Still searching

Chapter 18

After five days of searching, Draco and Neville still hadn’t found a trail. The had recieved an owl the day before from Mconagall, saying that family and friends were searching for Harry. They had multiple auror’s searching too.
They had been walking none-stop for twelve hours.
“Shall we stop for the night?” Asked Neville. Draco looked up at the sky, it looked like it was about ten p.m. He nodded and shrugged his backpack off, then sat down. Neville stared at him for a couple of seconds before getting a bomfire going. While Neville made food and layed down blankets and pillows, Draco stared at his feet, wondering when he was going to find his lover – if he ever found him at all.
After a fast and silent meal, the two boys layed down to sleep. Turning his back to Neville, Draco immedeately started crying. He tried to be silent and he knew the other boy could hear him but didn’t say anything.
In the middle of the night, Draco jerked awake. He didn’t know why, but he knew something was wrong. He shook Neville awake and put a finger to his lips. That’s when he heard the hushed voices.
“Are you sure it’s this way, Avory?” Asked one of them.
“Of course Rook, you idiot.”
Draco quietly put his things away in his bag, as did Neville and followed the voices that were now moving away.
They stayed low as they followed Avory and Rook. They walked for about twenty minutes when they got to a little, old, ruined shack.
“Come on, gotta give ‘im some water or he won’t survive until the others get ‘ere.” Said Avory.
“Can’t wait for this… Torture party.” Draco could hear the grin in Rook’s voice. He was going to pounce on him but Neville gripped his arm to hold him down.
“I’m going to kill them all.”
The two Death Eaters walked into the shack. When Draco and Neville tries to follow, they got blocked at the doorframe. The door wouldn’t open. Draco tried all of the unlocking charms he could think of with no luck. “Shit.”
They tried different types of spells for about ten minutes. They heard a crack behind them. The first Death Eater was here.
“Come on.” Whispered Neville. “We’ll follow him in. There are only three of them if there are only the other two, we could take them.” They ducked behind a tree and his their bags under some bushes. They waited for the man to walk through the door and rushed up there before it could close again. They creeped in a quietly closed the door behind them. Thankfully the floorboards didn’t creak. They foolowed the voices down the corridor into a big room, where a frail body was shivering on the ground, face down. The person was covered in cuts and bruises. There was a deep gash on his bare back and his ankles were twisted in a way Draco was sure wasn’t natural.
“Harry!” He gasped. He was about to barge into the room when several cracks were heard outside. “Shit, shit, shit!” The two hid by the staircase while a dozen people came in. They all greeted their friends and laughed at the sight of Harry’s body on the ground.
“Let the toture party begin!” Called Avory. Not one person didn’t start torturing Harry. A chilling scream pierced the room. The Death Eaters laughed and Draco came out of his hiding place. He zapped the killing curse to as many people as he could while their backs were turned, Neville helped in and together, they knocked out most of them. The other couple stopped torturing and turned around, stunned. A spell got thrown at Draco’s chest but he dodged. He quickly killed the one who tried to kill him while Neville took care of the other. He rushed over to his lover and crouched over him.

Harry heard sounds all around him but he kept his eyes tight shut. The pain had lessened, but it didn’t go away completely. There was silence for a couple of seconds when somebody crouched over him. “Harry.” The voice seemed soft enough, maybe it was a trick though, to get him to open his eyes so they could blind him. He kept them tightly shut. A hand touched his shoulder and he winced in pain, the hand left him. “Harry.” The voice whispered now. Stong arms strted to lift him up and he shrieked in pain, his eyes still closed. He got put back down again and the person draped his arms around him. Harry flinched away. What were the Death Eaters doing? Was this some kind of trick? A face loomed closer to his and he whimpered. After five days of being tortured, he wasn’t ashamed to show he was afraid.
“Draco, what are we going to do?”
Did Harry hear correctly? Did someone just say Draco? He didn’t know of any Death Eaters named Draco. He tentatively opened an eye. He was right! Draco and Neville stood before him, watching him with worried expressions. He half gasped, half whimperd in relief. “Draco.” He tried to call out but his voice was only a whisper and the two others had turned their backs on him to discuss something. He tried again. “Draco…” And again. “Draco.” His voice was a tiny bit louder now and his boyfriend spun around. It was a good thing he had good hearing, thought Harry.
“What is it?” Asked Neville.
Draco rushed up to Harry and crouched down. He wiped the flowing tears off his boyfriends face. “It’s okay, i’m here.” He whispered comfortingly. Harry didn’t answer, just cried harder. “Can you get up?” Harry would’ve tried if he could feel his limbs. He shook his head slightly. “Well i can’t pick you up… Maybe we could try apparating?” He asked Neville.
“We could but… I don’t know if Harry would survive it.”
“We’ve got to get him back though!”
“Maybe wait a few hours. Lets feed him and water him, maybe try and clean up some of wounds and then try?”
“Okay…Okay. Can you get some food and water out then?”
Neville turned to the largest backpack and unloaded packeted food and a couple of bottles of water. Draco gently tipped little drops of water in Harry’s parched, parted lips, all while trying to keep his head up so he wouldn’t choke, then did the same thing with food. After that, he cleaned up as many wounds as he could and gave the boy some medicine to ease the pain. Neville got blankets and pillows out and layed them on the floor next to him. He levitated Harry’s body into the blankes and covered him up. Draco slipped inside next to him and gently draped his arms around the thin boy. “It’s all going to be alright.” He whispered into the boy’s ear. Harry noded sleepily and a couple of seconds later, he fell asleep.

Draco waited for Harry to wake up to apparate him back to the castle. Neville went first with the bags to tell the Headmistress. He gently lifted Harry up, even though the boy groaned in agony nd they apparated back to Hogwarts. They landed in the hospital wing and Harry collapsed. A lot of blood was pouring out of his leg.
“Oh no. Madam Pomfrey!” He shouted. “Quick!” The old lady rushed out of her office and stared at Harry who was twitching on the ground with the blond crouching beside him, stoking his hair and gripping his hand. He looked up at the woman. “We couldn’t stay there any longer.” He said desperately. “We apparated out but he got splinched. Please help!” He pleaded. MadamPomfrey levitated Harry’s body and layed it on the closest hospital bed. She ripped open his jeans where the blood was coming out and took out a bottle of something from the cupboard.
“Now dear, this is going to sting okay?” She said softly after cleaning the cut. Draco gripped Harry’s hand tighter. The boy screamed in agony when the liquid touched his skin but the wound started closing up. When Madam Pomfrey stopped pouring the yellow-ish liquid on him, he sighed in relief and passed out.
“I’ll clean up the other wounds now. Could you turn him over?” The woman asked Draco. He did and Harry winced in his sleep. “Oh my.” Pomfrey gasped. “What did they do to him?” She eyed the massive gash on his back.
“Can you just make him better? Please.” Draco’s eyes had filled with tears again.
“Of course. Now leave, i’ll call you back when i’m done.”
“Mr Malfoy. Please.”
He sighed and walked off, outside the hall. Seconds later, the whole staff rushed up to him.
“How is he?” Asked McGonagall.
“Bad. Very bad.” Reliped the boy, wiping his tears away. The Headmistress layed a hand on Draco’s shoulder and walked into the room. The staff patiently waited outside with Draco.
A couple of minutes later, three little girl came running up to him.
“Sir! Sir! Is Professor Potter okay?” Asked Cassandra once she had reached him. “My mum and dad went out looking for him!”
“He’s…Going to be okay.” I hope, he thought.
“Can we wait with you, Professor? We made him Get Well Soon cards.” Nooly and Lancey showed him three letters proudly.
“That’s lovely.” He said. “And yes, of course you can wait with me.”

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