Still searching

Chapter 15

“Come on! Off to bed. And if i see anyone out, you will get points off your houses!” Said Draco, smiling. He had to admit, he had probably had the best night of his life. He had felt like he was twelve all over again. He and Harry swung their brooms over their shoulders and held hands. They slowly walked back up to the school. At the doors, Harry stopped.
“I don’t want to go back to sleep yet.” He said. “Do you want to have a midnight walk around the castle?”
“Yeah, ok.” Harry went back to the room and dug out his invisibility robe out of his chest. He had wardrobes but he still hadn’t unpacked.
He and Draco put it on and started walking down the corridor. They walked up and down different corridors, not to look at anything specifically, just enjoying eachothers company and being happy to be home. They were going down the 7th floor corridor when they saw a ghost. A very familiar looking ghost.
“FRED!” Shouted Harry. He untangled himself from the cloke and ran up to the dead Weasley. “I-Wha-I don’t…”
“Hi Harry!”
Draco stepped up behind Harry, the cloke slung over his arm.
“What? Why?”
“Oh.” Harry took the blond’s hand. “He’s my boyfriend.”
“You tell me about you being a ghost and not telling me and i’ll tell you all about this.”

The three stepped into an empty classroom and sat down.
“So,” said Harry. “Why hasn’t anybody told me you are a ghost?”
“I asked McGonagal not to tell anybody but George.”
“What? Why?!”
“Harry, i love my friends and family, but i can’t have them coming over here everyday. It’s not fair for them or the school. I miss them. A lot. But… You know…”
“I understand..”
“Anyway! I hang out with Peeves now.”
“Why am i not surprised.” Harry laughed. Fred’s transparent face turned serious.
“So, how come you are going out with you worst ennemi?”
Harry sighed. “It’s a long story.”
Fred rested his feet on the desk. “I have forever.”
“Long story short; i was depressed, Draco helped me, i collapsed, Draco saved me, we fell inlove.”
“Well…I’m sorry and happy to hear that.”
Harry and Fred talked for a little while until Draco started nodding off, head rested on his boyfriends shoulder.
“I better get him to bed.” Whispered Harry.
“Yeah… Harry? I’m happy for you.”
Harry smiled. “See you tomorrow Fred. I was great seeing you again.”
“You too mate, you too.”
Back at their room, Harry gently layed Draco down on the bed and layed down next to him. He wrapped his arms around his stomach and glued himself against the blond. Harry kissed the back of his neck and went to sleep.

The next morning, Harry got up early and went down for breakfast. Most of the students that he had played Quidditch with the night before were there and he nodded at them. They looked like they were going to faceplant in their scrambled eggs but they all smiled up at him. When he had sat down, Professor McGonagal turned to him.
“Well, Mr Potter. It seems quite a few of the students have taken a liking to you and Mr Malfoy.”
“Really?” Asked Harry, feining surprise as he piled sausages and scrambled eggs on his plate.
“Oh, Harry. Don’t sound so surprised. Us teachers know what they do every friday night. We’re not that oblivious. There is always an adult there to supervise them, even if they don’t know it. Arnold saw you and Draco last night.”
Harry looked at his old teacher, no longer pretending to be surprised.
“It’s probably a good thing that you play with the students, us other professors will be able to get some sleep.” McGonagal chuckled.
“But professor, why don’t you stop it? I seem to remember there being a strict rule about students not being allowed out after dark?”
“Yes, well, it’s just after the war. The students here should have a bit of fun. And it makes the houses rivalries less tense, you could say.”
“But Potter. I ask you not to tell the students we know, this way we still have minimum control over them.”
“Yes Potter?”
“Should I start calling you Minerva now?”
“Definetly not, Potter.”
“Okay.” Now it was Harry’s turn to chuckle.
As it was Saturday, Harry went to visit Neville and Hagrid. As usual, Hagrid offered him rock cakes and he politely refused, saying he was full up from breakfast. Neville showed him all his plants and Harry listened to him explaining what they do. After a couple of hours, Harry bid farewell and started walking up to his study, ready to get his next lessons ready when he bumped into Cassandra.
“Cassandra! Are you feeling better?”
“Yes, Professor. Um, are you?” She asked shyly.
“I’m fine Cassandra. No need to worry about me.”
“I saw you play Quidditch last night. You were really good.”
“Thankyou, why weren’t you playing?”
“I don’t know how to play. Well, i do but i can’t fly…” She looked down at her feet, ashamed.
The girl reminded him of Neville. Not in the blowing up cauldrons way, but the shy, low self esteem way.
“How about i give you some secret lessons? You can bring some friends along if you want.”
“Really?” She asked, doubtfull.
“Of course.”
“Thankyou sir!”
Cassandra ran off, to find her friends Harry presumed. He walked the opposite direction to his room.

When he got there, he sighed. Draco had turned the whole room Slytherin colors. He swished his wand and turned the room Gryffindor colors. Ha. He went into his study and started working on his lessons.


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