Still searching

Chapter 12

Harry and Draco had the best time of their lives during the next couple of weeks. They apparated to Hogsmeade everyday where they had Butterbeer after Butterbeer and even went to Paris for one night. They visited all the touristy places and even went to one of the biggest wizarding villages in Europe named Bauvennois (1) where they went designer clothes shopping and both of them got the latest broomstick. At night, they swooped over Paris on their brand new Zigma 3000’s and watched the Eiffel Tower light up. Then, they had a romantic picnic at the very top of the tower.
They were both madly in love and wondered how they hadn’t seen it while they were at Hogwarts. They arrived home, hand in hand, after their mini holiday and had an unexpected surprise.
“Weasley.” Sneered Draco.
“Mal-” Ron’s eyes bulged as he saw Draco’s hand gripping Harry’s. “What the bloody hell is this?”
“Oh, this?” Said the blond with laughing eyes, holding up his and Harry’s hand. “This is my boyfriend’s hand.” Harry shot his lover a warning glance.
“Listen, Ron, a lot has happened since… That day.”
“I hadn’t noticed.” Said the ginger boy, not taking his eyes off Draco.
“Look, Ron, can we meet up during the week? Have a drink and talk?”
“I want to talk now.”
“I don’t. I’m still not sure i’ve forgiven for what happened.”
Ron hesitated for a few seconds. “Fine. Wednesday evening at the Leaky Cauldren. Eight o’clock.”
Ron stomped out of the house in fury.
“That went well.” Said a voice coming from the livingroom door.
“Blaise.” Harry sighed. “I’m guessing you heard all of that?”
“How long are you staying here anyway?”
“I don’t know. Might move in now Draco’s sleeping in you’re bed.” He winked and poored himself a glass of orange juice.

Wednesday, at half past seven, Harry apparated to Diagon Alley. Draco and Hermione had insisted on coming but he refused. It was going to be him and Ron, nobody else. He walked through the brick barrier and into the Leaky Cauldren. He ordered a glass of water and waited for Ron to arrive.
“Fancy seeing you here.” Blaise sat down across from Harry.
“For Merlin’s sake, Blaise. What are you doing here?”
“Just thought i would come and have a drink, that’s all.”
“Of course you did.”
“Okay, okay. You got me. I’m a super secret spy. I was hired by Draco to watch over you while you were out with Mr. Ronald Weasley.”
“Oh for God’s sake. Blaise get out of here.”
“I’m afraid i can’t do that.”
“Harry! What are you doing withΒ him?”
“I have a name Ronald.”
“Whatever. Get out of here.”
“I’m afraid i can’t.”
“Blaise, please. Just go sit over there.” Said Harry.
“Fine. I’ve got my eye on you Weasley.”
“I’m going, i’m going.”
“Since when did he become ‘Blaise’?”
“Since he kind of moved in with me…”
“Wha-How-I can’t even begin to cmprehend what you’re saying mate.”
“He stayed over for a night to catch up with Draco and for some reason, he never left.”
“Well boot him out!”
“No. He’s a pain but he’s fun to be around. If you’d get over your school grudges, you would see.”
“I don’t want to see! Mate, we defeated You Know Who together! Malfoy tried to kill you!”
“Yes and then he saved me by throwing me his wand, Ron. Stop talking about the war.”
“Come on mate! The war was over a year ago, you must have gotten over it by now!”
“Well i haven’t! I don’t think you understand how many people i’ve lost, Ron!”
“I lost people too!”
“Yeah, you lost Fred. I lost my parents, my godfather, Remus, Fred, Dobby, Dumbledore, Tonks and who knows how many other people! You just don’t get it!” By now, Harry was screaming and the new owner of the bar was looking at him disaproovingly. Blaise came over and pulled Harry up.
“Come on. We’re going home.”

Harry was shaking with anger when he got back.
“What happened?” Asked Draco, wrapping an arm around the boy’s shoulders and guiding him to the livingroom.
“It’s nothing.” Answered Harry.
“Yes Mister Draco? Oh! Master what happened? Does master want somethings? Tea?”
“Tea would be great, Dilly.” Said Draco.
“Dilly will be righ back.”
When she came back, Harry had calmed down a bit. “Thanks Dilly.”
“Does master wants anything elses?”
“No that’s all Dilly.” The elf disaparated and Draco turned to Blaise.
“What happened?”
“Weasley started talking about the war.”
“Idiot.” Muttered Draco.
“Seemed to think Harry should’ve gotten over it by now.”
“Draco?” Harry looked at the blond with wide eyes.
“I want to go back to Hogwarts. To teach.”
“Really? So soon?”
“Yes. Maybe Ron’s right. Maybe i should have gotten over the war by now.”
“Harry, Ron isn’t right. You’ve been through so much…”
“I know but it’s time to move on. Who knows, maybe i could beat the one year stay as Defence Against The Drak Arts teacher?”


Professor McGonnagal,

I’m sure you’ve recieved Harry’s letter about him wanting to be DADA teacher. If he gets the job, i would like to be potions master, i heard Professor Slughorn was thinking about retiring. I don’t know if you have heard, but Harry and i are now a couple and he has been ill ever since the war. He is now feeling much better but i would still like to keep an eye on him.

Yours sincerely,
Draco Malfoy.

“My, my.” Muttered Minerva McGonnagal as she layed down Draco’s letter next to Harry’s.
“What is it, Minerva?” Asked the painting of Dumbledore. The professor turned to him.
“It seems Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter are a couple.”
Albus’ eyes twinkled. “Oh really?”
“Why do you not seem surprised, Albus?”
“Ah, my dear Minerva. You see, there is a very thin line between love and hate. I saw it coming. It was just a matter of time.”
“What do you think happened to Ginny Weasley?”
“You’ll have to ask Harry himself when you hire him.”
“How do you know if i’m going to hire him?”
“Because it’s Harry.”

Author’s note:
(1) PronouncedΒ Bo-ve-noi
Well, a lot has happened this chapter. Should Harry forgive Ron? Should Harry and Draco teach at Hogwarts?
Hope you enjoyed!


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