Still searching

Chapter 32

Harry awoke around midday the next day. He groaned and tried to shift into a more comfortable position but found he couldn’t move. Something stuck to his back wouldn’t let him move. He lifted his arm, which was heavily bandaged, and felt behind him. It was something soft, almost like feathers. He pulled at it and winced in pain and then a thought occured to him. He groaned again, this time not in pain but in frustration. This woke Draco up, who was sleeping in the chair next to him.
“Whas goin’ on?” He looked around. His hair was messed up and his eyes were half closed.
“Draco.” Said Harry in a complaining voice.
“Whas wrong?”
“Draco…Do I have wings?”
“Uh…Yeah.” The blond rubbed his eyes and took Harry’s hand. “Is it a bad time to say I told you so?”
“I hate you.” Said Harry but he laughed. For some reason, he didn’t mind being a Veela at that moment. As long as he had Draco to make him laugh, he would be fine.
“Ah, Mr Potter. Finally awake I see.” Said Madam Pomfrey as she bustled around taking out potions and putting them backΒ in different cabinets. She did a quick check over him. “We’re going to move you into a separate room. Unless you don’t mind people know you are a Veela?”
“I’ll go into a separate room, thanks. Don’t need even more attention from Skeeter.”
“Because it’s just dreadful being famous, isn’t it? Everybody running around after you willing to do anything you want… It must be terrible.” Said Draco.
“Sarcastic much?” Was Harry’s reply.
“Can you get up, Mr Potter?” Asked the mediwitch.
“I don’t know.” He got hauled to his feet by Draco and Madam Pomfrey and brought to a room that you had to go through the witches office to get to.
“Mr Malfoy if you could go get the Headmistress and Professor Quipett? I was asked to inform them when Harry was awake.”
“Of course.” Draco walked out of the room.
“I never thought anything else could happen to you Harry but you always surprise me.”
“I’m just one for surprising people you know?” Madam Pomfrey sighed in despair. “Do you think I could have a quill and a few sheets of parchment?”
“Of course.” The witch went back into her office and a minute later, she came back in with quill and parchment in her hands.
“Thank you.”

Dear Weasley family, he wrote.

I thought I would address this letter to the whole family because I can’t be bothered to write ten letters and my arm hurts dreadfully although Madam Promfrey is patching me up nicely. I am in the hospital wing. Again. I discovered last night that I am a Veela…After falling off of my broom because wings were sprouting out of my back. (They won’t go away!) Anyway, I just thought I would write this to you because I don’t know how I would tell you in person.
Hope you are all well (and please tell Ron to come visit),

He read the letter over and wrote nearly exactly the same thing but to Hermione. He sealed both letters and put them on the bedside cabinet, ready to send them off.
The mediwitch came back in followed by Draco, McGonagall and Professor Quipett.
“I must say, you have the most magnificent wings, Mr Potter.” Said Quipett, “Mine aren’t nearly as big or as beautiful as yours.”
“Uh, thanks I guess. I haven’t seen them yet. I can’t get up.”
“I’m glad you are doing better Mr Potter but could you please tell us why you were flying in the middle of the night?” Asked McGonagall sternly. At her words, Harry had a worrying thought.
“Where’s my broom? My Firebolt? Where is it? Sirius gave that to me!” He said in a rush.
“Don’t worry Harry.” Said the Headmistress, in a soft tone now. “It is fine and in your room.”
“Thank Merlin.” Harry breathed a sigh of relief.
“Now, can you answer my question?”
“I’ve been flying every night this week. I can’t play in Quidditch matches anymore…And I haven’t flown in such a long time… And I’m aloud out at night now cause I’m a teacher.” Ha added with a cheeky smile. McGonagall couldn’t help but smile.
“You shouldn’t be out after hours Harry, even if you are a teacher now.”
“Well, it’s done now.”
“Yes I suppose it is. Professor Quipett will start helping you with your new powers as soon as you are well enough.”
“And what do I do with these?” Asked Harry, pointing at his wings.
“Just imagine them folding in and shrinking into your back and they will leave.” Said Quipett. “And if you want them back out, just imagine them growing out of your back. It will get easier over time and soon enough you will be able to do it without thinking.”
“Thanks.” Said Harry. He squeezed his eyes shut and imagined his wings shrinking into him. He didn’t know exactly what they looked like but he knew they were big and black and after a few minutes, they went away. The two professors and Madam Pomfrey all left so all that was left was him and Draco who was wearing a small smile.
“Shut up.” Said Harry, smiling.
“I haven’t said anything.”
“You were going to though.”
“How do you know?” Draco sat on the edge of the bed.
“Because I know you.”
“Fair enough. Do you want food?” Harry’s stomach grumbled. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”


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      1. πŸ˜‚ I’ve never told my parents, or anyone except for my closest friend for that matter, that I write. It’s just too personal you know? I feel like I’m telling them all of my secrets or something, like I’m inviting them to read my diary. πŸ™„

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      1. I actually didn’t know what integrity meant so you taught me something today! 😊
        By the way, I’m writing the next chapter of Still searching but I’m not sure if it will be up tonight. I’ll keep you updated. 😏

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