Still searching

Chapter 36

It was nearing July and Harry wasn’t getting any better. He would often lock himself in his office and work for hours. He was bottling up his feelings and it wasn’t healthy. Draco decided he was going to do something extraordinary, he didn’t know what yet, but he would figure it out. He spent weeks thinking about it. It wouldn’t take away Harry’s problems, he couldn’t bring back all of Harry’s loved ones who were, now, sadly gone, but it would keep his mind off of it a bit.
One day, during his lesson with the fifth years, he knew what he was going to do. He would have to speak with Hermione first… Maybe it could work. And he and Harry were eventually going to do this…The earlier the better right? He hadn’t realized he had stopped in the middle of a sentence until a student hesitantly cleared her throat.
“Oh! Right! Where was I?”
That evening, while Harry was working, again, Draco wrote a note to Hermione.


You probably don’t know, but Harry isn’t too good at the moment, he’s shutting me, and everyone around him, out. These deaths are really hitting him hard now, he’s bottled his feelings up for so long and he’s bursting. I have an idea that might help him, but I don’t know if he would like it at the moment. He once said this was what he wanted but with him being a Veela, his emotions are heightened, so, he’s angrier, sadder, he very easily gets annoyed and offended. I don’t want to ruin things between us so I would like you to give me your opinion on this. Meet me at the the Hogs Head on June 1st at 11 o’clock. It is a Hogsmeade weekend so there will probably be teachers and students who could overhear us if we go to the Three Broomsticks. It kills me to say this but… I’m looking forward to seeing you…You filthy mudblood (I don’t mean it but it’s to redeem myself, I have an appearance to keep up and an ego. I would prefer not to damage it. Kind of not really love, no, like you though. Wow this is awkward.) See you on June 1st if you can come. Send your response back with my owl.

Kind of like you,

“This will have to do.” Draco sighed as he slipped the parchment in an envelope and sealed it. He called down his Eagle Owl from his perch and sent him off.

Draco waited for the 1st of June in apprehension and excitement. When that day finally came, the blond got there twenty minutes early; little did he know, so had Hermione. She was, sadly, accompanied by Ron.
“Hermione. Weasley.” Draco nodded at them as he took a seat. “I thought I asked to meet with you only, Hermione.” He looked pointedly at the bushy-heard girl.
“Sorry. He found the letter and insisted on coming.”
“I want in on the plan!”
“Of course you do, Weasley.” Draco and Ron glared at each other until the girl next to them cleared her throat.
“So, what’s your idea?” She asked.
“Don’t go crazy.”
“We wont.”
“You probably will, because this is big.”
“It can’t be that big.” Said Ron.
“It is.”
“Can’t be.”
“You will probably spit out your Butterbeer.”
“Course I won’t.”
“I’m going to propose to him.”
Ron spat out the mouth full of Butterbeer he had just taken. Draco cast a shield around himself so it wouldn’t get all over him as he was sitting directly opposite the ginger.
“Told you so.” He smirked.
“Ron!” Hissed Hermione. “Shush! This is a private conversation. We don’t want anybody listening in!”
“I am so bloody sorry but he-” The ginger jabbed a finger at Draco, “-just said he is going to propose to my bestfriend!”
“I don’t see why I wouldn’t be allowed to. Do you own Harry?”
“Well no but-”
“Are you going to propose to him?”
“No! But-”
“You see my point. Now, Hermione?”
“I-I think-” Hermione dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief. “I think that’s lovely, Draco.” The girl got up and hugged the blond tight. “Harry will be so happy.”
Draco smiled and patted her back. “You’ll have to help me pick out a ring.”
Ron was looking a bit green by now. “I think I’m gonna miss out. Got…Work. Y’know? Bye then…” He walked out with what looked like a permanently shocked face.
“He’ll get over it.” Said Hermione, still dabbing at her teary eyes. “I’m so happy for you both.” She gave the boy a watery smile.
“Hold your unicorns. He hasn’t said ‘yes’ yet. I haven’t even asked it.”
“Speaking of that, when are you going to ask him?”
“During the holidays, I think.”
“You better hurry, you’ve got less than a month left.”
“I know, I know… Come help me find the perfect ring before you leave?” Asked Draco hopefully.
The two apparated to muggle London. They had a fine lunch then, went ring shopping.
“Harry wont want anything to… Extravagant. Go for a more simple ring, maybe gold with the date of when you first started going out together or something like that incrusted on the inside. I think he would like that.”
“That’s so boring though! What about the same thing but with something incrusted on the outside too. Like a dragon?”
“He would love that!”
Draco ordered that and they went for a cup of tea. For the first time, the blond felt a flutter of excitement in his stomach.

When Draco got home that evening, he was sad to see Harry was still working. He knocked on the boys office door.
“Hey, Love? It’s getting late… Are you coming down for dinner?”
“I’ll get an elf to bring some up.”
“Okay, Love… I love you…” Draco got no response.
Draco couldn’t concentrate all evening. Harry hadn’t said he loved Draco back. The blond couldn’t propose now! What if Harry had gotten bored of him? What if Harry didn’t love Draco anymore?

It was way past midnight when Harry stepped out of his office. He was surprised to see Draco, covers wrapped around him up to his neck, staring blankly at the wall.
“Are you bored of me?” Asked the blond suddenly.
“What? no!”
“Have I done something wrong?”
“Do you – do you not love me anymore?” Draco had tears in his eyes just thinking about that.
“Of course I love you! Draco, why are you asking these ridiculous questions?”
“Are they ridiculous though?”
“You’ve been blocking me out Harry. I feel like… Like…” He trailed off. Harry sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Draco into a hug.
“Of course I love you Dray. Don’t ever think I don’t cause I do and always will. I love you and I will never ever stop loving you. You are my everything.” Harry slipped into bed and caressed Draco hair until the blond fell asleep. He continued even after that until he-himself-fell asleep, fully clothed.

Author’s note:
So, this story is coming to an end. AHHHHHHHH! I’m going to miss writing this but don’t worry! I already have two other fanfic ideas! One of the ideas (the fanfic I’m going to be writing first) is a Fantastic Beasts/Harry Potter fanfic. It will probably be quite short now that I think about it… The other fanfic idea is life after the Battle of Hogwarts again but it will have a little (aka big) twist in it. This story will probably be finished in two to three chapters… *cries in a corner*
Enjoy it while it lasts!



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