Still searching

Chapter 34

The next night, Harry was wondering around the grounds while Draco went to visit his mother. He was happy for them, he knew Draco would be much happier once he had seen his mother. He was about to go down to Hagrid’s cabin when he heard a scream from above. Someone was dangling off of the Astronomy tower. Two people were trying to pull her up but they weren’t strong enough. Harry didn’t think about what he was doing, he spread his wings and flew up to where the small person was hanging. He grabbed the girl around the waist and landed softly on the floor of the tower.
“Nooly?” The little girl was shaking, she wasn’t crying but her eyes were wide with fear. Same for the other two girls. “Cassandra? Lancey? Can one of you tell me what is going on?” Asked Harry in his best teacher voice. None of them spoke. “Come on. Off to the Headmistresses office. I can’t believe you are all out here when you know it’s out of bounds when you’re not doing Astronomy and it’s after curfew! Consider me disappointed.” He shook his head. The boy ushered the three girls to the Gargoyle and spoke the password. They stepped onto the staircase, the girls still shaking. “Can one of you tell me what happened before we get there?” No answer. “Very well. A hundred and fifty points off of each of your houses and Professor McGonagall will deal with your punishments. Just hope it isn’t the same thing she gave me in first year.” He softened his voice. “I’m sorry girls but I wouldn’t be a very good teacher if I didn’t do this.” The three didn’t say anything, just stared at him in shock.  Harry knocked on the Headmistresses office door.
“Come in.” Said McGonagall. Not only did she sound tired, she looked it as well. Big, dark bags laid under her eyes and her skin was a ghostly white. She was signing a stack of papers. “What is it Potter?” She asked without even a glance up at him.
“We have a problem.” He said gravely. The Headmistress looked up at that.
“What is it?”
“I found Nooly dangling off of the Astronomy tower with Lancey and Cassandra trying to pull her back up. It’s a good thing I’ve been training or I wouldn’t have got there in time.” The teacher went a shade paler if it was possible. She got up and walked swiftly around the desk and stood before the three girls.
“What happened girls?” She asked sharply. Finally, Nooly talked.
“A Slytherin insulted Cassandra and when I told him to stop, he threatened me. He said I would be better off with the Dark Lord.” She said in a shaky voice. “He told me to meet him on the Astronomy tower at midnight. I didn’t want to go but I didn’t want him to make fun of me if I didn’t go.” She had more strength in her voice now. “I knew he would never stop bullying if I didn’t so I went with Lancey and Cassandra to be safe and then without even telling me what was happening he started a duel! Just started sending jinxes flying at me! And he’s a year older than me so he knows more spells than me the little-”
“Nooly.” Harry warned.
“Sorry Professor.” She hung her head in shame. “It got out of control, he cast a jelly legs at me and I fell over the ledge of the tower, he scrammed with his mate and left me to die!”
“Twenty points to Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Three hundred and fifty points from Slytherin.” Whispered Harry under his breath. Then, “Who were these two boys, Nooly?”
“Jack Folmy and Tony Hutswol, Sir.”
“Winky!” Said Professor McGonagall. When the elf appeared, she said, “Go get Professor Quipett and tell him to get Mr Folmy and Mr Hutswol please.”
“Of course, Mistress.” The house elf disappeared with a pop. A few minutes passed in silence with McGonagall surveilling the children. When Professor Quipett appeared, two boys were dragging their feet along in front of him.
“I suppose you both know why you are here. You will all do detention with me for the next week. and I will be taking points off of-”
“Already done Headmistress.”
“How many?”
“A hundred and thirty for each of the girls and a hundred and seventy for both of the boys.”
“But that’s not fair!” Said Folmy.
“Are you saying I am not doing my job properly, Mr Folmy?” Asked Hrry dangerously.
“Well, no but-”
“No buts. You bully a student and then tell an other student she is ‘better off with Voldemort’ and then, you duel without even telling her what is happening on an out of bounds area after curfew. You dare say I am not doing my job properly?”
“Harry, calm down.” Said Arnold, laying a calming hand on his shoulder.
“I’ll step outside if you don’t mind, Headmistress.” Said Harry. He was fuming now.
“Of course Harry. Keep him company will you Arnold? I’ll take care of these five.”

“How dare they say I am not doing my job properly! I’m doing perfectly fine thank you very much!” Said Harry as soon as they were outside. The air was still chilly but it was getting warmer now.
“Harry!” Said Arnold sharply. Harry spun around.
“What?!” He said just as sharply.
“Calm down!” Harry wings spread out involuntarily, sharp like a knife.
“Or what?” He asked menacingly. He opened his wings to their full size and took off. He circled around his fellow Veela once and went off, above the forest. Arnold groaned, spread his own wings and took off after the angry Veela. He was going to have to teach him to control his emotions.


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