Still searching

Chapter 17

“Why are they all leaving?” Muttered Neville.
“I don’t know.” Answered Draco. “I’m going to see if I can find Harry.”
Neville nodded in acknowledgement, still confused. Draco went back into the castle and headed the way Harry ran off. “Harry?” He called. “Harry!” He went down corridor after corridor, looking for his lover. “Harry!” He called again. “Where are you?”
“Professor?” Came a trembling voice.
“Hello?” Draco walked around an other corner and found three little girls huddled up together. “Cassandra, Lancey and Nooly, right?”
“Yes sir.” Said the little brunette. She had her arms wrapped around her legs and was shaking from head to foot. Draco walked closer.
“Can one of you tell me what happend?” He asked as he crouched down next to them.
“We don’t know sir.” Wailed the little girl with purple hair. She reminded him of Tonks, Harry’s friend and auror. She was dead now though.
“Nooly?” The purple haired girl nodded. “Nooly, what do you mean you can’t remember.”
“Sir, we were running down the hallway and Professor Potter came up behind us then we collapsed but we didn’t even know it! We just woke up on the floor.”
Draco looked over the three girls. Cassandra, he guessed, who had shuffled over to lean against the wall, rolled up in a ball and cried. “Can you get up girls?” He asked the two others. They nodded and shakily got to their feet. He gently picked up Cassandra an cradled her like a baby. “Come on then.” He took Nooly’s hand as she was tripping over herself and Lancey led the way. She seemed confident, that girl. Would probably be a good auror when she was older, thought Draco. He started walking when his foot trod on something. That something shattered under his foot. He took it off and peered down. Harry’s glasses. He stooped down to pick them up. “Reparo.” Tears prickled his eyes. As they walked back up to the Great Hall, Draco tried to blink back the tears which were slowly crawling down his cheeks. What had happended to Harry? Where was he? Them bloody Death Eaters! He was going to kill them all, one by one. They were going to pay.

Harry woke up on a cold, hard, damp floor. What happened? He couldn’t remember. Two big, blurry feet in leather boots walked up to him, menacingly. Where were Harry’s glasses? He groaned and tried to lean up but an excruciating pain went through his body. He screemed until his lungs went raw. When the pain didn’t stop, he just lay on the floor twitching, trying to block it all out.
“Like that, do ya?” Came Avory’s voice. Harry remembered it from the battle. He looked up to the Death Eaters face and tears blurred his eyes. He didn’t want to be here. He didn’t choose to be the Chosen One. He just wanted to be a normal boy – or normal wizard anyway. The wizard barked a cruel laugh. “Is baby Potter crying? Someone get him a tissu.” He laughed again. Harry layed his cheek on the floor and tried to curl up in a ball, like he would do when he was younger and having nightmares about his parents death at night, but he winced in pain.
“Give ‘im some more, Rook.” More pain. It was never ending. After ten minutes, Harry passed out.

The Headmistress came rushing up to Draco and the girls, looking relieved. “Ah Malfoy.” She looked around. “Where is Potter?” She looked at Draco’s tear rimmed eyes and her stomach dropped. “Oh no…” She muttered.
Draco put Cassandra down after making sure she could stand and looked up at his old Professor. “I’m going after him.” His voice cracked. The Headmistress layed her hand on Draco’s shoulder, she looked at the boy infront of her sadly. He suddenly looked like he was eleven again. Scared, nervous and determined. “I wouldn’t expect any less of you, Draco.”
“I’m leaving now. I’ll just go pack a few supplies.” He walked away without waiting for an answer.
When he got into his still Gryffindor room (he hadn’t changed it back yet) he slammed the door and screemed. Why did it hurt so much, loosing Harry? He had hated him for over six years. Why did it hurt so much now? He slid down the door and put his head in his hands. Why did this have to happen? Just when Harry was getting happy again, as well? He got back up after a few minutes and wiped away the tears that were drying on his face. He got a bag and stuffed spare clothes in there, he summoned a house elf and ordered packeted food. The house elf came back with a couple of weeks worth of food. The elf had just disapeard when there was a knock at the door. He made sure his eyes weren’t red anymore in the mirror and opened the door. It was Neville. He walked away from the door and carried on putting more supplies in his bag. He wouldn’t have enough space… He used the spell Hermione used on all of her bags so the bottom would go extra deep. He put blankets and pillows in there, spell books and potions books while Neville stepped in, a small backpack on his shoulders. “I’m coming with you.” He said. Draco looked at the other for a moment then said “No you’re not. You’ve got lessons to teach, a life to live. I could be gone for weeks, or months even.”
“I’m still coming with you. Harry saved us all, the least I could do, is help save him.”
Draco huffed. “Whatever. Just don’t get in my way.”
Draco went over his mental list to make sure he had everything he need and set off, down the stairs to the entrance of the castle. McGonagall walked up to him and his companion. “Good luck boys.” She said with a sad smile.
“Thanks.” Mutter they both muttered.
“Come home safely.”
“We will Professor.” Said Neville as Draco started out the door. Neville caught up with him. “Where to first?”
“The Death Eaters went towords the Forest. Let’s try there first.”
“We’re coming Harry.” Muttered Neville as Draco wiped away an other tear.


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