Still searching

Chapter 7

Harry got up shortly after the disagreement even though he was still extreamly weak. He was still tired but at least the dizziness had gone. He knew his friends were just worried about him but he was fine. Really. He went down the stairs and heard his friends whispering, as soon as he entered the room it stopped. Harry had a sudden rush of anger. He grabbed a slice of buttered toast and stalked towords the door.
“I’m going for a walk.” He said as he slammed the door. Draco was up before anyone else.
“I’m on it.” He looked around the room at the three people standing in front of him but looked at Hermione the longest. They had a kind of understanding now. They were bound by their worry for The Boy Who Lived. The blond walked out of the door and saw Harry walking down the street. He was throwing bread crumbs around for the birds. He should have know he wouldn’t eat it. The raven haired boy was going to the small park about ten minutes away. Draco quietly followed him. He didn’t want Harry to see him because he would think the blond didn’t trust him.
About half way there, Harry leaned himself against a wall. He was looking awfully pale and Draco was ready to rush to him but the boy was off again although he was walking slower now. The two boys finally got to the park and Harry sat down on an empty bench while Draco crouched behind a big oak tree.The Golden Boy leaned his elbows on his knees and then fell foward. The blond rushed towards the boy who was now laying limply on the ground, unconsious. He got his brand new phone out that Harry tought him how to use and dialed the ambulance’s number.
“Hello, what is you’re problem?” a womans voice asked at the other end of the phone.
“I’m at the small park in Godrics Hollow, my…friend just collapsed!”
“Someone is on the way. Now, gently roll your friend to the side in case he vomits. Do you have any idea why he would collapse?” The woman asked calmly.
“He hasn’t been eating or sleeping…”
“Why is that?”
“He’s been through tough times. He’s depressed but he refuses to get any help.” answered Draco in a rush. He didn’t want to say to much to respect the boys privacy but he was going to have to give minor details.
“Very well. An ambulance is on the way. I’ll just ask you to stay on the line and tell me if anything changes.”
A few minutes later, the blond heard sirens. An ambulance came rushing around the corner.
“The ambulance is here now. Thankyou.” He hung up without waiting for an answer.

He got up in the back of the ambulance behind Harry and explained exacly what happened to the doctors inside all while gripping the unconcious boys hand. The doctor smiled slightly at the scene.
“He’s going to be fine.” She said sweetly and glently layed her hand on the boys shoulder.
“He better be or i’ll sue you.” He glared at the woman and silently thanked muggle TV for cop shows and Judge Judy.

Half an hour later, multiple doctors had checked on Harry and the Weasleys and Hermione had joined Draco around his bed. The blond had recounted what had happend about ten times when he woke up. Ginny and Hermione ran to get a nurse while Draco and the others stood up and asked Harry if he was okay.
“What happened?” The boy asked.
“You bloody idiot! I’ve been telling you you need help but noooo Mr Harry Potter is too good for help! Look where that’s got you now Harry! In hospital with me thinking you were going to die because of your stupidity! I swear if this happens again i am going to-” Draco was cut off by Hermione.
“Draco! Calm down, Harry doesn’t even know what happened yet.”
Ron glared at the blond. “Well, maybe if you were paying more attention to him he would be fine!”
“Weasley, shut it.”
“No. What i’m saying is true you git!”
“AND WHY ARE YOU SO WORRIED ABOUT HIM NOW? AFTER ALL YOUR YEARS OF HATING HIM? BECAUSE DADDY HATES YOU? BECAUSE YOU’RE A DEATHEATER AND NOBODY LIKES YOU? EVEN YOU’RE LTTLE SLYTHERIN CRONIES HATE YOU! I’M HIS BEST FRIEND SO STOP TRYING TO STEAL HIM FROM ME.” Ron and Draco both had their wands out now ready to fire a curse at the other. Harry rushed out of his hospital bed and stood between the blond and a fuming Ron. He tried to force the red heads wrist down but got punched in the stomach. Draco fired a spell at Ron’s shoulder but it missed and rushed to Harry’s side. He was kneeling on the floor, his hands gripping his stomach, shock on his face. Ron looked equally as shocked.
“Don’t ‘mate’ him. You’re no friend of his. Get out before i perform an unforgivable on you.”
Ron just stood there, staring at the two boys.
“GET OUT!” Draco screamed.
The ginger ran out of the room and Draco helped Harry back into bed.
“He’s going to regret this.” The blond muttered.
Harry didn’t say anything. He just took Draco’s hand in thanks.

Author’s note: Back to normal, long-ish chapters now! Hope you enjoyed. IT’S SO TENSE!



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