Still searching

Chapter 9

The next morning, Harry woke up. His legs were tangled in someone elses legs, his head lay on someone’s chest and someone’s arms were wrapped around him. He blinked a couple of times and looked up. Draco. He was sleeping with Draco. What? How? Why? So many questions went through his head but he didn’t move. He actually liked it. He felt safe in the blonds arms. He felt the boy next to him stir. They both tensed and felt incredibly uncomfortable but still, neither of them moved.
“Morning.” Said Harry, trying not to nervously laugh.
“Morning.” Draco replied his eyes wide. “Um, i’m going to get up now.”
“Yes of course.” Harry disentangled himself and moved over to the other side of the bed. “I’ll ask Dilly to make breakfast.”
“Ok.” Said Draco as he walked out of the room.
“Well that was wierd.” Harry muttered to himself.

Harry was already up and dressed and eating breakfast by the time Draco came down.
“Sorry i woke you up last night.” Said Harry with his mouth full.
“Don’t worry about it.” Draco still felt uncomfortable bt fortunatly Hermione knocked at the door.
“Come in.” Called Harry.
“Hey guys.”
“Hey ‘Mione.” Said Harry, rather happily.
“What’s got you in such a good mood?”
Harry glanced at Draco. “Just happy to be happy.”
Hermione watched Harry suspiciously but let the subject drop.
“What are we doing today?”
“Just staying here really.” Said Draco.
“I had an idea of what we could do but i’m not sure if you’ll like it…”
“What is it?”
“I was thinking we could go to Hogwarts.”
Harry’s head jerked up so fast it was like a dragon had suddenly appeard infront of him.
“No.” He said and walked out of the room. Hermione looked guiltily at Draco.
“I didn’t want to hurt him. I just thought it might be nice. I’ve been talking to Professor McGonagall and she said the castle was completely rebuilt.”
“I think it’s just too early after the war.” Said Draco.

Author’s note:
Sorry this is an other short one. I was talking to my friend who left for Germany for two weeks on the phone. Tomorrow will be longer.


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