Still searching

Chapter 10

Hermione and Draco sat silently at the table for a couple of minutes. Harry came down with gym gear on.
“I’m going for a run.” He said and jogged out of the house without a backwardsglance.
Draco quickly cast a spell on him before he ran out of the door so he could tell if something was wrong.
“What did you do?” Asked Hermione.
“It’s a spell i learnt about in our last year at Hogwarts. I used it on my mother. It’s to know when something is wrong. For example, if Harry fainted again, i would feel it; it would be like a twinging feeling in my stomach.”
“That’s actually kind of handy.” Stated Hermione.
“It is.”
The two friends sat in silence for a few minutes. Dilly made them tea and Hermione talked to her for a while. When Dilly left, claiming she had work to do, Draco talked.
“He had an other nightmare last night.” He said quietly.
“Oh no. What did you do?”
Draco suddenly went the color of a beetroot. He cleared his throat before talking.
“Well, you see, he was crying so i hugged him. But then he fell asleep and i couldn’t get up. So we kind of…Slept together…”
“You didn’t!”
Draco blushed an even deeper color than he already was.
“I did…”
“Draco… Do you like him? But i mean LIKE like him?”
“Of course i don’t!”
“I think you do!”
“Ok! I think i do too but don’t tell anyone. Please…”
“Awwww Draco has a crush!”
“Shut up.”

Harry felt much better by the time he got home. He was so tired after 7 kilometers of running and he still had 7 kilometers to get home, so he apparated straight to his room and went for a shower. He was in there for a good half hour when Draco walked in. The blond gasped in shock.
“OH! Um sorry i-i-” Draco fell silent and Harry felt too good to be embarassed.
“Want to join me?”
draco glanced at the naked boy and saw he had a bemused expression, one eyebrow lifted. Suddenly, he didn’ feel awkward anymore.
“Do you want me to? Cause i will.” He smirked. Harry laughed.
“Get out you dirty pervert.”
Draco got out, leaned against the closed door and cringed. Did he really just do that? He slowly walked down the stairs and sat back in his chair.
“What happened to you? Why are you even more red than before?” Hermione smirked maliciously.
“I…Might have had an awkward situation.”
“What happened?”
“Did you know Harry was back?”
“Neither did i.” Draco paused before continuing. “I walked in on him. In the shower. Naked.”
“Oh. My. Merlin.” Hermione started laughing. When she started, she couldn’t stop.
Harry walked into the kitchen.
“What’s so funny?” He asked.
“Heard you had a little run in.” Said Hermione between gulps of laughter.
“Hermione!” Draco gasped. “You weren’t supposed to say that!”
“True, true.” Harry chuckled.
“I’m getting out of here.”
Draco didn’t know where to go so he just apparated to the Leaky Cauldron. And in there, he met someone he didn’t think he’d ever see again. Blaise Zabini.
“Draco!” Blaise smiled brightly. “How are you?”
“Wow, Blaise! I didn’t think i’d ever see you again.”
“Draco, we were bestfriends at Hogwarts. Of course we would see eachother again.”
They sat down and talked for hours. After a couple of beers, Draco asked his childhood friend if he would like to come over to Harry’s place (although he didn’t say it was The Boy Who Lived’s house). They apparated there and walked in on Harry and Hermione who were talking animatedly. They both looked up in shock.
“Well, well, well. You didn’t say you were living with the two people you hate the most. Or shall i say, hated?”
“Actually, i don’t live here.” Said Hermione.
“Be nice Blaise they’re my friends.”
“I never said i wouldn’t be. I’m a changed man, Draco.”
“Of course you are.”


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