Still searching

Chapter 19

When Madam Pomfrey had finally finished with Harry, she called Draco in. The three girls held eachothers hands and skipped in but their faces fell when they saw that the ill boy was sleeping. Nooly’s hair went blue.
“Why don’t you go get some dinner girls? I’ll show Professor Potter your letters when he wakes up.” Said Draco.
“But we want to be here when Professor wakes up!” whined Cassandra.
“Nooly! Cassandra! I have an idea!” Lancey rushed out of the room and the others followed after sharing a confused glance. Draco sighed and pulled up a chair next to Harry’s bed. He took his hand and squeezed gently. A few minutes later, many people came into the room. Hermione, Blaise, Ron, Bill, Fleur, George, Charlie, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Tonks and many others rushed into the room, all talking loudly. Draco shushed them and they all fell silent. Draco looked at them pointedly.
“He’s sleeping.”
“Out! Out!” Madam Pomfrey half screeched, hald whispered. “The boy needs his rest! Out!”
“I am not leaving this boys side Poppy.” Stated Mrs Weasley. “I have been taking care of him since he was eleven, I am not going to stop now.”
“Fine, fine. All of you, out!”
Draco nodded at Hermione, and Blaise.
“Them two can stay, Harry will want to see them. And I’m guessing Bill and Fleur will want to see their daughter when she comes back… Which should be any second.” When the two parents looked at Draco, confused, he added: “They’ve been waiting to see him. They’re quite fond of him. Probably because of their secret flying lessons.” Draco smiled.
“And what about me? And why would Harry want to see him?” Ron jerked his head in Blaise’s direction.
“Why would he want to see you?” Sneered Blaise.
“Shush! He’ll wake up with all the racket you’re making. Fine you can stay but not a sound! All of you, out!”
Mr Weasley ushered everybody out and there was finally silence in the room. Draco turned back to Harry and saw that he was still sound asleep, even with all the noise that had been going on.
“I still don’t get why he’s here.” Muttered Ron.
Don’t you get it, Weasley? You were a terrible friend. Even Blaise and I, who hated Harry, were better friends then you.”
“Why did you become friends with him?” Hissed Ron. “Why are you going out with him? Hoping to get on the Wizarding World’s good side, are you? I bet he’s put Harry under the Imperius curse.” He muttered to Hermione.
“Don’t be silly, Ron.” Said Hermione.
“Yeah, listen to Hermione. Why can’t you just accept me like everyone else has? You just have some stupid, little boy grudge and you can’t get rid of it can you? Even all this time later.”
“You made my life Hell.”
“Yes, I did. And I made Harry’s life Hell too and look at us now!” Draco was standing now, inches away from the ginger. Harry muttered in his sleep and Draco immediately sat down again and took his lovers hand.
“Ron, leave it be.” He heard Hermione whisper.
Just then, the three first years came stampeding in, Lancey in the lead and the two others trailing behind. They all had as much food as they could carry in their small arms. Cassandra’s eyes widened as she saw her mother and father. She discarded the food on the nearest bed and rushed over to them. “Mummy! Daddy!” Bill and Fleur hugged their daughter tight, eyes gistening. ”
“My baby.” Whispered Fleur into Cassandra’s hair. The girl pulled away and went over to her friends.
“This is Lancey and Nooly. They’re my new friends.” She beamed.
“Pleased to meet you.” Said Bill.
“Hello! I’m Lancey and she’s Nooly. I’m in Hufflepuff and she’s in Gryffindor but even though we’re all in different houses we’re bestfriends!”
“Very pleased to hear that.” Said Bill. Fleur chose not to talk; she knew she would burst into happy tears if she did.
Harry stired next to them and woke up. He blinked sleepily at the people surrounding him. “Well hi there.”
“Are you okay?” Asked Draco.
“I’m just fine.” He answered, wincing.
“You’re such a bad liar.” Draco laughed.
Cassandra, Nooly and Lancey edged forward. “We got you get well soon cards Professor.” Said Cassandra. They each handed Harry their hand-made cards.
“Thankyou girls, they’re great.”
“And we brought food!” Said Lancey.
“I’m not that hungry yet, but I’ll have some later.”
“Okay! We’ll leave it here!” The girls dropped the food on the trunk at the end of the bed. Harry yawned.
“Come on girls, why don’t you give us a visit? We haven’t been here in ages!” Said Fleur, ho had finally recovered.
“Okay!” The three girls skipped out of the room. “See you soon, Professor!”
“We’ll come back later Harry.” Said Bill as he head out the door.
“See you later.” Fleur waved.
“Harry dear, do you need anything?”
“No thanks Mrs Weasley.”
“Are you sure, dear?”
“Yes, thankyou Mrs Weasley.” Harry smiled weakley.
“Okay dear. I’m just going to pop to the Headmistresses office. I’ll be right back.”
After a few minutes of silence, Hermione pulled up an other chair next to Harry while Ron hovered in the back.
“What happened to you Harry?” She asked gently.
“I went looking for Cassandra, Nooly and Lancey when the Death Eaters got here. Four of them had gotten hold of them so i turned myself in for the girls. They knocked me out, brought me to some abandoned shack and… You know.”
“Are you feeling better now?” She asked, taking Harry’s free hand.
“Yeah. But Madam Pomfrey can’t seem to fix my ankles. I don’t know what they did but it hurts like Hell. They look normal but it feels like they’ve been broken in a hundred places. And my shoulder keeps twitching. And my back and leg hurt… I’m not doing too  good actually.” A bitter laugh left his mouth.
“Oh Harry.” Hermione’s eyes filled with tears and her voice cracked. “I’m sorry we didn’t get to you sooner.”
“It’s okay Hermione. Really. I’ll be fine.”
Ron cleared his throat. “Sorry mate.” He didn’t dare look at anything but his feet.
“Don’t. Just-it’s okay.”
“What?” Asked Draco, disbelieving. Harry gave him a sharp look and he turned away.
“Really mate?”
“Yeah just… Let it go.”

Auhor’s note:
So, i found out there is something that doesn’t really make sense. Cassandra is eleven but the war only ended like a year ago. So i decided that she has been adopted by Bill and Fleur because they couldn’t have children . Cassandra still see’s her birth mother and father but they just didn’t have enough money or time to take care of her. She doesn’t mind being adopted and loves her ‘new’ parents just as much as her ‘old’.

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