Still searching

Chapter 11

Blaise, Draco and Harry sat up talking all night. Hermione had a couple of glasses of wine and left claiming she had to get back to Ron. Before leaving though, she pulled Harry aside to speak to him in private.
“Please forgive him soon. He’s miserable without you.” She begged.
“Hermione, he punched me. I’m his bestfriend. And i was ill.”
“You know what his temper’s like when it comes to Draco.”
“Yes but for once, Draco didn’t do anything!” He sighed. “I might forgive him, just not yet.”
“Okay. Well, i’ll see you soon. I might not come over tomorrow, i’ve been neglecting Ron.”
“See you soon then.” They hugged goodbye and Harry closed the door after watching his friend disaparate. He walked back into the living room wondering why he was so protective over Draco. And why his heart beat ten times faster than usual when he thought about the blond.
They ended up going to bed at five o’clock in the morning-Blaise slept on the sofa while Draco and Harry slept in their usual rooms. The blond woke up with a gasp and gripped his stomach, that’s when he heard the screaming. He ran into Harry’s room and shook the boy awake.
“Draco!” He gasped. “You’re alive. You’re alive.” He repeated that sentence again and again until Draco layed a hand in his forearm.
“Harry, it’s okay. I’m here. I’m fine.” The dark haired boy looked at the boy with wide eyes, his face pale, his body trembling. “I’m sorry” He said before bursting into tears. Draco rocked the crying boy back and forth in his arms, trying to calm him down. After ten minutes of crying, the boy calmed down. He trudged over to the bathroom and splashed his face with cold water. When he walked back into his room, Draco was tucked up into bed.
“Uh, Draco?” He said. “What are you doing?”
“Well there’s no point in going back to my room if i’m going to have to come back in here.”
He got back into bed and moved as far away from Draco as he could. He was practically falling out of the bed.
“I don’t bite, you know?”
“And what does that mean?”
“It means you can come a bit closer. Unless you want to sleep on the floor?”
Harry moved closer and turned around. He was face to face with the blond. His breath caught in his throat. They gazed into eachothers eyes (1).
“Harry, can i tell you something?”
“I really like you.”
“Draco… I think i really like you too.”
“We are talking about the same ‘like’ aren’t we?”
“I hope so.”
Draco leaned in closer and Harry closed his eyes. Soft lips touched his. They pulled apart, eyes still closed, and took shaky, shallow breaths. Draco layed his hand on Harry’s cheek and they shared an other kiss. After a minute of passionate kissing  Draco pulled away again and looked at Harry, who now seemed to be glowing.
“I’ve waited a long time to do that.”
“If you had done that in third year, i would have punched you like Hermione did.”
Draco laughed. “My nose never felt the same.”
They snuggled against eachother and fell asleep.

“Morning.” whispered Draco as Harry woke up. The boy smiled sleepily.
“Good morning.” He whispered back.
The warmth of Draco’s breath made Harry shiver. A rush of heat went through his body, reaching every limb as the blond leaned down.
They were kissing eachother heatedly, Draco on top of Harry, his hands running through the other’s hair, while Harry gripped the blond’s waist.
“Hey Harr-woooah sorry!” Hermione had walked in on them. She sheilded her eyes, backed away slowly and shut the door.
“Oops.” Draco laughed shakily. The two boys got dressed-well, Harry got dressed, Draco just went down in his pyjama bottoms with no shirt on. Harry gazed at his body wich was perfectly chizeled and extreamly pale.
They walked in to the kitchen like nothing happend and sat next to eachother. They both piled up their plates while Hermione looked at them expectantly.
“Did i miss something?” Asked Blaise.
“You could say that.” Answered Hermione.
“What happened?”
“We kissed.” Said Draco.
“Yo-you and Granger?”
“No, me and Harry. Did i mention i’m gay?”
Blaise gapped at the boy, speechless.
“Oh, Harry’s gay aswell.”
“Really? Well if he weren’t i suppose you would have a bruise covering you’re face.”
“Yes, that’s true.”
“So, when were you going to tell me about you two?” Hermione asked Harry.
“Oh, it happened last night.
“Oh, okay. Well i saw it coming.” She said and setteled down infront of Harry.
“Yeah. Draco admitted he had a cush on you.”
“Hermione! Why do you keep saying thing you shouldn’t be saying?!”
“Sorry, sorry!”
Draco went bright red in the face while his friends (and lover) laughed.

Author’s note:
(1) I know it’s cheesy… BUT I LOVE IT!
Sorry this chapter is a bit late! Enjoy!


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