Still searching

Chapter 23

“What the-” Harry tried to spin around but his nose and teeth bashed Draco’s. “Shit. Sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it.” Said Draco. He was rubbing his long, thin, white nose and glaring at the man behind Harry.
“Excuse me, but, who are you?” Asked Harry to the man. He was quite tall, about Dracos’ size and Draco was quite a bit tall than Harry. He had dark eyes, that were nearly black and dark unruly hair like Harry’s to match. His thin lips were smirking and the smell of alcohol and cigarettes radiated out of his mouth. He scratched his short beard.
“I’m your wildest dream.”
“No, I am.” Said Draco. “Now if you wouldn’t mind, we were in the middle of something.”
The man ignored the blond and leaned closer to Harry, his hand nearly over the boy’s cocktail. “I’m Sam. And who are you?”
“Um, Harry.”
“Hello Harry.”
“Brilliant. Come on Harry.” Draco tugged Harry’s sleeve urging him to leave.
“Don’t forget your drink.” Said Sam, smirk still in place. He held up the glass for Harry to take and their fingers brushed. Harry took a gulp and instantly felt light headed. He looked up and the first thing he saw was Sam.
“Hey, Draco?” He said, not turning around, eyes still on the man before him. “I think I’m gonna stay here.” He started sitting back down but Draco tugged him back up.
“No. You’re coming with me.” He tried to sound authoritative but instead, he just sounded desperate.
“Fuck off, Malfoy.” Draco stepped back in surprise, letting go of Harry. What had he just said? Had he heard correctly. Harry didn’t even turn back when Draco gulped back a sob. He turned and stormed towards the men’s room. He slammed into a cubicle and punched the wall in anger. What a bastard. What a stupid little bastard. Draco wasn’t sad; just angry. Whatever, he decided that he was going to go back out there and show Harry he didn’t care, even if he did immensely. He wiped his sweaty hands on his new trousers and walked out of the toilet. He sat back down at the bar, as far away from the two men who were now laughing and holding hands as he could be. Soon enough, a tanned man, a tiny bit shorter than Draco, with sandy blond hair and blue eyes came over to him.
“Hey there.”
“I’m Aaron.” He said with a smile.
“So, Draco, would you like to dance?”
“Yeah, okay.” He said with a gleam in his eyes.
It turned out Aaron was just a selfish, self-absorbed idiot. All he did while dancing with Draco was talk about himself and how great he is. Draco only half listened and nodded in all the right places but his attention was really on Harry. He was laughing still with Sam, what a stupid name, and they were so close to each other, Draco thought they would kiss at any moment. He was about to look away when a hand movement caught his eye. Sam had one hand on Harry’s thigh (“Bastard”) and the other was putting some weird liquid in his renewed cocktail. Draco pushed past Aaron (“Hey!”) and stormed up to the two men.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” He hissed, knocking the vile out of the man’s grasp.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”
“Saving Harry from who knows what! Come on, Harry!” This time, he took the boys arm but didn’t let go when he got pushed away. “I said come on.”
“Go away! I want to stay with Sam!”
“Listen to him Blondie.”
“No, you listen to me. If you ever drug Harry again I will kill you.”
“Ah, little Love Potion can’t hurt, can it?” The man’s eyes twinkled with malice.
“Fuck you.” Draco pulled Harry out of the club and took the phone out of his pocket. Thankfully, he knew the code which was the first time they kissed.
“Now, how do I use this thing? Harry?” But Harry wasn’t listening, he was trying to get back into the club. Draco sighed deeply. “Guess I’m going to have to figure this out alone.” He clicked on the app where messages was written underneath. Thankfully, Hermione was the last person Harry had messaged. He clicked on her name and spent ten minutes writing he a message.

Harry has been given a love potion by a creep in the club we were at. Can you find the nearest wizarding village to the Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel in Los Angeles? Thanks.

Hermione sent back a reply a few seconds later.

You will have to Floo to a pub called the Shaved Horse and they will tell you how to get to the village. It is basically like the Leaky Cauldron, there is a secret passageway so muggles can’t get in. Hope you get the antidote.

Draco didn’t bother to reply, he went straight to the nearest wizard pub.


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