Still searching

Chapter 38

“Blaise! I need your help.” Whispered Draco.
“What is it?” Grumbled Blaise.
“I need your help!” The blond repeated.
Blaise looked at the clock beside him. “It’s three in the morning!”
“Please? It’s important!”
“Fine. Fine. I’m getting up.” The two boys snuck out into the back garden. “What are we doing out here?”
“I’m going to propose to Harry and I need your help decorating! I want fairy lights and fireworks and flowers! I want it to be perfect!”
“Wow. Congratulations!”
“Thanks. Now help me! George should be coming soon with some personalized fireworks.” At that moment, the Weasley boy apparated in the garden beside them.
“Morning.” He winked at them. His arms held a dozen colorful fireworks. “Where do you want these set up?”
“At the end of the garden, back there.” Draco pointed beside some bushes.
“Yes boss.” George walked off to set up the fireworks.
“What do you want me to do?” Asked Blaise.
“Could you get Moon? I need girl advise for the flowers. Hermione and her Weasel boyfriend should be coming. She could help Moon while Weasel, you and I put up the tent and the fairy lights.” Draco turned to the house and pointed his wand at it. “Accio fairy lights!” The lights zoomed out of a kitchen draw and the blond caught them. “Come on, help me get started.” They started putting the little lights all around the garden. They were heart shaped; some glowed red and others glowed white.
When Hermione and Ron finally arrived, Moon and Hermione picked out flowers while Ron grudgingly helped put up the rest of the fairy lights and the white, open tent.
They finished a couple of hours and went to get changed. All the men wore dress robes and the girls got changed into beautiful long dresses. Draco picked up Harry’s dress robes and went to wake him up.
Harry shot up and grabbed his wand. “What is it?!” He asked in alarm.
“Wow! Calm down! It’s just me!” Draco took Harry’s hand after putting the robes in his lap. “Put these on. Call me when your ready.”
“Just do it.” He smiled and walked out of the room.
Harry came out of the room, confused. Draco took his hand again. “Close your eyes.” Harry hesitated but did it anyway. The blond slowly led him out to the lit up garden. He deposited Harry in the middle of the tent and got on one knee. He glanced around him. The garden was beautiful. The fairy lights glowed and set a warm aura around them. They were in the trees, around tables and fences and bushes; they were anywhere and everywhere. There were floating, single flowers in the air. Hermione had used the charm that was used for the candles in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. People were hidden behind trees and bushes, waiting to jump out to surprise Harry.
“Can I open my eyes?” Asked Harry.
Draco took a deep breath and took Harrys hand. “Yes.”
Harry slowly opened his eyes and gaped in surprise. He gasped. “Draco?”
“Harry, we’ve know each other for a long time, we haven’t always got along, but now, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my bestfriend and my lover, you advise me and help me, you take care of me and love me. I want to return all of  that to you. Will you marry me?”
Harry stared at the blond for a moment before his eyes teared up. “Yes!” He said and ginned madly. Draco was sure he had the same stupid smile on his face as he slid the ring on Harry’s finger.
“SURPRISE!” All of Harry’s friends jumped out. The Weasleys along with Fleur and Cassandra, Hermione, Blaise and Moon, Professors McGonagall and Quipett, Dennis Creevy, who took a photo, Seamus, Dean, Neville and many others. He stared around him then up, when the fireworks went off. ‘YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!‘ They spelled out as others flew up into the air around the writing.
“You did all of this? Harry asked Draco.
“I had to make it perfect.” Was all Draco said, a smile on his face.

They had a short party as it was morning and at eleven o’clock, they went to Diagon Alley for breakfast.
“This is the best day I’ve ever had and it’s only just started.” Said Harry.
“I know, me too.” Said Draco.
For the rest of the day, everybody stayed at Godric’s Hollow. They played games and drank wine, except for Cassandra who had fizzy water and juice.
“Congratulations, Professor!”
“Thank you Cassandra. And please, don’t call me Professor, school is over. It’s just Harry.”
“No!” Ron clapped Harry on the back. “It’s Uncle Harry! He’s like a brother to me.” He winked at Cassandra.
“I think you’ve had a bit too much Ron.” Harry laughed.
“Naaaah. Never.”
“You’re setting a terrible example for Cassandra.”
“Cassandra. Only drink when you are of age.” Said Ron. He sauntered off to Hermione.
“Shall I really call you Uncle Harry?”
“Yes, if you want.”
“Okay!” Cassandra smiled brightly and went off to find Bill and Fleur.

Author’s note:
Next chapter will be the wedding! *SQUEALS*


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