’ll be careful.”
“I’m glad we had time to talk Harry.”
“Me too, Hermione.”
The two hugged and apparated back to Godrics Hollow.

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