Still searching

Chapter 37

It was the holidays. School was finally over. Draco was finally going to ask Harry to marry him. He took the Floo to the Leaky Cauldron and decided to walk to the jewellery from there. The blond stopped at a small park and sat down on a bench. He laid his head in his hands. He couldn’t do this. He was too nervous. Harry was going to say no. He was going to say he has never loved Draco.
“Are you alright dearie? You look quite a mess.” An old lady smiled at him from across the bench.
“I’m quite fine, thanks.” replied Draco.
“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want a sweet looking boy to be sad.”
Draco observed the woman before replying. She had greying hair and a wrinkled face. She was wearing a pink woolen jacket that matched a long, pink dress.
“I’m going to ask my boyfriend to marry me.” He said grimly.
“Oh how wonderful! Why are you so sad about it, dear? Oh I must apologise. I am quite nosy aren’t I? I’ll be going now.”
“Oh no! Don’t-don’t worry. I’m not sad about it. I’m nervous.”
“Oh don’t be nervous. If he loves you. He’ll say yes. If he doesn’t, he’ll say no. If he sais no, he’s not worth it.”
“I guess so. I must get going, I’m going to pick up the ring. Thank you for your advise.”
“No worries dearie.”
Draco smiled and walked away, feeling somewhat, more confident. He walked into the small shop and collected the ring. He looked at it closely.
“It’s perfect.” He breathed. He turned it around in his fingers. On the inside, the date of when Draco and Harry first started dating was incrusted. On the outside, there was an extremely detailed dragon’s face incrusted on it. Draco paid with the muggle money he had picked up when he and Hermione had come to order the ring. The ring was placed in a blood-red velvet box with a small diamond sewn in the middle of the lid. It really was perfect.

When he got back to Hogwarts, Harry was packing. He looked tired. Draco crept up on him and snaked his pale arms around his lover’s neck and kissed his jawline.
“Hi.” He whispered. Harry turned around and hugged Draco around the waist. He laid his head on the blonds shoulder and whispered ‘Hi’ back. The two boys stayed like that for a while.
“Let me finish the packing.” Said Draco. He led Harry over to the bed and sat him down. He then started bustling around, packing certain things in certain bags. Harry just watched him while wondering how he got so lucky. He sighed.
They had a last dinner with the teachers before departing. McGonagall and Arnold accompanied them to the gate to see them off. Draco pulled the Headmistress to the side while Harry was speaking to his mentor.
“Don’t make any big sounds or Harry will hear what I am about to tell you.” The Headmistress looked at him, confused. “I’m going to propose to him.” He said nervously. McGonagall’s eyes went wide as UFOs and clapped a hand to her mouth. Before she could say anything, Harry called Draco over.
“You ready to go?” He asked.
“Always.” Draco smiled knowingly at his former professor and took Harry’s hand in his free one that wasn’t holding bags. They disapparated.

When they arrived home, Blaise was in the living room with Moon.
“You’re still here are you?” Said Draco.
“Yep. How was work.” Blaise winked.
“I’m going to bed.” Said Draco, exasperated. “Coming, Love?” He turned to Harry.
“Yeah. Good to see you again Blaise, Moon. See you in the morning.”
“Night night lover boys.” Chanted Blaise. Moon just smiled at them.

Author’s note:
So, this is just a short chapter that needed to happen before the proposal and wedding… Hope you enjoyed.



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