Still searching

Chapter 22

On the twenty fourth, Draco and Harry went to an other gay club. But this time, they flooed to a club in America. Even though they used the Floo, it took them hours to get there. They had to go from Floo to Floo, trying to find the right connections.
“It’s a good thing we left early.” Said Draco.
“They’re still, like, six hours behind us though so we’ll probably get there in the middle of the night.”
“We could stay up on the beach when we get there, spend the day shopping and go to a club in the evening.”
“Sounds good to me.”

When they finally did get to Florida, as Harry had said, it was night time. He looked around himself. Only a couple of takeaways were open, otherwise, all the little souvenir shops were closed. They all sold candy and buckets and spades or cheap jewlery.
“Use that thing on your thing and find the nearest beach.” Said Draco as if Harry would be stupid to not know what he was talking about.
“That thing on my thing?” Harry’s eyes twinkled in amusement.
“You know. That…That technilugie stuff.”
“You mean technologie?”
“Yeah. That’s what I said. Techinuligie.”
Harry laughed for a good five minutes while Draco irritably asked why and finally took out his phone.
“The nearest beach is literally around the corner.”
“Let’s go then.”

They walked around a closed corner shop and the sea lay peacefully infront of them. The stars were twinkling and the full moon shone brightly above them.
“Let’s hope there aren’t any werewolves around tonight.” Joked Draco, although he shivered, remembering the night he nearly got bit by one while he was in Australia. Harry took his hand and pulled him along the path and walked down the steps to the seafront. He settled down and dragged Draco down next to him.
“I’m going to get sand in my underwear.” He complained.
“Poor you.”
“Yes poor me.”
They sat there until the sunrise in silence, leaning against eachother, just enjoying eachothers company and the beautiful view. Around nine o’clock, they got up and went for a coffee and muffin in a small but cosy coffee room. The place was a single room with sofas and comfy chairs squashed together. Harry and Draco took a seat by the window and sipped their coffee while talking about what they were going to do for the day.
“I want to go shopping. Proper, exensive shopping. I don’t want little cheap things.” Stated Draco.
“I guess we could apparate to the closest town that has a shopping center. I would like to visit the touristy places.” Said Harry thoughtfully.
“Well that’s boring.” Scoffed Draco. Harry glared at the boy.
“Maybe for you but not for me.”
Draco frowned but didn’t say anything else.
After a long talk, they got up and apparated to the nearest big town. For the whole morning and half of the afternoon, Draco went from shop to shop, Harry trailing behind him, carrying the many bags his boyfriend had aquired.
“Can we eat? I’m starving.” Complained Harry.
“Fine.” Draco huffed and then smirked. “We’ll have lunch if you let me restyle you.”
“But I like my style the way it is!”
“I guess we just won’t eat then, will we?” Said Draco as he started walking off.
“Fine!” Harry groaned. “Fine.”
“You’re such a girl.”
“I’ll let you know, that I am the manliest man there is. I’m the Prince of Slytherin!”
“Of course you are.”
They sat at a fancy lunch bar. Draco ordered a goats cheese salad and Harry got a Hamburger.
After eating, Draco dragged Harry around every shop he could find and made him try on all sorts of clothes, all of which looked ridiculus on Harry.
The boy walked out of the dressing room with a frown on his face. “I look stupid.”
“You don’t! You just have to… Find the right style for you.”
After a few more outfits, Harry finally found one that he liked. He walked out again with a white shirt on, tucked into black jeans that weren’t baggy, but weren’t to skinny either and black shoes on. “I like this.” He said.
“Simple, but classy. It’s a good look for you.”
Harry tried on a few more outfits that were basically the same but in different colors. He and Draco walked out of the shopping center, both wearing completely new outfits, holding hands with bags in their free hands. They apparated back to the seafront they had arrived at the night before. Their arms swung slightly as they walked on the seafront and they completely forgot about visiting touristy places.
They went to an other fancy restaurant for dinner and near eleven o’clock, they went to a club. They deposited their bags in lockers which were provided at the entrance. They then, went into the actual club and looked around. Most people were already dancing drunkly on the dancefloor. They sat down at the bar and ordered two exotic coktails they had never heard of. The two quickly got drunk and talked and laughed loudly for an hour or so. Harry didn’t know why, but Draco kept glancing over his shoulder and at each time, his eyes would narrow.
“That guy’s checking you out. Kiss me.” He pulled Harry towards him by the neck. The kiss was rough at first but it quickly got softer and Harry melted into the kiss. He layed his hand on the blond’s cheek and pulled him closer by the waist with his other hand. They sat happily kissing for what seemed like hours. Harry jumped when a man’s rough voice whispered in his ear. “Well hello there.”

Author’s note:
Muahahahahaaaaa. Yes, I left it on a cliffhanger. What will happen next? Will there be a big fight? I don’t know. Well, I do but, you know… I am so evil. What’s worse is you will probably only get the next chapter next week. *Cackles madly*
Also, there will be a Paris blog up next week with pictures! Hope you enjoyed the chapter. See you next week!


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