Still searching

Chapter 25

The next morning, Draco woke up to an empty bed. He noticed he was only in his boxers when he could have sworn he went to bed fully clothed. He trudged downstairs, still half asleep, and heard music coming from the kitchen. He walked in and stopped short. Harry was also in his boxers, dancing around while making what looked like pancakes and fruit smoothies. He was throwing in different fruits into an abnormal machine and flipping a pancake at the same time while dancing. Draco jumped back when the machine started rattling and making a horrible noise. Harry saw the movement out of the corner of his eye, stopped the machine and laughed.
“Don’t worry. It’s just a blender.”
“A blender?”
“It blends things, Draco.”
“And it makes a terrible sound as well. Those things should be against the law.”
“That’s just how muggles do smoothies.”
“But we’re not muggles.”
“But I grew up with muggles.”
“But we have a house elf.”
“But I thought we could make breakfast together.” Said Harry, his shoulders slumping. Draco came forward and laid a hand on the shorter boy’s cheek. “We will.” He looked around the kitchen. “But I have no idea how to.”
“I’ll show you.” Said Harry, brightening up immediately. He showed Draco how to mix the pancake mix with a mixer and which button to press to blend fruit with the blender and how to flip the pancakes. He did that while Harry made the table and laid out fruits and sauces and whipped cream for the pancakes. He had finished when Draco groaned.
“What is it?”
“I can’t flip it!”
“Come here.” Harry put one arm around the blonds waist and a hand on top of the hand which was holding the pan. He was much shorter than Draco so he had to stand on his tippy toes. He kissed Draco’s cheek and showed him how to flip the pancake. After five minutes, Draco could do it perfectly but Harry stayed where he was, both arms draped around Draco’s waist now, his cheek against the boy’s back. He did not ant to move but eventually, he had to. Draco put the stack of pancakes in the middle of the table and they sat down. They were half way through a conversation when Blaise walked in in his pyjamas.
“Something smells nice in here. Oh please get some clothes on.”
Draco sighed. “I forgot you were staying here now. Don’t you have your own house?”
“I have an appartement. This is much roomier.”
Just then, a young woman came in. She had brown hair twisted in a knot on top of her head and a small thin body. She had a very pretty face with brightΒ brown eyes, a tiny button nose, rosy full lips and freckles dotted her nose. Harry supposed she was only in her underwear as he could see her shiny, waxed legs coming out of the pink silk dressing gown she had on.
“Hello there.”
“And who are you?” Asked Draco.
“I’m Moon. And you must be Draco and Harry.”
“Yeah.” Said Harry slowly. “Um, will you be joining us for breakfast, Moon?”
The girl looked at Blaise.
“Yes, she will.” He said for her.
Harry got up and pulled out an other two plates and knives and forks. He suddenly remembered he was only in his boxer. He tried to stop the red creeping up his neck and cheeks and straightened up. He sat down and suddenly, Draco’s voice was in his head.
Don’t be self-conscious, love.
What? Harry thought in his head. The two boys stared at each other. How did they just do that? Harry pushed back his chair and Draco, seeing that, did the same.
“Excuse us for a moment.” He said and they rushed out of the door and up the stairs. As soon as the door closed behind them, Harry spoke.
“What was that? Did we just speak to each other in our minds?”
“I think so.”
“But how?”
“I have no idea…”
“This is crazy. the Last person who I could hear in my head was…Voldemort. Do you think we somehow put a piece of our souls into each other?”
“I don’t think so. I don’t see how we could…”
“This is crazy. Absolutely crazy.”
“Well, let’s not worry about it now. We’ll askΒ  McGonagall about it when we go back to Hogwarts.”
“Yeah, I guess so…”

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