Still searching

Chapter 5

A couple months later, everything was going fine. Ron still didn’t know Harry was gay (Harry didn’t know how to tell him) although he kept getting into stupid fights with Draco. Other than that, Hermione and Draco actually started liking eachother-as friends of course. Also, Draco moved in with Harry as he stayed there day and night anyway. He kept his old place but just for storage.

Harry woke up to Draco opening the curtains, letting a bright, winter’s sun in.
“What are you doing?” The half-asleep boy asked.
“Waking you up!”
“Because i’ve been up for hours and i’m bored.”
“Draco, please, i didn’t get much sleep last night. Just give me a couple more hours.” Harry pleaded.
“You’re still not sleeping?” Draco asked quietly.
“I am sleeping better. Don’t worry.” The boy lied. Draco didn’t look convinced so he added “I’ll be down in a minute.”

Draco went downstairs and Harry grudginingly got up.
He pulled his shirt on going downstairs and went to sit down next to Hermione, opposite him was Ron.
“How come you’re both here early?”
“Harry, it’s nearly midday.” Hermione looked at the boy worriedly wich wasn’t a change as she looked at him like that everyday.
Harry looked at his food and wrinkled his nose in disgust. He pushed the plate away.
“Is Delly’s food not good enough for master? Would master like something else?” Delly squeeked.
“Oh no, don’t worry Delly. I’m just not hungy.”
“Master must eat! Master is being very ill!”
“I’m not ill, Delly. I’m perfectly fine.” Delly shook her head and walked away muttering about how Harry never ate.
“You should have something, mate.” said Ron. “You look terrible.”
“I can’t! Ok? I can’t…”
“What do you mean you can’t?” asked Hermione.
“Whenever i eat… I sick it back up…” Harry sighed.
“What? Harry why haven’t you told us about this? I thought there was going to be no more secrets after our talk. Harry this is serious, you-” Hermione got cut off by a knock at the door.
“I’ll get it!” said Ron and he rushed out to open the door.
“What’s he so excited about?” asked Harry.
“I have an idea…” muttered Hermione.
“What are you-”
A beautiful ginger girl walked in the room. She looked nervous but happy at the same time.
“Weasellette? Really?” Hermione gave the blond a sharp look.
“Hi guys.” The youngest Weasley grinned.
She glared at Draco, hugged her brother and Hermione  and then, her face fell as her gaze landed on Harry.
“Harry.” she whispered. “What happened to you?”
The boy had been staring at Ginny for the whole time, wondering how he should be feeling. Happy? Sad? Annoyed? Enraged, even? He went for enraged.
“My heart got broken.” Harry said, his voice cold. It was a bit dramatic but Harry felt a twinge of glee when the girl winced.
Hermione sensed a fight coming on so she ushered everybody out to give the ex-couple a bit of privacy.
“Harry, please. I had to leave. It was just to hard.”
“You think it wasn’t hard for me? I understand, your brother died. Do want to know who, in my life, died? My parents before i could even talk, then my godfather went and got killed, Dumbledore, Dobby, Fred, Remus, Tonks, Mad-eye, Cedric. So many people in the war and all of them are dead because of me. Do you know how guilty i felt, and still feel? I have been depressed ever since you left, i can’t eat, i can’t sleep! Because i see their faces everywhere!” Harry glanced at the door and put a muffliato charm on the room; he didn’t want his friends to hear him loose his temper. By now, he was shouting. “I needed you, and you left.”
“Harry, please calm down. You’ll faint if you continue!”
Harry realised he did feel a bit dizzy after shouting that much. He gripped the chair and closed his eyes.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t think about how you felt when i decided to leave. It was just so hard. everywhere i went, i saw Fred. I saw him in Zonko’s, Honeydukes, everywhere. I just… I want to start over. I missed you so much. I still love you, Harry. Please, tell me we can start over?” She was sounding desperate now but Harry didn’t falter.
“You want to start over?” Harry laughed. “Have fun dating a gay guy.”
“What’s going on?” Hermione walked in followed by Ron and Draco. “We heard shouting.”
“I put a muffliato charm on the room, how could you hear shouting?”
“Don’t you rememeber what Professor Flitwick used to say? If your emotions highten too much your charms could falter.”
“Whatever.” Harry stalked out of the room while Ginny stood, paralized, a look of shock on her face.

Draco went after Harry and found him sitting in his room, head in hands.
“Are you okay?” Draco asked quietly.
“I’m just fine.” The blond sat down next to Harry.
“You’re a bad liar you know?”
“I’m a exelent liar.”
“Of course you are.”
A couple of minutes of silence later, Hermione, Ginny and Ron walked into the room. Hermione looked worried, Ginny, sheepish and still a bit shocked, and Ron confused. Apparently Ginny hadn’t told her brother the Gryffindor’s secret.
“You could have told me Harry.” said Ginny.
“How could i? I had no idea where you were, and anyway, why would i? You left.”
“I said i’m sorry but you could have sent an owl or some-”
“Excuse me, but can someone tell me what’s going on?” Harry looked at his friend tiredly.
“I’m gay, Ron.”
“Wh-what? Mate, why didn’t you tell me? You know i would support you! I’m your bestfriend!”
“I know, Ron. But i just didn’t know how.”
“Wait.” Ron looked around suspisiously. “Why don’t ‘Mione and ferret look surprised?”
“Oh shut up, weasel.” spat Draco.
“Well, we might have known.” said Hermione guiltily.
“What? Why did no one tell me?”
“Harry wanted to tell you himself.”
“To be honest with you, i don’t know why it’s such a big deal that Harry’s gay.” said Draco looking around at everyone in the room. Harry hadn’t noticed his hand had found it’s way into Draco’s. He squeezed gratefully.


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