Still searching

Chapter 27

McGonagall looked at the three men in front of her in turn; Harry was looking at her expectantly, Draco was twidling his thumbs and Arnold Quipett was looking around the room, confused about why he was here.
“I’m sorry Headmistress, but was is Professor Quipett doing here?” Asked Harry.
“Is it okay if I tell them Arnold?” At the mans nod, she continued. “Arnold is a Veela.”
Draco and Harry both turned to look at the man next to them.
“Is this true?” Asked Draco. The man nodded again.
“How can you tell if you are a Veela?” Asked Harry.
“Well, if you didn’t know, Veelas have mates, man or woman, it doesn’t matter, they also have wings; wings that are sharp around danger but soft around their mate. They are hard to control at first but when you have…Mastered, shall I say, you’re wings, you can show them and hide them at your own will.”
“I don’t have wings!”
“They only come when you are fully grown.”
“Meh, I stopped growing years ago.”
“You do not know that.”
“You have grown Harry.” Said Draco quietly. “You’ve grown a few inches this last year.”
“No I haven’t!”
“Please gentlemen, could you please calm down?” McGonagall scolded. “Potter stand next to me.”
“My dear boy, I am getting old, I haven’t grown in a long time.”
“You’ll never get old, Professor.” Said Harry as he stood up. The Headmistress flushed red.
“I dare say I will Potter, but thank you.”
The man and woman stood side by side, Harry was as tall as the Headmistress.
“You have grown Potter, you never used to be as tall as me.”
Harry shrunk back into his seat.
“You will need training.” Harry, Draco and the Headmistress all jumped at Professor Quipetts words.
“Why?” Asked Harry a bit angry now.
“Veelas emotions are heightened, like vampires for instance and I’ve heard you have quiet a temper.”
“I haven’t!” Snapped Harry, then he realized what had just happened and shrunk even lower into the chair with embarrassment. He sighed loudly.
“And you might have problems with your vision.” Harry looked up sharply. “At the beginning.” He added.
“I already have problems with my eyes! All I ever wanted is a normal life! Am I ever going to get that? I’ve just had enough of this stupid life! I just want to settle down, get married and have my job here! I don’t want to be a Veela! I never wanted to be the Boy Who Lived! I never wanted to be the stupid Golden Boy! I never wanted to be famous! The first day I met Hagrid, do you know what I said? ‘I’m Harry. Just Harry.’ Will I ever get to be that? No, probably not.”
“Looks like the emotion heightening has already started.” Muttered Draco. Harry shot him a glare and stalked out of the room.

Harry decided to pay Hagrid a visit. He knocked loudly on the door and Fang started barking madly behind it.
“Down Fang! Down yeh bloody thing.” Grunted Hagrid. The door opened and Harry stepped furiously inside.
“‘Arry! ‘S ben a while! Sit down. I’ll get some tea on.”
Harry sat at the table and looked blankly at his hands.
“Where’s Penwidge?” He had left the kneazle with Hagrid while he and Draco went away.
“In ‘er bed over there in the corner.”
Harry kneeled down and scooped the animal up.
“You’ve grown.” He said to it. He tickled her behind her ears and she purred. He sat back down with Penwidge on his lap, much calmer now.
“Whassup ‘Arry?” Asked Hagrid as he poured tea in to two big mugs.
“It’s a long story Hagrid.” Was all he replied, still stocking the kneazle.
“I got all the time in the world.”
Draco, Professor Quipett and Draco all think I am a Veela.” He scowled.
“A Veela? Thas insane. Yer not a Veela, yeh would’ve ‘ad yer wings by now.”
“Apparently I’m not ‘fully grown yet’.”
“Well, i’s true, yeh ‘ave grown a bit since I last sa yeh.”
“Don’t you start. I came down here for reassurance.”
“I don’t think yer a Veela ‘Arry.”
“Good.” He huffed.
“Anyway, what yeh ben up to ‘Arry?”
“I went away with Draco for Christmas.”
“I got drugged.”
“YEH WHAT?” Hagrid spat out his mouth full of tea.
“Some weirdo at a pub. Love potion. I’ts no big deal.”
“Of course it is ‘Arry!”
“I’ve dealt with worse.” Harry shrugged.
“Did yeh tell the Ministry?”
“It was in America.”
“The…Um… MCUSA I think they call it over there. Did yeh tell them?”
“Draco and I decided to just forget about it. We got into a bit of a fight after that so we just dropped it.”
“Well… ‘S done now I guess.”
“Don’t worry about it Hagrid.”
“Well, I’m going to get my lessons ready for Monday. Thanks for the tea.” Said Harry although he hadn’t touched it. He picked up Penwidge and walked back up to the castle.

Harry sat the rest of the day at his desk preparing his futur lessons. He was going to be tackling the Bogie Curse; with the second years, the disarming spell; with the third years; werewolves; the fourth years were learning about the unforgivable curse (although he wasn’t demonstrating them like the fake Moody had); with the fifth years, he was tackling the Confundus charm; with the sixth and seventh years, he going going to try to teach them about the Patronus Charm. He had complete faith in them and thought they would all do pretty well, like himself and his classmates had when he was in his fifth year and had started Dumbledore’s Army with Ron and Hermione.
After a while, he sat back and stretched his sore back. He went down to the kitchens and had a cup of tea and some biscuits. He chatted to the house elves for a bit and went up to dinner when it was ready. A thought came to him as he was sitting down; it would always be weird sitting at the professors table, watching over the students where he used to be. Some of the students were actually still his friends like Dennis Creevey. Although, ever since the war, he has been much less excitable, probably because of the death of his older, also over-excitable brother, Colin Creevey.





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      1. Okay harry potter reference so stay with me. 😀

        Okay so You walk up to Snape and say “you should really get out of the dungeons for awhile.” Snape goes “Why?” >:| You say” because you look like a vampire.” you think it is funny but Snape replies with this….. “Hm Maybe you should serve detention that sun tan could give you cancer you know and detention could get ride of that attitude as well.” You never tried to compliment him again. 😀


      2. yay good job hey I watched 13 reasons why I stopped it at the part when tony tells clay it is his tape. OMG I can’t watch it any more. 😫 😫 😫 😫 😫 😫 😫 I am so excited to finish it!!!! I will try to finish it before they take it off of Netflix I can’t wait. 😀


      3. I tried to watch the last episode last night but because I don’t have Netflix I have to watch it on a different streaming website and it didn’t work so now I’m just like… WHAT HAPPENS?! 😭😂

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