Still searching

Chapter 7

Draco and Hermione only got up to get something to eat or drink or to go to the bathroom. Ron and Ginny came in a couple of times but didn’t have the patience to sit there for too long.
When Harry finally woke up, Hermione and Draco jumped to his side. The boy blinked up at them, confused. He had so many questions. What happened? Why were his friends looking down at him, hopeful and worriedly at the same time?
“How long have i been here?” he asked.
His friends looked at eachother guiltily.
“Twenty-four hours.” Draco finally replied.
Harry shot up but quickly lay down again when spots of color appeared infront of his eyes.
“What? A whole day?! What did you do?” he looked at his friends suspiciously as his friends shared an other guilty glance.
“Harry, i know you didn’t want to but we had to! What do you expect us to do? Just watch you waste away into nothing?”
“What did you do Hermione?”
The girl sighed and looked at Draco who jut shrugged. Of course. He had his little crush (although Hermione wasn’t even sure if it was a crush; maybe Draco became attached to Harry as a friend) so he wouldn’t want to tell Harry what they did.
“We gave you a sleeping and dreamless sleep potion.”
“I have already said i don’t want to survive on potions!”
“Well you’re lucky we didn’t go on with the original plan.”
“And what was that?”
“We were going to put a feeding tube in you.”
“We didn’t though.”
“Now you listen here, Potter.” Draco silenced Harry before he could talk again. ” You are weak and sick so stop being an annoying git and let us help you, you idiot!”
Harry glared at the boy then turned his back on him.
“You’re such a stuborn git, Potter.” said Draco as he stormed out of the room.
“He’s just worried about you, Harry.” said Hermione quietly.

Authors note:
Sorry this chapter is so short i just haven’t had time to write anything, i have so much homework and tests to revise for. Will be back to normal soon (i hope).

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