Still searching

Chapter 26

The whole day, Harry and Draco tried their ‘mind connection powers’, as they now called them, every five to ten minutes just to see if they still worked. Harry, surprisingly, got used to it very fast. He would just speak to Draco as if it were completely normal to speak to him with his mind. Draco, on the other hand, found it deeply unsettling. He agreed they had to keep an eye on it but only grudgingly.
“Why are you both being so weird today?” Asked Blaise as he and Moon watched Draco and Harry staring intensely at each other that evening.
“Are they always like this?” Whispered Moon to the boy next to her.
“There’s always something weird happening when they’re around. You’ll get used to it after a while.” Blaise whispered back. “Although, they’ve never been this weird.” Talking louder now he said “Oi! You two! I know you’re in love and all but you’re getting more weird than usual now.”
The two looked up in surprise and stopped looking at each other. Harry relaxed back into the sofa and took a swig of his Firewhiskey. Draco sat unusually straight, muscled tensed, his hand shaking and white where he was holding his glass so tight. Harry shuffled closer to his boyfriend and gently took his hand.
“I know you don’t like this, but try not to worry about it too much. Okay? We’ll figure out what’s happening as soon as we get back to Hogwarts.” Thought Harry.
“I’ve been thinking. And I might know what is happening. Come with me.”
Harry looked at the boy in surprise and followed him to their room.
“Nutters.” Muttered Blaise as they walked out of the room.
“What is it?” Asked Harry asked aloud when they had entered their room.
“I was looking at your family tree. You know the tail of the Three Brothers?”
“Of course I do.”
“Alright don’t go all sarcastic on me. Well, after a bit of research, or, a lot of research shall I say, I found out that one of them was a Veela.”
“What’s a Veela again?”
“You are extremely stupid sometimes Potter. Fleur Delacour? Your best friends brothers wife? Cassandra’s mother?”
“How did you-?”
“I did research. Remember?”
“Yes I remember now. So? One of my ancestors was a Veela. So what?”
“Did you ever read a book while we were at Hogwarts? In our student and teaching days?”
“Apparently not. You have Veela blood Harry. It goes from generation to generation. You must be a Veela.”
“What? That can’t be possible. You must have seen something wrong. Maybe you need glasses? I could lend you mine when you’re reading if I’m not using them.”
“Stop being a prat. You are a Veela. Although I don’t see why… You aren’t particularly good-looking…”
“Thank a bunch.”
“I’m joking. You are the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on.” Said Draco as he wrapped his arms around the others waist.
Harry turned away to cover the red bloches creeping up his neck.
“I hate it when you complement me.” He muttered.
“I know but I love it the way you blush.” Draco smirked.
“I hate that smirk as well.” Said Harry, brushing the blonds lips with his thumb. “I prefer it when you smile normally like you’re actually happy.”
“I do!”
“No you don’t, you smirk like you used to at Hogwarts when you thought you said something funny.”
“I’ll have to try that smiling thing one day then.”
“Yeah.” They leaned against each other for a while. “Do you really think I’m a Veela?”
“It is possible.”
“But why are these…Side effects coming up now? Why not earlier?”
“I really don’t know Harry.”
At that moment an eagle owl scraped at the window.
“That’s my mother’s owl.” Said Draco, clearly shocked. He slowly walked over to the window and opened it. The owl swooped in, dropped the letter and balanced on the wardrobe, clearly waiting for an answer. Draco hesitantly opened the letter and read it. His mouth opened and his eyes grew wider the further he got down the page. He looked up at Harry, back down at the letter and back to Harry again.
“What is it?”
Draco shoved the letter in Harry’s hands.
“My father’s dead.” He said. “Read it.”
Harry skimmed through it. Draco was right; his father was dead and his mother wanted him to go to the funeral. They had both been released from Azkaban a couple of weeks ago and had Malfoy Manor back.
“How can she think I want to go to his funeral after he disowned me? He wouldn’t even want me there!”
Harry didn’t say anything, he just sat down next to Draco and held his hand.
“How could she think that?”
“You don’t have to go.” Said Harry reassuringly.
“As if I would I would even think of going.” Scoffed Draco.

Saturday evening, Harry and Draco flooed back to Hogwarts. The Headmistress greeted them warmly as appeared in her office.
“Boys! I would have thought you would floo into your own room?”
“We have a question for you Professor.” Said Harry.
“Ask away.”
“We have recently discovered we have some…Unusual abilities.”
“What is it now?” The professor sighed.
“We can talk to each other in our minds.”
“You can what?”
“Talk to each other in our minds. Draco has a theory of what it could be but it’s ridiculus really.”
“It is not!”
“Have a seat boys.” Breathed McGonagall before they got in a fight. She sat in her big armchair and the two boys took seats in the squishy chairs opposite her. “What is your theory Professor Malfoy?”
“Harry’s a Veela.”
“I’m sorry, I think my hearing is weak today. Did you say Veela?”
“Apparently not then. Explain.”
Draco recounted how he looked into Harry’s family tree and McGonagall listened intently.
“Well it certainly could be that but what I don’t understand, is Veelas can feel each others emotions but they can’t speak to each others in their minds.”
“I know. That’s why it’s ridiculous. I mean, me, a Veela?” Said Harry.
“I think I know somebody who could help us on this.” Said McGonagall.
“Who?” Asked the two boys at the same time.
The Headmistress didn’t answer. Instead, she scribbled a note onto a spare piece of parchment and sent it away. She leaned her elbows on her desk and intertwined her fingers.


20 thoughts on “Still searching

  1. Nice and I’ve heard of Veelas aren’t they like um dragons almost except dragons read mind and talk telepathically with witches not wizards but sometimes they make exceptions. 🙂 I think I’ll have to ask Hermione.


    1. Veelas are basically suuuuuuper attractive and it puts men and women under a sort of trance and from some fanfics I have read, they have mates and they can feel everything their mate feels and they have wings that are soft around their mate but sharp when there is danger

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Is it still day where you live? If it is and it’s a nice day, I suggest going for a walk. Maybe even try to find a forest like the one in your story. Bring your phone or a notepad along and write the ideas you get. Or just write different ones where you are right now and choose the one you prefer 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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