Still searching

Chapter 16

Harry was busy grading papers when Cassandra knocked on the doorframe.
“Hello Cassandra.”
“Hello Sir.” Cassandra tentatively walked into the room.
“Looking foward to your first lesson?”
“I’m a little bit nervous Sir…”
“Don’t be. It’ll be fine. No friends coming with you?”
“Um, no…”
“Oh. Sit down, do you want some tea while I just finish these?”
“No thankyou Sir.”
“What about a cupcake? Fresh from the kitchens!”
Cassandra smiled cheekily. “Maybe one, Professor.”
Harry pushed the plate of cakes forward. Cassandra picked up a small chocolate one.
“So Cassandra, how have you been liking Hogwarts so far.”
Harry frowned.
“Are you sure?”
“Well…” She burst into tears. “It’s just, everbody thinks I’m wierd and nobody wants to be friends with me.” She wailed. Harry stood and walked around the desk. He sat on the chair next to the girl’s and patted her arm.
“Don’t cry! Shall I tell you a secret?”
Cassandra didn’t answer but looked up at him with wide, tear-rimmed eyes.
“When I was little, I didn’t have any friends. I was bullied because of my cousin and nobody stood up for me. Then, I came here and I found my two bestfriends Hermione and… Ron.” Harry had forgotten about his row with Ron with all the work he was doing. “I’m sure you’ll find friends soon.”
“No I won’t! Everyone hates me!”
“I’m sure that’s not true.”
“Yes it is!”
Suddenly, Harry had an idea. “Cassandra, meet me on the Quidditch pitch in ten minutes.” He rushed out of the classroom.

Ten minutes later, Harry walked onto the pitch with a dozen young girls walking beside him. He had made sure none of them knew eachother. Cassandra was already waiting for Harry, nervously hovering from foot to foot.
“Right,” Said Harry. “Let’s get started shall we?”
“Sir?” Asked Cassandra in a terrified pitch.
Harry walked to the side with the girl. “Sir, why are there loads of people here?”
“I thought you could make some friends. None of the girls know eachother so they’re in exactly the same place as you.”
“Professor, I’m not sure I can do this.” She said on the verge of tears.
“Cassandra, you can. And if you don’t… A weeks detention.”
The girl watched the teacher walk back to the other girls in shock. She slowly walked over and Harry went to get broomsticks out of the shed.
“Hi!” Said a little brunette. “I’m Lancy. What’s your name?”
“I’m Cassandra.” Said the girl in a small voice.
“Are you excited? I am!”
“I’m a little nervous…”
“Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll be fine.  Are you in Hufflepuff? I am.”
“No, I’m in Slytherin…”
“Oh…” Lancy backed away and tears flooded Cassandra’s eyes. Seconds later Lancy came back. “Cassandra! This is Nooly, I’ve just met her! Hey, why are you crying? Don’t cry!”
“I’m sorry… It’s just… Everybody hates me because I’m in Slytherin and I thought you didn’t want to be friends because you walked away when I told you and you were being so nice.”
“Don’t you have friend in your house?”
“No, they all think I’m wierd.” Cassandra sniffed.
“I’ll be your friend then!”
“Really?” The girl looked up hopefully.
“I’ll be your friend to… If you want…” Said Nooly shyly.
“We can be a trio of friends!” Lancy beamed.
“I’d like that.” Cassandra smiled.
For the whole lesson, the three girls giggled and squealed. At the begining, when Harry was trying to teach them how to make the broom fly up into their hands, Nooly got knocked over by her broom (just like Ron had in his and Harry’s first year) and they all collapsed about, giggling.
At the end of the lesson, the three girls waved at Harry as they walked away. Cassandra grinned at him and Harry winked back.

Harry walked back up to the castle after putting the brooms away feeling much happier. Thanks to him, a young, shy girl had found friends. He had helped people his whole life but nothing felt better than this. He walked into the Hall with a small smile plastered on his face. He got there just in time to see the three girls running around a corner.
“What’s got you all happy?” Draco had crept up behind him.
“Oh nothing.”
“Come on, tell me!”
“I just helped Cassandra, Bill and Fleur’s little girl, make friends. She was bullied, like me…” Draco wrapped an arm around his shoulder. Harry tensed.
“That’s over now.” Said Draco softly.
“Draco. My scar hurts.”
Draco gripped Harry’s shoulders. The dark haired boy had wide, terrified eyes.
“Harry, what are you talking about?” He said, trying to stay calm.
“Draco, they’re coming. The remaining Death Eaters. They’re coming to kill me. They’re coming for revenge! I can feel it. Draco you have to help me please.” Harry looked Draco in the eyes. He was terrified, on the verge of tears. Draco took Harry’s trembling body and marched forward.
“Let’s go see the Headmaster.”

“Professor! Get everyone in the Great Hall!” Said Harry in a rush. “They’re coming for me! Quick!”
“Potter, what are you talking about?” Asked Minerva, calmly.
“The remaining Death Eaters. My scar is hurting again!” Said Harry. “Professor, I’m scared. I don’t want to go through this again.” He clutched Draco’s hand.
Neville came over to the two boys. Harry hadn’t noticed him as he had been in the corner, looking out of the window.
“Are you sure, Harry?”
“Yes. My scar hasn’t hurt since Vlodemort died.”
“I’ll gather up the teachers, you two gather up the students with Longbottom.”
Harry, Draco and Neville rushed down to the Great Hall.
“Are you sure about this Harry?”
“Then I’m with you. I’ll fight by your side, just like at the final Battle.”
“Thanks Neville.” Harry cast the Sonorus charm on himself. “All students must go immediately to the Great Hall. The castle is in danger. Please go to the Great Hall.” Screems filled the air as people rushed to the place instucted. Neville went to stand guard outside and Draco went to get students from their dormitory’s. A few minutes later, he came back.
“Did you get Cassandra, Lancey and Nooly?”
“What? No.”
“What do you mean no?”
“Well, no I didn’t see them.”
“Blast!” Harry ran off in the direction he saw them go. Draco tried to follow but a hand grasped his collar.
“We need al teachers outside.” Said McGonagal.
“But Harry-”
“Harry has defeated the Dark Lord. He can handle himself. Now come on.”
Harry ran down hallways shouting the three girls names. He must have ran for a good ten minutes before he found them.
“Thank-” He stopped dead in his tracks. Four Death Eaters were holding the girls while they wimpered. “No!” Harry made a grab for his wand but it got expelliarmused out of his hand. “Please don’t hurt them.” He had trouble breathing.
“We won’t hurt them, if you come with us.” Said an unfarmiliar man.
“Fine, just let them go. Please.”
“Come forward.” He did. When they had Harry firmly in their grasp, they obliviated the girls and knocked Harry out.


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