Still searching

Chapter 35

With his big, powerful wings, Harry was much faster than Arnold. He flew until he was, somewhat, calmed down and landed. He stood in front of a musty old house; the door was open a crack and he walked in.

Arnold flapped his wings as fast as he could. He had lost sight of Harry and was starting to panic. Why hadn’t he flown off while it was day? He would have been so much easier to find if it was light out. He decided to land, there was no use in flying aimlessly for hours if Harry was going in the complete opposite direction of him. He landed beside an abandoned house. It’s windows were cracked and ivy snaked up the sides of it. Arnold hesitantly walked up the stairs to the door but his foot fell through one of the steps. He quickly got out and walked inside, putting pressure on the floor before actually stepping on it so he wouldn’t fall through again. Blood trickled down he leg but he ignored it. He would go to Madam Pomfrey as soon as he found Harry. The hallways were a horrible shade of brown, spattered with smudges of blood. The man shivered as he tried to not imagine what had happened here. He walked to the end of the hallway, wand in had and stepped inside what seemed to be a living room. Harry was kneeling in the middle of a large, dried up, pool of blood.
“Harry?” Said Arnold tentatively.
“This is my blood.”
“What?” The man asked in alarm.
“They tortured me here.” He said. “The Death Eaters.”
“Merlin! Harry – I’m-”
“Don’t say you’re sorry. It’s done. There’s nothing we can do about it.” The boy stood and went to stand at Arnolds side. He grabbed his hand and apparated back to Hogwarts, in the Headmistresses office. The woman jumped in fright and both, her and Arnold, stared at Harry incredulously.
“What?” He said.
“Harry.” Said Arnold, still shocked. “You just apparated in Hogwarts. That’s an impossible thing to do.
“Oh yeah…” Harry frowned. “How did I do it then?”
“Maybe it’s got something to do with your powers.” Muttered Arnold, more to himself than to Harry. “Try it again.” He ordered after a moments thought. Harry apparated behind McGonagall’s desk.
“That’s weird. It feels like there’s a force trying to stop me but I can over power it.” Said Harry.
“That would be the wards.” Said McGonagall.
“Well, I don’t think there’s anything we can do to find out how you can apparate inside Hogwarts, Harry. We’ll just have to let it be.” Said Arnold.
“Okay. Well… Can I go? I’m kind of tired and Draco’ll be wondering where I am.”
“Of course. Goodnight Harry.” Said McGonagall. Harry walked out. “He never ceases to amaze me.”
“Hm.” Was Arnolds response.

“Where have you been?” Asked Draco as soon as Harry stepped into their room.
“I’ll explain tomorrow. I’m so-” Harry yawned. “So tired.” He started to undress. Draco did the same and they laid in bed together. Harry yawned again before saying “Tell me about your evening with your mother.”
“It was-” The blond sighed happily. “Great. We just talked for hours. She said she tried to sneak out more than once to come see me but father had close friends of his keeping an eye on her so she couldn’t leave.”
“What did you talk about?”
“Well I told her about my teaching job, how I was finally in a happy place in y life… I told her about us.”
“How did she take it?” Asked Harry worriedly.
“She was shocked at first, but she’s happy I’m happy. She also told me to tell you if you break my heart she’s going to rip yours out.” The two chuckled.
“That isn’t going to happen any time soon.”
“Then what?”
“She said she is going to sell the Manor and was going to try to get a smaller house. She doesn’t want to live alone in the Manor; it’s too big. And anyway, there are too many bad memories there.”
“Where is she going to go?”
“Somewhere closer to here. Maybe a place a bit outside of Hogsmeade.”
“That’ll be nice.”
“Yeah…” Said Draco dreamily. “Now, tell me where you were?”
“A Slytherin nearly killed Nooly Sharmia.”
“Wait! What?”
“Jack Folmy started a duel, even though Nooly had no idea what was happening, she got pushed off the side of the Astronomy tower; Cassandra and Lancey were trying to pull her back up and Folmy and his mate Hutswol scrammed. I flew up and got to her in time. I took more points off of Slytherin than Hufflepuff and Gryffindor and Folmy said it wasn’t fair. I got annoyed because he was basically saying I can’t do my job properly. I went outside and flew off. I – I ended up where the Death Eaters tortured me. My pool of blood was still there. And I could’ve sworn there was finger or something like that near by. Arnold had followed me so I apparated us back to Hogwarts. That’s when we learnt I can apparate inside Hogwarts. And now, here we are.” Said Harry. Draco squeezed his hand tightly.
“Don’t. I just want to sleep now.” Harry nuzzled his face in the side of Draco’s neck and breathed in his boyfriends smell. He sighed happily when Draco laced his arms around him. Harry fell asleep easily enough after what had happened but Draco lay awake long after Harry’s breathing slowed. The raven-haired boy’s head was in the crook of his shoulder and was cutting off Draco blood circulation. He didn’t care. He churned over what Harry had admitted to him in his head. Harry could apparate inside Hogwarts? How strong was Harry, really? He was worried about Harry. Draco knew he put on a good face but he also knew Harry was slowly crumbling inside. How could he stop that?
“I’ll think of something, Love.” The blond whispered even though he knew Harry couldn’t hear him.

Author’s note:
Shoutout to
meganlovesharleyquinn for the idea of Harry saving either Nooly, Cassandra or Lancey with his newly found powers! Go check out her page, she has a story called A Girl In The Shadows!



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